Private Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

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Private Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

The breathtaking landscapes of Dubai’s deserts never fail to impress visitors. While the desert safari dinner under the moon gives a lovely sensation, the desert safari with bbq under the stars is the kind of experience that will be permanently imprinted into your mind. You feel like the sky has sunk into the desert as the moon and stars observe your desert tour dubai.

Dubai attracts tourists from throughout the globe to see its mesmerizing deserts and stunning panoramic views.

This city has become an extremely famous tourist attraction. As is their custom, Saifco Travel has designed travel packages that are kind to travelers’ wallets so that they can keep the recollections of their once-in-a-lifetime trip forever.

A day with a desert safari in dubai is simple and never-ending, with exciting things to do like dune bashing. Furthermore, a heart-pounding quad biking dubai ride through the desert, followed by sandboarding is always warms your blood.

Call us, and we’ll give you the best desert tour dubai deals of the day. We always have a few great deals for all of our customers. Welcome to Dubai, a place on the city’s outskirts where you can take a wonderful fast trip across the gorgeous colored ridges of the desert.

It is easy and convenient to ride quad biking in the desert safari in Dubai. We want our customers to have the best safari possible, and we have great deals on desert tours in dubai. You’ll have a great time for 6-7 hours if you take advantage of our excellent desert safari in dubai deals.

Nomad tribes who lived a traditional lifestyle used to travel through the sandy desert on journeys that took them through its rolling hills. It is good to see. Saifco tours offer a desert safari in Dubai that Deals with a wide range of fun and active things to do, such as camel riding, dune bashing, quad biking dubai, henna painting, and more.

Anyone, even just one person, can use our packages. If you have a group of six people, you can get a whole vehicle to yourselves and don’t have to share with other tourists. You’ll also save money. Desert tour dubai is an exciting activity, so we don’t recommend it for very young children, women who are pregnant, or older people with back problems.

All of our drivers are licensed professionals who have received first aid training. Our vehicles have roll bars to protect our passengers in an accident, which is especially crucial when traveling across the desert tour dubai. Seat belts are standard in all of our vehicles to keep passengers safe. In addition, we only employ 4×4 Land Cruisers for the safari tour. You are wholly insured as soon as you enter one of our vehicles. All of our vehicles and passengers are insured.

There are numerous plans available, including the desert safari in dubai package, the self-drive desert safari packages, the advance desert safari package, and many others. All these bundles will provide you with something unique that you won’t find anywhere else. The self-drive desert safari is the most popular type, in which you drive your automobile through the desert. This is the most pleasing way to see the desert up close.

The expert desert safari package is also an excellent way to view the desert. This package includes a four-wheel-drive vehicle capable of transporting you to the desert. The desert is a lovely location; this is a fantastic way to experience it at its best. The desert safari package includes henna painting, Dune Bashing Dubai, a camel ride dubai, belly dance, and other activities. We will provide you with the best experience possible so that your trip is one you will never forget.

If you have a plan to do a desert tour of dubai with delicious desert safari dinner and famous desert safari with bbq. Let us know if we have a variety of packages according to your ease. Following are some popular safari tours we offer to our valued customers.

Private Desert Safari makes your safari special. Make a reservation for a car that can accommodate your entire party. Each vehicle can transport up to six people. This is an attractive solution for couples, families, and groups of friends who do not wish to share a vehicle and do not want to travel together in a single car.

People who would like to experience Dune Bashing Dubai but want a slower ride than our standard option might also consider selecting this option. When you go on a private desert safari, you have the choice of requesting that your guide moves across the dunes at a quicker or slower pace.

There is the option for a private desert safari on each of our safaris, whether it be a morning, evening, overnight, or adventure safari.

This offer is available to a single individual and does not have any requirements regarding the minimum number of participants. If you have a group of six people, you will be given a private vehicle of your own and will not be required to ride in the exact vehicle as any other visitors. Because going on a desert safari is an exciting activity, so we do not recommend it for children less than three, pregnant ladies, or older adults with back problems. On the other hand, for you to take part in the different activities that are taking place at the camp, we may provide a private car to bring you there immediately. In addition to that, we offer child safety seats.

Have fun on your safari first thing in the morning! Those under time pressure or who have a complete travel plan in the evening may want to consider participating in the morning safari and Dune bashing instead. You will be picked up by our vehicle at nine in the morning, and from there, you will be driven straight to the desert. You will return to our camp following a thrilling dune bash Dubai that lasts for twenty minutes and is led by our experienced drivers. In addition, the base provides opportunities for sand skiing, Camel ride dubai, and quad biking dubai. The camp offers free water and other types of soft drinks for its guests. After that, you will be dropped off at the location where you will be staying. Approximately two hours will pass during the interaction.

The evening desert tour dubai begins in the afternoon and travels over the desert of Dubai, stopping multiple times for photo sessions. You arrive at the first location for a spectacular sunset after taking part in a thrilling dune drive. We pull over to take in the evening before continuing across the dunes toward our destination, which is our campsite. In this location, you will have the opportunity to do sand boarding, Camel ride dubai, quad biking dubai, and get henna designs drawn on either your hands or your feet. After building up an appetite, you will be rewarded with a fantastic desert safari with bbq dinner and some shisha to enjoy (the famous Arabic water pipe). You will also watch a performance of our Fire show and Tanura show while sitting around the campfire under the stars.

The Desert Safari Overnight is the most well-liked of our available safari packages. Even though going on an overnight desert safari with a minimum of two other people will make for a more enjoyable experience, you should not be afraid to schedule an experience like this in Dubai, even if you are traveling alone. The night-time desert safari in Dubai is an extension of the evening desert safari and starts once the tourists on the evening safari have left the camp. Resting in the overnight tent will allow you to take in the starry vistas of the desert while you get some shut-eye.

Tents, mattresses, pillows, and blankets will all be provided for guests to use throughout their stay. The desert safari camp has a bathroom and a shower facility for guests’ use. Before you check in to your hotel in the morning, you will be provided with a breakfast that has been freshly made, along with your choice of tea or coffee.

Deluxe desert safari is our most selling deal among the tourists eager to enjoy their tour in a deluxe manner. Just feel what it’s like to stay in a hotel room in the middle of the desert. Our deluxe tents have central air conditioning, double beds, pillows, blankets, and wardrobes.

Only two people can sit inside each tent at a time. Through the luxury overnight safari, you can spend the night in the desert of Dubai in complete comfort. This excursion to the desert includes all of the activities that take place during the evening safari, an overnight stay in the desert, and a delicious breakfast before you head back to your lodging.

People who would rather skip Dune Bashing Dubai and head to the desert camp to discover the activities should sign up for the desert safari dinner. This is the perfect safari for people like that.

It is appropriate for people with problems with their backs, pregnant women, young children, the elderly, or those with cardiac disorders to participate in the safari. They can enjoy the hot and delicious desert safari with bbq during enjoying their deluxe desert safari.

After being picked up from your hotel or residence, you will be taken straight to the desert safari camp, where activities are suitable for people of all ages. Camel ride dubai, quad bikes, sandboarding, dressing up in traditional Arabic garb, taking photos with a falcon, smoking a bubble/shisha, or simply relaxing and watching the sunset over the desert are some of the activities that you have the option of participating in the desert tour dubai.

In addition to your dinner, you may watch live performances such as Tanura dance shows, belly dance shows, and fire shows. At the evening buffet, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available, including appetizers, a main meal, and at least one dessert. A traditional Arabic desert safari dinner is an experience that should not be missed.

We also offer an Extreme adventure safari for those who consider themselves adventure enthusiasts who long to test their luck in the desert. The Extreme Adventure Safari option can be booked in the morning or paired with the night-time safari for the ultimate desert safari experience.

This can be practiced alone or in a group. The first part of the adventure consists of being picked up from your lodging in a four-wheel-drive vehicle and driven to the desert from there. The ‘Red dune’ in Dubai’s Rub-Al-Khali desert offers visitors the opportunity to participate in Dune Bashing Dubai. Thrill-seekers in the United Arab Emirates interested in gaining practical experience in desert riding should come here.

In addition to Dune Bashing Dubai, this desert safari features Camel ride dubai, quad biking dubai, sand-boarding, and dune buggies as some of its other available activities. This tour can be tailored entirely to your needs with a desert safari dinner of your choice.

Our Desert safari dubai packages provide a wide range of adventures and leisure time ideal for participants of all ages. A trip to the desert tour dubai is the perfect adventure for vacationers interested in discovering all the surrounding area has to offer. Our offered prices on tours desert safari dubai are among the most cost-effective. We provide a discounted cost when there are six people or more in a group.

Why hire us?

Everyone has a good time with our wide variety of packages, including evenings geared at couples, birthday parties, evening groups, and a lot more. You have arrived at the right place if you search for the most advantageous and cost-effective discounts on a desert safari in Dubai. As a result, you ought to put up your utmost effort to attend at the appointed time and reserve the most incredible safari excursions as quickly as possible.

Saifco Tours has always made a distinct identity in the world of tourism. Our priority has always been to shape people’s tours unforgettable. Saifco Tours Dubai has always been the first choice of tourists who tour with us. We are constantly introducing new packages keeping in mind the people’s wishes.

Such as the Private Dubai Desert Safari with Barbeque Dinner, which Saifco Tours has tailored to the wishes of its customers. Just imagine that you are having a dessert safari dinner with your loved ones. The desert is silent at night. The aroma of barbeque under the stars whets your appetite. Tourists around you are enjoying quad biking or dune bashing.

A tourist is taking a camel ride, and the bells around the camel’s neck are making a piece of soulful music. Right next to you, a tourist party is lost in belly dancing enchantment. At the same time, many people are shocked to see the fire show. After the sunset, the couples taking moonlit night photography are engrossed in their fun.

Many tourists dance to the tune of the tanoura dance. If you also want to witness such a romantic night, visit the Saifco Tours website today and make such beautiful moments a part of your life by choosing the Private Dubai Desert with Barbecue Package.

Saifco Tours never compromises the security of its clients. It has always been our endeavor that our clients enjoy their tours without any tension. With us, our esteemed clients feel the safety of home. Single women do not seem interested in tourism due to the fear of security.

Thanks to Saifco Tours, she can enjoy tourism freely and without fear now. The substantial growth in the number of women among our repeat customers is a testament to our best services.

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