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Umrah Package From Abu Dhabi

The aim of Saifco Travel and Tourism is to provide the highest level of standards in hospitality. Every Muslim wishes to visit Makkah and Madina at least once in his/her life to perform Umrah. Keeping this in view, Our main goal is to assist each and every pilgrim to have a comfortable, safe, and trouble-free journey to perform Umrah from Abu Dhabi.

We have an extensive network of local business partners and links with airline carriers/Hotels, we offer a comprehensive range of packages to suit all budgets, particularly during peak seasons such as Hajj and Ramadan.

With courtesy, dedication, and professional expertise, we provide travel solutions that allow pilgrims to enjoy their experience without having to stress over arrangements and gain rewards from ALLAH (SWT). Our strength is hundreds of satisfied pilgrims who experienced our highest quality services ranging from just Umrah Visa to a complete Umrah package. We are very proud to share this with all our valuable pilgrims.

We offer various packages / Services to perform Umrah from Dubai according to the convenience and budget of the pilgrims either traveling alone or in groups. We have special packages like Umrah by Luxury Bus and Umrah by Air both from Sharjah / Dubai / Abu Dhabi departing every Wednesday.

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Umrah Services Abu Dhabi

Our Most Popular Packages


AED 800* Starting from
  • Saudi Arabia Business Visa Multiple in/out


AED 1700* Starting from
  • Umrah From Abu Dhabi By Luxury Bus


AED 3800* Starting from
  • Umrah From Abu Dhabi By AirPlane


AED 1200* Starting from
  • Umrah visa at lowest price

Umrah Visa Requirements

  • Clear Scans of Passport and UAE Visa ( Passport should be valid for 6 months & Visa Should be valid for 3 months).
  • 1 Passport size photo with white background.
  • Processing Time ( Approx. 2-3 working Days ).

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO, but there are some special conditions, if your family or parents are coming to Dubai on a visit visa, they can go for umrah from UAE. If they bring umrah visa from their country.

Your Visa must be valid for at least 3 months and your passport must be valid for 6 months.

Going to mecca from dubai by your own car, this service is not available right now for UAE residents.

YES you can go to your country if you have valid your country air ticket.

women cannot go for umrah without a mahram, except father, husband, and brother

after documents submission it takes minimum 5 to 7 working days to get umrah visa.

Happy Client’s

Our Client's Words

Umrah from Abu Dhabi

Umrah is a form of worship where Muslims submit to Allah (S.W.T.). It is a way of asking for forgiveness and refreshing your faith in Islam. Ihram is the basic dress code for men and women to perform Umrah. It’s a beautiful Sunnah of the Prophet (P.B.U.H.). 

However, planning a complete Umrah trip by yourself is pretty hectic. Various travel agencies are present to help look after your Umrah’s details. Pilgrims must find a ministry-approved and righteous travel company to rely on. They will help you with the visa process so you can finally perform umrah with peace of mind. 

You have reached the right place to plan your Umrah trip. We have the best umrah packages from abu dhabi for pilgrims to avail. 

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco is a reputable name among travel companies that have been helping people for years. It is one of the best umrah travel agencies in abu dhabi. They aim to provide umrah packages from abu dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah, which depart every Wednesday. It is one of the most cooperative travel agencies which provides affordable Umrah packages and can even customize one for you. 

Modes of Travel to Mecca 

You cannot travel to Mecca on your own, such as a car from the U.A.E. However, travel agencies can arrange bus and air services for you. Saifco provides both options in our umrah packages from abu dhabi to their patrons listed below.

Travel by Bus

Saifco arranges the best umrah package from abu dhabi by bus. Our bus departs from Abu Dhabi to Mecca and back to Abu Dhabi> It is a modern luxury bus equipped with a toilet facility.

The charges will include bus fare, accommodations, Visa Fee, Border Crosing fee, and visa insurance fee. However, our package does not include providing food, and you’ll pay for it yourself. 

Travel by Air

Some people consider the bus route to be tiring. So we even have the option of availing flight services to reach Mecca. The umrah packages from abu dhabi by air is arranged for people who want a hustle-free trip. It will most likely include ticket fares, accommodations, luxury hotels, and vehicle arrangements in both Makkah and Madina. You can choose from various hotel options depending on your budget. 

However, we can even arrange a visit visa to Saudi Arabia. You can check the website to avail of a tourist visa that will last for a year. 

Umrah Services By Saifco

Saifco understands how important Umrah is to you. We make sure that you do not have to be bothered with anything and perform the umrah stress-free. We can arranged umrah services from various parts of UAE including  Dubai, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. 

Saifco offers the following services for the ease of pilgrims.

Umrah Packages At Reasonable Prices

Saifco ensures that your Umrah travel and accommodations are perfect. So we have different Umrah packages for our customers. There are different day packages with various facilities involved. For example, our umrah package from abu dhabi by bus is usually a 10-day tour.

However, we can also customize your package if you want to add something more to it. It can be anything regarding the hotel or more days. Your charges will vary according to the changes you make in the Umrah package. 

Umrah Visas Are Issued Quickly

There is a list of documents that you need to submit at Saifco. We will ensure the documents are authentic and begin the visa process. If all the documents are accurate, your visa usually takes only 3-4 days to arrive. 

However, it is necessary to submit full payment for Umrah so that your visa will arrive on time. No delays or late payments will be entertained at Saifco. 

3 to 5-star Hotels Are Available

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. You can travel with us by bus or air by choosing from our umrah packages from abu dhabi. We can leave for umrah from abu dhabi and avail of residency in the hotel you choose. 

Our extensive network of local business partners and various links with hotels provide you with the best stay during Umrah. We provide 5-star hotels, which are highly maintained and have various facilities. 

However, we do not force our customers to choose only a 5-star hotel. Our company is also linked with economy hotels. Hotels might differ, but we will make sure that your stay is comfortable even in those. 

Umrah Transport

Our umrah travel agency in abu dhabi arranges the best staff to guide you along the tour. We ensure that you perform Umrah with complete peace of mind and devote all your attention to your prayer. For this reason, our umrah package from abu dhabi by bus are well managed and include all the transport. 

Our umrah packages from abu dhabi include good bus services. It will take you to different places across Mecca and madina without delay. We will visit all the places mentioned in our package in a luxury bus to have a safe and comfortable journey. 

Ziyarat of Madina By Bus

If you avail of one of our umrah packages from abu dhabi, we will depart on Wednesday. Later on, the Umrah is performed on Thursday. Saifco’s umrah package from abu dhabi by bus also involves visiting various holy places in Mecca till Tuesday. Then our luxury bus will take you to Ziyarat in the Madina. We will visit Majid e Nabi (s) on arrival in Madina. 

The next day will be followed by visiting holy places and then Asar at Jannath ul Baqeeh. We will return after offering Juma prayer in madina.

Duration of Umrah Stay

Saifco arranges umrah package from abu dhabi by bus, a 10-day tour. Our bus will depart on Wednesday and go to Ziyarat of Mecca and madina. We will reach back to Abu Dhabi on Saturday evening. 

All the details are further mentioned on the website. 

The Presence Of An Experienced Scholar

We understand that most Muslims with us are going for the first time to perform Umrah. Our umrah travel agency in abu dhabi also arranged for an experienced scholar to accompany us. The scholar will update us about all the required information to perform Umrah. However, he will also explain the importance of all the places we visit during our stay in Mecca and madina. 

Umrah Package For Single Ladies

It is always compulsory for women to bring a mahram with them. If a lady wants to perform Umrah, she has to bring her father, brother, or husband as their mahram. We have upgraded our packages to allow single women to travel for Umrah. We also arrange an umrah package from abu dhabi 2022 for single women. We would be obliged to make your journey comfortable and safe.

Our utmost duty is to assist every pilgrim and provide high-quality services. We assure you that Saifco provides the best umrah packages from abu dhabi

Documents Required for Umrah from Abu Dhabi

You will need to submit authentic documents to ensure the early arrival of your visa. The following is a list of requirements so we can process your visa in approximately 3 to 4 days.

  • Your scanned passport and U.A.E. Visa.

  • Passport size photo and Emirates I.D. card copy.

  • N.O.C. letter from the company.

  • COVID-19 vaccination card.

Specifications for Umrah by Bus 

Specifying all the services, we will provide in our umrah package from abu dhabi by bus is essential. Our umrah packages 2022 have been redefined. Let us list down the general services provided during the trip.

  • The luxury bus from Abu Dhabi to Mecca and then back to Abu Dhabi is included. We will not ask for any extra charges regarding transport or anything else. 

  • We will have a 5-night stay in Mecca and a 3-night stay in madina. 

  • We will arrange one Juma prayer at Masjid ul Haram Makkah.

  • The second Juma prayer at Masjid ul Haram in Madinah.

Furthermore, food is not included in our umrah packages from abu dhabi. 

COVID-19 Guidelines

As we all know, COVID restrictions are now removed, and it is now open for people to perform Umrah. However, vaccination is a top priority for every pilgrim planning to perform Umrah. You will not be eligible for our umrah packages from abu dhabi if you are not vaccinated.

We all know that safety is essential and how COVID-19 has been taking lives so quickly. It is highly recommended that the pilgrims be vaccinated with 2 doses of Pfizer, Moderna AstraZeneca, or Sinopharm. Furthermore, you must also take a booster dose to perform Umrah. 

Customized Umrah Package

Saifco is your one-stop that provides customized umrah packages as well. We will provide a complete tour itinerary according to your requirements. If you want to avail umrah packages from abu dhabi by air, then we will arrange airline ticket reservations, transportation and hotel options as well. 

How to contact Saifco

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a well-known umrah travel agency in abu dhabi. We have a well-organized set-up for pilgrims to perform Umrah without any inconvenience. It is our duty to provide authentic details about the journey. You can visit our website at to see all the details of every umrah service we provide. You can even call us to get further details and confirm your bookings.

Contact number: +97155 6337710 ( Calls or WhatsApp on this number )


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