Top 10 Tips For Throwing a Great Party On An Exclusive Yacht Dubai

It is always a hectic task to throw a party on an exclusive yacht Dubai. There are a lot of things that you have to take into consideration for having a successful party. Moreover, standards for exclusive yacht parties are high compared to parties on ordinary boats. If you are throwing a charter yacht Dubai party for the first time, this article will be a great help to you. Here we will talk about the top 10 tips that will help in making your Dubai yacht party even more successful.

Gather Your Supplies 

The most important tip is to gather all the necessary supplies. Make sure you have gathered all the items like plates, cups, and napkins so that your guests don’t face any trouble. Most importantly prepare delicious food for your guests and serve them mouth-watering drinks. Also, make sure you have all the ingredients available that you need for making the meals. Another way is to rent a yacht in Dubai that provides all these facilities itself. This saves you from stressing over gathering the supplies. 

Choose The Best Location

Choosing the best location is another important aspect of having a successful exclusive yacht Dubai party. Always go for a location that has wide space for easy movement of your guests. Moreover, a spot with breathtaking scenic views is also a great add-on to yacht parties. One of the most crucial parts of throwing a lavish yacht party is choosing the correct location. Make sure to pick a spot that offers stunning views and plenty of space for your guests to move around. Ask your Yatch rental Dubai for different location options and then choose the one that suits you the best.

Invite The Right People

Do you want a good exclusive yacht Dubai party but haven’t finalized your guest list yet? Hold on, think twice before you enter a guest into your list. Guests are the main element of any party. Make sure to invite the right people who can enhance your party time. Avoid calling people who create disturbance and problems. For this think of your previous party experiences and then remove the names who weren’t good earlier. Another important tip is to think about the friends of your guests also. There might be a chance that your guests bring their friends along. So make sure you are comfortable with those extra people also.

Consider the Space

Make sure to consider the size of the exclusive yacht Dubai and ensure that it suits your guest list. You would not want a congested environment for your guests. Nothing can be worse than leaving people behind on the dock due to lack of space. Look for a Dubai luxury yacht rental that provides different size yachts for your parties. This way you will have more options to choose from when renting the most appropriate yacht for your party. There are different sizes of yachts available ranging from 40 to 200 feet. With the changes in size, the number and size of rooms also change. 

Choose A Theme

For the best exclusive yacht Dubai party experiences a great tip is to decide on an aesthetic theme. A theme helps create a uniform party environment and makes things look more organized. For summers you can keep an all-white theme to make the environment look more spacious and neat. Or you can keep an all-black theme if it’s a night party and you want to add more elegance to the party. Another option is to hire a Dubai yacht charter that takes all these responsibilities without having you stress over the theme. The yacht crew will take care of the theme and organization making sure that you can simply enjoy your party without any stress.

Hire A DJ

Any exclusive yacht Dubai party is incomplete without a DJ. To go more extraordinary you can hire a DJ for exclusive live performances. This will change the whole vibe of your party and create a better mood. Make sure to check the quality and taste of the DJ’s performance before you decide on hiring their service. Or you can also ask your Yatch rental Dubai to facilitate you with their musicians for elevating your party mood. This might be a more economical solution for you. Also, make sure to decide on a song list that your guests prefer so that they can enjoy the music instead of getting bored.

Organise Games

Exclusive yacht Dubai parties are incomplete without games. Make sure to decide on a set of different games that will keep your guests engaged and entertained. Moreover, it is better to organize different game segments according to the age groups of your guests. Do not forget to include kids’ games in your party for all the kids on the yacht. Your guests will be happier to see their kids enjoying the party. Moreover, games will engage the kids and meanwhile, you adults can carry on with your party entertainment. 


This was all about the top things to consider for an exclusive yacht Dubai party. Keeping these things in mind will make sure that you can throw a successful party and make your guests happy. In the end, treat your guests with special thank-you gifts and notes for being a part of your party. This will leave a better impression on them and they will remember your party forever. Most importantly choose a Dubai marina yacht rental that is famous for holding the best yacht parties to have a great party experience. Always consider the services, location, and facilities of the rental before hiring them. Saifco Travel and Tourism is one of the best tour operators in Dubai who arrange inbound tours including Dubai Luxuy yacht tours.Trust Saifco and i can assure, you wont regret your decision. 

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