Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Travel Companies like Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours for your tour services. By booking a trip/ tour through our website, you´re deemed to have agreed to its terms of use- Terms and Conditions Apply.

Please read the following terms and conditions in order to make sure that you have clearly understood the terms and conditions/procedure of your preferred trip.
All of the below-mentioned terms and conditions are applicable for bookings made through our websites such as:

1. Pricing

Our pricing policy assures you of economic pricing, along with the convenience of making hassle-free online reservations. Prices quoted on our website are charged on per person basis. The published rates may change without prior notice, particularly in case of any unforeseen circumstance, such as an increase in airline tickets, hotel rates, or transport expenses.

2. Methods of Payment

We accept almost all major credit cards, such as Visa, MasterCard, credit/debit cards in AED and USD currency. Full payment must be done by credit card, and guests are entailed to provide their credit card number to complete the transaction. This, in turn, will be shown as a charge on your statement.

3. Confirmation of Payment

Once the payment is done, our travel consultants will send you a confirmation slip by e-mail. Its print can be produced as evidence of payment to the service provider to redeem your tour package. But make sure that you´ve provided correct information pertaining to your travel requirements at the time of booking.

4. Cancellation & No Show Policy

The following conditions may apply in the event of any cancellation:

4.2 No Show

If you fail to turn up for the tour, no refunds in part or full can be provided. The same condition applies in the case of unused tickets, sightseeing tours, car-rental or chauffeur-driven services. Likewise, rescheduling cannot be allowed for confirmed tours, transfers to and from airports, and other travel-related services.

5. Cancellation Procedures

Prior to making a cancellation, we recommend you carefully read the cancellation rules that apply to your tour package. For cancellation of all or any part of your reservation, make sure that you make notification of cancellation to Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours in writing. Upon receiving your cancellation request, we´ll let you know through e-mail, fax or telephone regarding the confirmation of booking cancellation as well as the fee that should be paid. Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours cannot be held responsible for any cancellation that has not been received from you or not confirmed by us.

6. Itinerary Amendments

Routings and services covered in your package are subject to change based on local / weather conditions, airway schedules, and other several aspects. Should this transpire, we can provide suitable options of similar value, however depending on its availability. At most, we announce changes in the itinerary, if any, before departure. Please note that Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours reserves the complete right to implement minor amendments in the itinerary at any time without reimbursement. Further, no reimbursement can be done in the event of vis majors, such as a flood or earthquake.

7. Hotel Accommodation & Check-in – Check-out Policy

If we are not able to trace your accommodation in your preferred hotel, all efforts will be undertaken to provide you with a suitable alternative of a similar budget and standard. Speaking of check-in / check-out policy, it largely depends on the hotel that you´ve chosen. Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours cannot be held responsible for any early or late check-in and check-out requests which are not adhered to by the hotel due to their busy schedule.

8. Travel Insurance

Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC Dubai Tours shall not be responsible for any kind of damages as an outcome of accident, illness, injury, or loss of personal baggage or even the cancellation of trip. It is advisable that the traveler should avail of a travel insurance policy to tackle unforeseen events.

9. Travel Documents

It is the responsibility of every guest to ensure that he or she carries documents relevant for a particular tour, including a passport or a valid ID card. This is especially important for guests coming from a different country. No refund can be done in the event of loss or lack of these relevant documents. Similarly, passengers – irrespective of their nationality – are advised to check with their respective country´s consulate here to gain information on entry requisites, before they plan to visit here. Equally vital is to inquire with your consulate regarding the current visa and health requirements, as they are subject to change without prior notice.

10. Dispute

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the UAE.

11. Website Usage Restrictions

All content in this website, including logo, images, information on tour package, pricing details, and other relevant details, are proprietary to Saifco Travel and Tourism. Accordingly, as a condition of this website´s usage, you agree not to exploit this website or its content for any non-personal, commercial, or illegitimate purposes.

Terms and Conditions :

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Terms and Conditions of Our Online Travel Agency

We have clearly mentioned our terms and conditions on our website. There might be some slight changes from time to time but mostly it remains the same for travel companies.

When you take a look at our prices, you will notice that they are reasonable. We try to keep our prices fair so that anyone who wants to travel can fulfil their wishes. The prices that you see on our website are for a single person. For private tours, you will get a different quote from what is mentioned on the website. The pricing for private tours varies depending on the number of people, the vehicle for the tour, timing, locations, and other factors.

Moreover, you can easily make an online booking and get a quick confirmation of your booking. You can use MasterCard, Visa, and other debit/credit cards on our website for booking. It is possible to do multiple bookings from the same debit or credit card so there are no restrictions from our side. After you make the booking, you will get the confirmation slip via e-mail.

Guidelines for Booking with Our Online Travel Agency

Our refund policy helps secure your amount in case you don’t want to proceed further. If you cancel the tour 48 hrs before the tour’s date, you will get a full refund. A 50% refund will be applicable when you cancel between 24 and 48 hours before the tour’s date. In case you can’t make it for the tour, we won’t be able to entertain any refunds.

Please always keep the required documents with you like an ID card, passport, visa, etc. You might need these documents while traveling which you can ask the tour operators. For example, when you enter Oman on the Musandam Dibba Day Cruise, you need to show these documents for verification purposes. So make sure to keep the documents nearby.

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