Oman Visa Change

Oman Visa Change by Road

December 8, 2018

Oman Visa Change Packages from Dubai by Road

Filipino tourist can get visa change packages by land to extend their stay in UAE; our visa change facility by land is fast and secure. In this process we will provide bus service to Oman (Buraimi) and visitor need to stay until the new visa get issue. Filipino getting new employment visa also can travel to Oman by road and wait for new visa.

Visa change to Oman by tourist buses are economical in cost and sharing accommodation facility provided by hotels give more confirm and cost saving for visitors.

30 Days Visa Change Package

AED 680/Visa

  • Type : Oman Exit by Road
  • Inclusions : 30 Days Visa, Oman Visa and Transportation
  • Process :3 – 4 working Days
  • Documents : Passport Copy and Picture

90 Days Visa Change Package

AED 1280/Visa

  • Type : Oman Exit by Road
  • Inclusions : 90 Days Visa, Oman Visa and Transportation
  • Process :7 – 8 working Days
  • Documents : Passport Copy and Picture

Oman exit by road for Kabayan

AED 290/Visa

  • Type : Oman Exit by Road
  • Inclusions : Oman Visa and Transportation
  • Process :3 – 4 working Days
  • Documents : Passport Copy and Picture
  • Passport front page clear scan copy (Validity above six months
  • Passport last page clear scan copy (Address page)
  • Passport size picture with white background ( Soft copy only)
  • Passport page with exit stamp if you have visited before in UAE
  • Passport first and last page scan copy
  • UAE visa page (Valid more than 3 Months)
  • Emirates ID copy ( Front and Back)
  • Filled Application form
  • Family visitors can provide Ticket copy and Hotel bookings
  • Individual travelers need to put deposit of AED 5500

Special Note- For any clarification for document required you can send us email and we will reply with the best possible option for your comfortable trip in UAE.

  • Passenger buy the visa change package and we process there Oman visa.
  • Once visa is approved then they travel to Oman by bus from determined place.
  • Exit from UAE border and enter in Oman with bus group.
  • Check in the hotel and in few days you will get you new visa issued.
  • Confirm the return bus trip from travel desk in hotel and get return back to UAE.
  • In Oman bus driver will take the group straight to selected hotel.
  • Hotel will provide you sharing accommodation with a cost of AED 40 to 50 per night.
  • Hotel might charge an advance deposit and balance will be refund on return back.
  • No Deposit required for Oman by road packages.
  • Easy and hassle free visa change process.
  • Accommodation facility in Oman gives comfort for stay.
  • It is a memorable trip as you travel with a large group.
  • Visa application will be process after evaluation of applicant.
  • Certain national may require depositing security amount or cheque.
  • UAE Immigration Working Days are from Sunday to Thursday only.
  • Approval of visa is depending on Immigration officials.
  • Rejected application will be advised with the reason of rejection.
  • Visa fee is non refundable in any case.
  • Visa application will be processed after complete document and payment.
  • Ensure that documents you provide are correct and not modified
    After leaving the country you need to update us with exit details.