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Umrah From Dubai

We offer various packages / Services to perform Umrah from Dubai

The aim of Saifco Travel and Tourism is to provide the highest level of standards in hospitality. Every Muslim wishes to visit Makkah and Madina at least once in his/her life to perform Umrah. Keeping this in view, Our main goal is to assist each and every pilgrim to have a comfortable, safe, and trouble-free journey to perform Umrah from Dubai/ Sharjah / Abu Dhabi.

Happy Client’s

Umrah Testimonials


I got my multi-entry visa invitation for Saudia Arabia from Saifco. They arranged it within one day. I am very happy with their fast and reliable service. The price was reasonable too compared to other companies. The staff was very professional and Cooperative. He answered all my questions patiently.

Azeem Sarwar



I contacted saifco travel for an umrah visa for me and my wife. They arranged the visa within two days. Everything was hassle-free. They helped in booking my airline ticket and hotel booking. They also arranged private transport for me at a reasonable price. highly recommend.

Muhammad Ali



Good prices with excellent service. Irfan Ullah is very helpful and cooperative for Umrah pilgrims. The hotel accommodation was near and very clean. I am really happy with the services. I’ll recommend to the people to do Umrah with Saifco Travel. 5/5

Abdul Kareem



I booked Umrah package in the last Ashra of Ramadan with Saifco Travel and tourism and i am glad to say that I am satisfied with the company’s services and it was up to my expectation. I highly recommend saifco to everybody going for umrah from Dubai. Use saifco services for your Umrah trip.

Furqan Hussain



Best Company for Umrah. I get my Umrah visa in 2 days. I am really satisfied with the prompt services. Irfan arranged whole things very properly.

Asfand Ali



Got very satisfactory service from Mr.Irfan while booking my Umrah package from Saifco Travel and Tourism. Everything turned out just as promised.No issues with the hotels or travel arrangements. Irfan worked very hard and patiently to meet our demands.




My family’s Umrah visa was issued through this company within two days, the service was very quick. they booked our hotels in Makkah close to Haram . The trip was perfect and spiritual.




Saifco Travel is one of the best Companies for Umrah packages in Dubai, they provide very good services, I’m extremely satisfied with their arrangement. Highly recommended

Hira Saleem



Very good service from start to end.i Really recommend this company and will definitely use their services for Umrah in future. Hotels were great and affordable.Flights were on time. Reasonable pricing and great service from the guys in the office.Over all everything went hessale free.




My Umrah trip was memorable, I wish to go to Makkah again, very peaceful, a different kind of feelings there.

Mehmood Madni


Our Travel Awards


Explore the World With Us – Online Travel Agency

It’s everyone’s dream to explore the world and enjoy its beauty. Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC is making that possible and is also offering affordable packages. We are not only letting you explore the UAE but are also arranging tours out of the country. And you can easily find a travel agency near me like ours. All of our tour packages are priced relatively lower than other companies. Also, we make it easier and more convenient for you to go on any tour whether in the country or internationally. Our travel agency Dubai is making sure that pilgrims don’t have complaints while going for Umrah. Moreover, you can also roam inside Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi on other tours. Rent a jet ski, go for the Dubai desert safari, eat a delicious Dhow cruise dinner, or opt for luxury yacht cruising. You can also do other things like enjoying a speed boat tour or going deep sea fishing. The Musandam Dibba Tour provides a great way to enjoy a speed boat tour and fishing in one place. All in all, there are so many fun activities inside the UAE.

Besides going on tours inside the UAE, our Umrah travel agency makes it possible to travel to Saudi Arabia. Our best travel company in Dubai even offer customized Umrah packages which means you have multiple hotels and transportation options. Our travel agency UK is also striving hard to make Umrah visas accessible to people in the United Kingdom. Pilgrims in the UK can now easily go for Umrah from London, Birmingham, and Manchester. We are one of the best travel agents UK offering affordable tour packages. Moreover, you can also get visas from different countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Qatar, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Maldives, and some others countries. What more do you expect from one of the best tour operators in the UAE and the UK?

Best Travel Agency Near Me for Umrah Services

To find the best Umrah packages, you have to search for a nearby travel agency. Look for a travel company that’s well-known and trusted by its customers. If you go through the positive reviews on our website, you can see that customers trust us. That’s because there are dozens of positive reviews for our different tours. And if you head on to our Umrah services, you will notice that customers are willing to opt for our services again. Since we offer competitive pricing and quality service, it’s no wonder you will also love going for Umrah with us.

Our Umrah travel agency is making it easier for travellers of all ages and cultures to perform Umrah with ease. Even single ladies and other women can go for Umrah from the UAE. And that too without a Mahram. Our travel agency UK is also providing visa services from the UK for Umrah. In both the UAE and the UK, you can even request us to provide a visa only. So if you are planning to arrange transportation and hotels by yourself, you can go for this option. Alternatively, you can get the whole Umrah package from our travel company. By getting the whole Umrah package from us, you make sure that you get a deal at a competitive price.

Umrah from UAE by Bus – Travel Agency Dubai

Don’t you love to travel on long routes on a bus, especially with your friends or family? The numerous stops let you get out of the bus to buy your favourite snacks in the rest areas. On the way, you can watch amazing views of both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. When you cross the border into Saudi Arabia, you patiently start waiting to reach Haram. If you picture the whole journey inside your mind, it will give you goosebumps. So what will happen when you actually traverse the UAE with a nearby travel agency, Saifco Travel & Tourism? The journey will be even more exciting than the one you have pictured in your mind. If you are travelling for the first time, you will love to explore during the journey. On the contrary, if you are revisiting, you will maybe like to make some new friends.

The luxury buses are fully air-conditioned to help counter the effects of the hot weather. Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are hot countries, so an air-conditioning facility is necessary. Moreover, the seats are comfortable to prevent headaches, backaches, and other issues during the long journey. Once you reach Makkah or Madinah, you can see that your hotels are already booked. Our Umrah travel agency tries to make sure that you get your rooms on time. Get the room key and head inside the rooms to relax or sleep before going for Umrah. It’s better to get some rest since a lot of walking is involved like doing Tawaf and going for Sai. Our visa agency recommends developing stamina before going to Umrah since you have to walk much. Moreover, you even have to walk to Haram and Masjid-e-Nabwi. And if your hotel is far away, be prepared for a lot of exercises. However, if you book Umrah packages in advance from a nearby travel agency, you can get a hotel close to Haram. Another advantage of early booking is you can avail of the low prices.

Umrah from UAE by Air – Umrah Travel Agency

For some people a bus journey can be tiring, so they want a quicker mode of travel. Old people and pilgrims with back problems can’t travel on a bus. The long journey will exhaust them or can make their condition worse. That’s why our travel company also arranges return flight tickets. You get to select which dates you want to travel on and we can get you tickets for those dates. Although flights are more expensive than buses, you get to experience the aerial view. The nighttime flight will let you watch Saudi Arabia which will be flooded with lights. On the other hand, during the daytime flight, you can watch the famous landmarks of both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. We recommend booking hotels and flights several months before you are planning to depart, from our travel agency Dubai. The sole reason is getting cheaper rates as compared to higher rates as the Umrah date approaches.

Local City & Safari Tours

Our nearby travel agency offers many local tours and in one of them, you cross the border into Oman. As for the tours in the UAE, you can rent a yacht or jet ski. Moreover, you can go for the combo Dubai Desert Safari Tour and Abu Dhabi City Tour. One day you will be exploring Dubai and the next day you will be having fun in Abu Dhabi. The great thing about our offering is you can take separate tours as well. You can mix certain tours, go with your family, or enjoy with your friends.

Dubai Desert Safari Tour

Imagine going for a Dubai Desert Safari Tour on your vacation by getting a customized package from our travel agency Dubai. Experience the long ride in the desert with nothing but sand and the horizon to watch. Having tea or coffee in the desert and later enjoying dinner under the open sky might sound like a dream. But our best travel company in Dubai makes that possible and much more for you. A Dubai Desert Safari Tour can even be enjoyed with your friends and family in a group. For that to happen, you can get the group tours from us. Alternatively, our tour operator in Dubai can even arrange an exclusive private trip for you. You can go with your spouse or with your family on a separate tour. We respect your decision for privacy and you can request us anytime to provide custom packages.

Pick-up and drop-off are included in the desert safari tour. A professional safari guide from our travel company Dubai will accompany you on the journey in the air-conditioned vehicle. And the vehicle is a famous land cruiser. You will enjoy dune bashing for more than half an hour driving over the dunes of Dubai. Share a Bedouin Camp with your loved ones and eat your favourite snacks while doing photography at sunset. If you love camel rides, you will experience those as well. Do you want to know a great thing about our tour? Well, you will get unlimited soft drinks, fruits, coffee, and tea. If you want to get high on caffeine, don’t forget to party with us. Moreover, you can enjoy desserts on the house. Later you will be having a delicious buffet BBQ dinner under the open sky. What’s more, a fire show awaits at the end to make this a memorable tour. There are other desert safari tours that you can ask our nearby travel agency to arrange separately. These include:

  • Desert Safari with quad bike
  • Desert Safari with private pickup
  • Desert Safari with VIP seating in the camp

Our travel agency Dubai can arrange several add-on tours depending on which places you would like to visit.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

The combo tour includes the Abu Dhabi City Tour. On the first day, you will be exploring the deserts of Dubai. And the next day, you will get a pick-up from your hotel in Dubai to go towards Abu Dhabi. On the way, you will be watching beautiful villages and plantations so don’t forget to capture those scenes. Later when you visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is the 3rd largest in the world, you’ll be amazed. The marble works and the largest carpet in the world are all a part of this magnificent mosque.

There are so many places to visit on this tour but perhaps the most interesting sight is Abu Dhabi Corniche. If you are looking to get some sunshine and watch an amazing manicured waterfront, you know where to go. Our best travel agency in Dubai can even arrange an add-on Abu Dhabi City Tour in which you visit the Louvre Museum.

Other than the Dubai Desert Safari Tour and Abu Dhabi city tour, you can visit these places in Dubai:

  • Zabeel Park
  • Dubai Mall / Burj Khalifa
  • Jumeirah The Palm & Atlantis Palm Photo-stop
  • Burj Al Arab Photo-stop
  • Burj Al Arab Beach
  • Jumeirah Beach
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Dubai Museum
  • Gold Souq / Spice Souq
  • Dubai Creek / Abra / Corniche

If you want to visit other places in Abu Dhabi from a nearby travel agency, you can let us know.

Jet Ski Rental Dubai

Dubai is a great place for renting a jet ski and cruising the waves. Our jet skis are powerful as they can go up to 100 km/h. Yet they are easy to manoeuvre and stable. All kinds of riders whether they are experienced or novices can ride the Yamaha VXR 2022 and VX. However, Our tour operator in Dubai still provide operating instructions with a safety briefing. You can invite your friend to ride with you and there will be no extra charges. Since there are 2 seats you can take turns driving the jet ski. As a fun exercise, see who drives better. You don’t need to bring life jackets as our travel company provides those. Moreover, you get free water bottles and the tour leader snaps beautiful pictures and records memorable videos. You can get those videos and pictures when the tour ends. What’s more, an amazing view of Burj Al Arab is stored in your memory during this tour.

Deep Sea Fishing

Do you want to fish on our 36 feet boat in the Arabian Gulf? Well, our friendly and hospitable staff is ready to take you on board for deep sea fishing. During this fishing expedition, you get to marvel at the stunning view. And if you are lucky, you can watch big fish and dolphins leaping out of the water. Yeah, as one of the best travel agency in Dubai, we are not kidding. Many people watched and filmed beautiful fish. As for safety, we have a first aid kit and life jackets on board so don’t fret over it.

Whether you are a first-time or a professional angler, it doesn’t matter. Anyone can go on this trip as a group or individually. Young adults, kids, teenagers, and families all come for deep sea fishing and catch a handful of fish. You can select between bottom fishing or trolling. Our online travel agency can arrange a private tour as per your request. Or if you want a trip at some specific time, we are also open to that request.

Luxury Yacht Cruising

A luxurious yacht offering a spectacular view of Dubai is a dream come true. Explore this glamorous city with sparkling lights and skyscrapers on a luxury yacht tour. A cruise around Dubai Marina is perhaps the perfect choice for throwing a party or relaxing away from the busy city life. You even get to explore Lagoons Five Star, Jumeirah Palm, Marina Walk, and Atlantis. We are one of the best holiday companies offering luxury yacht cruising at a competitive price. We offer departures at different times during the day for more convenience for our customers. Seize this opportunity to relax from your stressful routine.

Dhow Cruise Dinner In Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina Cruise Dinner involves spending quality time on a lovely wooden cruise ship with our travel company. The ship has modern facilities so that you can enjoy the 3 hours you spend on it. The Dubai Marina’s view is fantastic and you sure don’t want to miss that when you are in Dubai. Both the lower-deck and upper-deck views are awesome so make sure to capture them in your memories. Later you will be having a scrumptious dinner to fill your appetite. The buffet dinner is a part of this tour which means you don’t have to pay extra. Getting a view of the Dubai Marina Mall along the Persian Gulf Shoreline is also a part of this trip. Moreover, you get free pick-up and drop-off at your hotel from our nearby travel agency. So if you are interested to book this tour, Click here to view.

International Tours

As far as international tours are concerned, you can go for Umrah and cross the border into Oman. Although the Musandam Dibba Tour can be counted as a local tour, you cross the border and cover a short distance. This tour is an exciting one with a boat cruise, speed boat tour, fishing, banana boat ride, and kayaking. The speed boat ride is a thrilling one and full of adventure. As for the boat cruise, you can relax on cushions and enjoy the view of the magnificent mountains.

When we talk about the Umrah tour, you can get in touch with our travel agency UK. We are not only offering Umrah packages from the UAE but also the UK. You can talk to us and we will send you the details about all the packages. Alternatively, if you are planning to make your own package, we are open to that as well. So in case you are searching for the top 10 travel companies UK, you can count on us.

Visa Services

Finding a visa agency near me is now easier than ever. That’s because you can easily ask us to arrange visas for you. Moreover, you can make a booking online and get a visa from us for these countries:

Prepare to get amazed as you travel these countries. There are so many places to visit and multiple exciting attractive tourist spots. Moreover, these countries are great for having an adventure and making new friends.You can learn about other cultures, make new buddies, and explore amazing places. Tourists are always welcome in these countries and they are treated with respect and care. There’s so much to learn and explore that your time and money are worth well spent. If you need further information about these countries and visa prices, feel free to get in touch. Our professional staff at travel agency Dubai will always be ready to assist you. We are making it possible for all age groups to get visas for their favourite countries.

Get Affordable Transportation & Airport Transfers

If you are searching for transportation facilities, our travel company can provide you with them. And that too at an affordable and competitive price. For instance, if you want to go to the airport, you can ask us to make travel arrangements for you. Share the number of passengers and pick-up time (even if you are coming from the airport) with us. Our tour operator in Dubai will then send a vehicle, an air-conditioned one, to your location. On the other hand, if you have bought our tour package, you can request to get picked up from your place. Later you might be joining the rest of the tour members who get a pick-up from the hotel. Tell us what you see in one of the best travel agents UK. You might be looking for comfortable transportation with safe drivers offering pick-up and drop-off on time. Well, we offer two-way transfers with punctual and experienced drivers. The buses and other vehicles are luxurious, air-conditioned, and well-maintained. This means you will find the journey shorter than usual due to your comfort level.

Buy Cheap Air Tickets

Some tour operators only provide a visa and passport. So you have to make the rest of the arrangements yourself. But we provide the whole package which includes hotel accommodation and two-way air tickets. However, you can opt to get a one-way air ticket or just a visa. The thing is, we make travelling and tours easy for our customers so we offer them multiple choices. So you can inform us you are planning to travel and return on specific dates. Also, tell us about which ticket class you need. If seats are available, our travel agency UK will make the booking for you. All you have to do is then go to the airport and sit in the aeroplane. We are offering visas for different countries as mentioned above. So if you are planning to get cheap air tickets to travel, you can count on us. Just make sure to tell in advance so that it’s easier to get tickets on dates of your choice. Moreover, booking in advance means you get lower rates than usual.

Make Hotel Reservations With Ease from Our Online Travel Agency

Our travel company offers convenient hotel reservations. You can even book several months before the tour. And that’s also what we recommend so that you can get lower prices. Another advantage of booking hotels in advance is that you can get one of your choices. If you are going for Umrah, you need to get a hotel near Masjid-e-Nabwi and Haram. We will make that possible for you if make a booking several months before you are planning to depart. However, if you make a late booking it gets hard to book hotels of your choice.

We are offering 3, 4, and 5-star hotels as a part of our different packages. You can buy the premium deal, economy deal, or customize your own package. The best part of our packages is that you can select the hotel you like. If it’s available, our tour operator in Dubai can book that for you at a low price.  There are no extra fees for booking hotels online with a credit card.  But only your bank might deduct the charges as we won’t.  The hotel booking is fast and secure so you won’t be facing any problems with that. Our best travel company in Dubai offers 24/7 live chat support to provide exceptional support anytime you need it.

Get Travel Insurance Conveniently from Tour Operators

If you want travel insurance, Our best travel agency in Dubai can provide that as well. Some people are looking for insurance from their tour operators. This type of insurance gives them compensation in case something goes wrong. For instance, you lost your checked-in baggage at the airport. If you had travel insurance, you can claim and get compensation for your loss.

Luckily, you can get travel insurance from the UAE and also from our travel agency UK. This will not only offer you compensation in case of losses but also peace of mind.

Travel insurance also provides coverage against medical treatment costs or accidents that might happen during travelling. Although our drivers have a great safety record, that doesn’t mean someone else cannot make a mistake. Accidents and mistakes happen and there’s little we can do. In case of accidents, or medical and dental treatment, the insurance company reimburses the amount mentioned in the insurance policy. You can also consider going to the hospital that is mentioned in the insurance policy for cashless treatment. So if you need travel insurance, you know where to find our online travel agency.

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