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Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Dubai has always been a dream destination for everyone. Thousands of tourists visit Dubai every year. This land of entertainment is always on the checklist when you plan summer or winter holidays. It is known for its beautiful architecture, amazing nightlife, lively people, and magnificent skylines.

UAE attracts tourists and its residents through its tall buildings and nightlife. Abu Dhabi and Dubai have always been the center of attention. Even the residents love to explore these cities on weekends with family and friends. Burj KhalifaDubai MallsJumeirah MosquePalm Island, and much more. However, one of the most beautiful tours of Dubai is its Desert safari tour. Some people especially plan tours with friends to Desert safari. The rides, aesthetics, night camping, and the food is another experience for everyone on the Desert dubai trip.

About Dubai Desert Safari

A Desert is a place with only sand where you find nothing else. It gets hotter during the day and pretty cold at night. we arrange Dubai Desert Safari to avail the best out of this place. It means that people can enjoy jeep rides through this desert.

Desert tour dubai is a drive through attraction where you enjoy many fun activities, from riding camels to enjoying an amazing dinner. However, it is hard to go there on your own. This is why many tourist companies are present to take you on this adventure. You only need to pay them once and enjoy a luxurious trip with your family and friends.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco travel and tourism have been a part of Dubai tourism for a long time. It is considered one of the subsidiaries in Dubai. We also aim to arrange luxurious yet economical trips for the tourists and residents. It has been a privilege to take people for a fund adventure to exciting places around Dubai.

Saifco arranges enormous tours, including city tours, dhow cruise dinners, umrah tours, and as well as Desert safari in dubai. Desert Safari has been a popular trip for everyone. Dubai or nearby residents occasionally visit it with us for a getaway weekend with friends. Thus, get ready for a getaway from the hustle of the city by Desert safari dubai booking with Saifco.

What does Saifco offer?

Saifco always arranges a planned tour. Each and every detail, including food, stops, photography, and tickets, is already decided. You get all the required information for the trip beforehand. You can even add something extra for yourself in additional charges, such as Quad biking dubai can be included in the trip as per the demand of our customers.

You can book desert safari Dubai trips with us anytime. We are glad to take you on a planned or customized tour as well. It involves Dune Bashing DubaiCamel ride dubai, and sand boarding.

Here is a tour of all the services Saifco Travel and Tourism company provides to their beloved customers on Desert tour dubai.

Pick Up Service

You need to provide accurate hotel details at the time of the Desert safari dubai booking. We will send our drivers to the hotels for a morning or Evening pickup depending upon your tour option. This is the first step of the tour. We will pick you up to gather at a single point to initiate departure towards Desert safari in dubai.


Your comfort is always a top priority for us on this Desert dubai trip. We always arrange Air conditioned buses on every tour. However, now we are moving towards Desert safari, so a simple bus may not do the work. Thus, you can join us on the 4WD Air-Conditioned Land Cruiser. It will make your journey smooth yet comfortable. After the pickup, you will now move towards all the enlisted adventures in our Desert safari dubai booking.

Stop for Tyre Deflation

We head toward our route on Desert safari. There we make a stop in our first meeting point to deflate the tyres of the Land Cruiser. It will be a stop of small duration.Here you can get freshup . There are separate rest areas both for men and women.You can also do shopping and can buy local costume if you want .However you can take photos in the local dress for free in the Desert Camp.

Deflation is important to enhance the tyres surface area for desert tour dubai. It allows vehicle to move with more grip on slippery areas and deserts. However, the tyres are deflated from 35 psi to 15-20 psi. This will allow smooth and secure rides along the way and will avoid the car stuck in the desert.

We will continue dune bashing in the desert  until we reach a proper point in the desert where you will experience Sandboarding and take some beautiful photos. The sunset and desert aesthetics add flavor to your pictures during the stop.

Dune Bashing

Are you an adventure lover? Then get ready to feel an adrenaline rush in your blood. You will feel chills during this ride to conquer sand dunes. Dune Bashing Dubai is pretty famous, and tourists always ask for it. This is something always on their mind when they come here.

Dune Bashing Dubai is a crazy and enthusiastic activity. The drivers are pretty skilled and can handle such drives easily. It basically means to drive through sand dunes at increasing and decreasing speeds. Ordinary cars cannot be used for this purpose. We especially arrange proper vehicles like Land cruisers or Nassan Patrol for our customers. Your safety is always our top priority.

This Desert tour dubai is a whole new adventure that you may cherish forever. You will reach the heights of the dunes at low speed, and eventually, the speed increases. This will give your heart a throb as sudden ups and downs are quite tempting yet dangerous. Thus, Dune Bashing Dubai is not recommended for people with heart issues or who cannot bear such adventures. It is also not recommended for pregnanet woman.

Most desert tours arrange Dune Bashing Dubai for about 20 to 30 minutes. However, Saifco makes sure that your experience lasts a lifetime. Thus, we arrange this dune bashing session in the deserts of Dubai for up to 30 to 40 minutes. Our 4-by-4 vehicles are pretty strong with good tyres grip.

Sand Boarding

This is a kind of sport which is quite similar to one known as snowboarding. It usually involves the use of a board. This time you will move on sand instead of snow. Doesn’t it sound ridiculous? How can someone board on sand?

This is the best part. You will get to experience some amazing hacks and enjoy boarding on the sand. You ride across the sand or in the downward direction with both feet strapped on the board. You can do it while sitting or lying on your back. It depends on you and how you want to avail yourself of this fun moment. However, it is usually hard to do in the summer. But you can take advantage of our next part, Dune Bashing Dubai.

Photography in Desert

Most of our Desert tour dubai involves photography. What’s a trip without memory, right? We acknowledge how important these moments are for you. Thus, Saifco makes sure to arrange proper photography at sunset. The desert safari’s and sunset’s aesthetics and vibe result in some amazing pictures. Our professional Dubai Desert Safari guides will help you make unique poses for the photos.

However, in cloudy weather, the sunset photography might not be available. But, you can always use your equipment to catch these wonderful sceneries for a lifetime. After Dune bashing we will head towards the Desert Camp called Bedouin camp.The drive from the dune bashing area to the desert camp will be around 20-30 mins.

Bedouin Camp

You can book Book desert safari Dubai and enjoy a beautiful camping session with us. Bedouin Oasis camps are usually traditional-style tents set up within the base of the desert. This is going to be a wonderful time when you are sitting under the sky filled with stars at Evening Desert Safari. We have useful guides to avoid mishaps in directions. You are going to have an amazing time at these camps.

Camping with friends at the Evening Desert Safari is just like a dream come true. The time duration of your stay may vary as well. It may be a few hours camping sites. There are so many fun activities during the stay at camp. Everyone loves henna painting which is a pretty fun activity. You can twin the designs with your friends for those aesthetic pictures.

A stay in the desert without a camel ride? Doesn’t this sound ridiculous? You can avail amazing camel ride dubai. You can have merriment on camel ride dubai with your partners and roam the desert. There is no restriction on the number of times you’ll sit on the camel. You could also enjoy the ride again if it were fun. The camels are tamed, and no danger exists during the ride. The owner stays by the camel and provides a short tour of the surrounding area.

There are specific areas for shisha lovers as well. You can avail these opportunities too. They have separate areas so that the privacy is kept and those who do not drink are not annoyed. This is a pretty good idea. Thus, our camping is going to be filled with a lot of new adventures, including camel ride dubai, henna paintings, and even shisha is also available.

So, what are you waiting for? Why miss all the amazing fun of Desert safari in dubai? You won’t be able to have such a fun night and experience anywhere else. Evening Desert Safari in the beautiful camps with all fun activities is a must try.

Arabic costumes

The Arabian dresses that include long gowns are usually quite alluring. We realize how much dressing attracts you. We even arrange these costumes for your photography. You can now wear those, including long tunics and keffieh on your Desert tour dubai. Women dressing may involve abayas and niqab. Thus, all these clothes are arranged at the camp site for a full Arabic feel during the Evening Desert Safari period. It will result in a beautiful picture as a memory of your Desert safari in dubai.

Buffet Dinner with BBQ in Desert

Then it’s finally the time of the most interesting part of your Desert safari dubai booking. It involves a yummy Buffet dinner at Evening Desert Safari. Furthermore, the menu includes the item for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian customers. So, you are able to eat to your fullest. The BBQ is one of the main courses of the buffet. This buffet has international platters with unlimited varieties. You will avail the following items:

  • BBQ dinner
  • Unlimited drinks, tea, and coffee as well
  • Fruits
  • Dessert

Live Shows

A dinner without music or live performances on a trip? This is absolutely not happening with Saifco. We ensure that your dinner is entertaining with belly dance, Tanoura, and fire shows. The fire show is one of the most famous acts in Dubai Desert safari tour. People love how smoothly one plays with fire and entertain his audience. Thus, now Book desert safari Dubai for one of the most amazing nights here.

Stop for Tyre Inflation

We will return after a lavish dinner and an entertaining live show. We will make a stop while heading back for the tyre inflation. As we move back on the road, they need to fill the tyres back to the initial state properly.

Additional activities

The activities mentioned above are essential to our Desert safari dubai booking. However, we even add up some extras according to your desire. People usually prefer the following ad-ups.

  • You can purchase alcoholic drinks or Souvenir photos according to your desire. We won’t stop you from having fun. However, all these would require extra charges, or you can pay on your own on the spot.
  • These alcoholic drinks are not available during the Holy month of Ramadan.
  • Some people are interested in clicking pictures with those big, beautiful Falcons. You’ll need to pay some extra money for such pictures.
  • You can even go for Gratuities on your own. If you like the service or want to be kind, you can easily go for it.
  • Quad biking dubai is also available. However, it would be best if you informed us beforehand so we can make some bookings for it. Quad biking dubai is a pretty famous activity. It requires physical strength, and proper yet reliable bikes are needed. Make sure you are well aware of it. You’ll be renting these for the evening. You can even capture pictures during Quad biking dubai.

Timings for Desert safari in dubai

We arranged Desert dubai trip at a fixed time. Time management is very important to ensure that you have all the fun during the allotted time of the tour. Here is the Desert safari in dubai timings for both the summer and winter seasons.

Summer from March to October: 2.45 pm to 3.30 pm

Winter from November to December: 1:45 pm to 2.30 pm

We will pick you up from the hotel within the allotted time. Make sure Book desert safari Dubai a day or two before at least. We will take you towards the renowned desert adventure of Dubai, followed by an amazing BBQ night and live shows.

Why Choose Saifco?

We understand how important this Desert dubai trip means to you. We will make sure to provide you with good quality services. However, we know people usually have concerns about handing such tours to other hands. Here are a few reasons that will compel you to come Book desert safari Dubai tours with us.

Customer Satisfaction

Your contentment is always a priority for us. We hire the best vehicles, guides, and equipment and arrange tasty food during our Desert safari in dubai. We are even liable for arranging extras like quad biking, your drinks, and much more. You are free to talk to us about what you want and gain full cooperation from our side.

Reasonable Charges

Our prices are pretty affordable for everyone. We make sure to arrange tours in economic ranges. There are no extra charges during the desert tour dubai. Everything is cleared initially, and you only have to pay once. That will cover all your tour expenses, and you may enjoy the trip. The extra activities like Quad biking dubai,long Camel ride dubai, alcohols and others expenses are on your own.

Best Customer Service

Saifco has a talented and professional team that deals with every affair. They ensure that everything is being done timely and properly. Your queries and issues are dealt with on time. You can contact us via call or WhatsApp, and our team will help you the best way possible.

Quality Guarantee

Saifco Travel and Tourism makes sure that everything is the best. You will get luxurious rides and quality food at Evening Desert Safari trip. The team members manage AC buses, 4wd, guides, and good stay in camps. We never compensate for the quality as this is something that makes us different from others.

Friendly environment

Saifco ensures to take everyone as a family. There is no discrimination among our customers. Everyone is treated equally and can avail all the perks. You all move along like a unit and make new friends. This makes the tour way more comfortable. So quickly join us on Desert safari dubai booking and enjoy the best adventure of your life.

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