Ihram Rules for Women During Umrah

Muslims wish to perform Umrah at least once in their lifetime. It is a sacred pilgrim for Muslims, just like Hajj. However, Umrah can be performed any time of the year whenever you get the chance. Umrah gives you a chance to repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah (S.W.T.). Not only this, it is said that every prayer you ask at the House of Allah comes true.

Thus, you can also apply for saudi umrah visa from Dubai or other states. People usually apply timely and begin this holy journey towards Allah (S.W.T.). Now, you can even look for the cheapest umrah packages from dubai by air or by bus as well. Various umrah travel agencies now allow you to visit Mecca in a budget-friendly way.

State of Ihram

It would be best if you started preparing as soon as you apply for umrah visa. There are certain things that one must be aware of about Umrah. It includes How to perform Umrah and what one should do during this journey.

Ihram is known to be a Holy state in which a Muslim enters before starting Umrah. The Ihram includes certain rituals and dressing that everyone must change into before starting the pilgrim. The main reason to wear Ihram is to spread equality. Muslims from all around the world visit Mecca to perform Umrah. Ihram allows you to develop equality by wearing the same cloth. You cannot distinguish between the rich and the poor. It excludes the use of all the accessories. Thus, everyone is equal now in front of Allah (S.W.T.).

Things to do by women before entering the state of Ihram 

You need to go through the following acts before wearing Ihram.

  • You need to cleanse your body by taking a proper Ghusl.
  • Then one must do proper Niyyah for Ihram. They should make the intention that this deed is only for Allah (S.W.T.).

Ihram Rules for women

There are some rules of Ihram for both men and women. This would help you to get knowledge about How to perform Umrah. You need to follow these rules necessarily to complete this Holy journey. However, today we are going to look at the guidelines of Ihram rules for women. The Ihram for women is generally different from that of men. You should know about them as soon as you apply for saudi umrah visa.

They can wear some ordinary clothes underneath followed by covering their heads. They must wear Ihram, which includes the burqa. It is a loose attire that they can wear over their clothes. The hair should be properly covered but not the face. They should not wear a niqab on their face, but a hijab is necessary.

Do’s and Don’ts of Ihram for women

Here is a list of certain things that must be done and what must be avoided by women to enter the state of Ihram.

  • Women should preferably wear light-colored clothes that would keep them comfortable.
  • They should go for an Ihram made of thick cloth so that the inner body parts are not revealed. They should not even be prominent, so they must be loose-fitting.
  • They can wear the burqa in any color (black or white), but mostly they prefer the white one. It helps to blend with men. The white color also helps to keep you cool during the day as the sun can be pretty hot. White color clothes do not absorb heat and provide a cooling effect.
  • You must wear white clothes if the burqa is also white as colored clothes would be visible through it.
  • Women must wear hijab but avoid the niqab. The hijab must be long enough to cover the head and chest as well. This depicts that women should prefer covering themselves from the lusty eyes of men in the world.
  • Women need to perform Taqsir as soon as they complete all the rituals of Umrah. Cutting one inch of your hair from the ends is an act.

You can look for some cheapest umrah packages from Dubai by air and visit Mecca for this pilgrim. However, now Umrah for women without Mahram is also allowed.

Prohibition for women during Ihram 

Certain acts are not allowed for the women to do during the state of Ihram on their Umrah journey. They are listed here below:

  • Restrain from tight, fitted, bright-colored clothes.
  • You cannot clip your nails or shave body hair at this time.
  • You are not allowed to use perfume, scented oil, or cosmetic products. Make sure to only remain in your natural form.
  • Avoid looking in the mirror to beautify yourself.
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry.
  • Avoid covering your hands and face in the state of Ihram.
  • Avoid the act of sexual intercourse with your husband during this time.
  • Do not backbite or indulge in any fight with the use of bad language.
  • Do not harm or hunt any of the living organisms there.

There are many umrah packages 2024 that allow single women to go for Umrah with or without Mahram. Thus, one must be aware of all these things before initiating this Holy journey.

Guidelines for women during their menstruation period

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon in every women’s life. The date may usually slide up and down. Thus, in case you face such a situation during the Umrah, then don’t worry. A menstruating woman does a ghusl and wears Ihram as she passes by the place of Miqat. It is done like every normal one.

However, she cannot do Tawaf and Sai’i and leave it for later on as soon as she clears up. But if you get them during Umrah and perform the Tawaf. Then, she can complete the Sai’i. Her umrah is concluded by trimming the hairs.

As narrated by Hazarat Ayesha (A.S), the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) said that women are allowed to do all the acts of pilgrims but cannot circulate the House until she becomes pure.

Bottom Line

There are various Umrah Travel Agency in Dubai that can help you to apply for umrah visa from Dubai. They even offer some umrah packages 2024 that include all the services. You only need to pay the money and enjoy this journey without stress. You must be aware of all the do’s and don’ts during the Umrah to avoid mishaps, as they are different for both men and women. Thus, look out and research properly before getting your Saudi umrah evisa.

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