October 28, 2019

If I sincerely wish the best for my brother as I would wish for myself, as the hadith goes, I cannot stop recommending this Umrah package as the best that I have come across (and believe me, I searched far and wide before making my choice). Firstly, besides the general logistical issues and hotel accommodation on offer there is nothing that can replace having a dedicated team of organisers take it upon themselves to give you the best possible care at every step of your Umrah experience as they did it for me. It was this peace of mind of knowing that I was in sound hands that made it possible for me to be able to focus considerably more on my ritual duties to Allaah during my whole Umrah. Secondly, the overall cost of the Umrah package came at a very competitive price and as I discovered later, it was money well spent in every sense of the word. Remember, there are many umrah and Hajj agencies out there but there are very few that can make you feel as you’re part of one Umrah/Hajj family.