Umrah Visa

Umrah Visa from Dubai Packages

Umrah Visa

Umrah may be performed at any time of the year.

Umrah Visa Requirements

  • Clear Scans of Passport and UAE Visa ( Passport should be valid for 6 months & Visa Should be valid for 3 months).
  • 1 Passport size photo with white background.
  • Processing Time ( Approx. 2-3 working Days ).

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Frequently Asked Questions


NO, but there are some special conditions, if your family or parents are coming to Dubai on a visit visa, they can go for umrah from UAE. If they bring umrah visa from their country.

Your Visa must be valid for at least 3 months and your passport must be valid for 6 months.

Going to mecca from dubai by your own car, this service is not available right now for UAE residents.

YES you can go to your country if you have valid your country air ticket.

women cannot go for umrah without a mahram, except father, husband, and brother

after documents submission it takes minimum 5 to 7 working days to get umrah visa.

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Perform Umrah With SAIFCO Travels

Saifco is one of the most authorized travel and tourism companies in Dubai, facilitating you, especially regarding Umrah Services. We have introduced several adaptable umrah packages, and you can easily enroll them. You don’t need to face difficulties or get into complex procedures or processes.

We have shared easier procedures, simple requirements, and everything else, making your journey comfortable. As our first priority is your comfortability in this spiritual journey, we have introduced everything else, keeping this in mind. If you have any confusion, you can contact us, and we’ll sort everything out. 

Attention: our operating from Dubai doesn’t mean our services are restricted to only this country. If you’re temporarily in Dubai or come here, or even if you’re not here, you can still apply for our services. To get more information, you can promote a call on given numbers.

Here, we have completely described everything you need to know regarding the umrah visa from Dubai. All you need to do is, stay with this page and pay focused attention. 

Here’s your destination. 

Requirements for Umrah

As mentioned above, you don’t need to worry about requirements because we demand only crucial requirements. If you’re living in Dubai or any other emirates of UAE like Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc, everything will be easier for you to complete and proceed with. 

But if you’re living here, there might be some complexities you need to face. But you don’t need to worry about it because we surely support you and sort out every issue for you. 

Here are the requirements or documents we need from you to provide you with the Saudi umrah visa from Dubai. 

  • Scans of passport and visa – passport should be valid for six upcoming months and visa for three months at least.

  • Passport size photo with simple white background.

  • Front and back copy of Emirates ID card

  • Vaccination certificate of covid – vaccination should be completely performed.

  • NOC letter by the company you’re working with. It should be in English or Arabic.

Note – processing time for all the documents should be 2 – 3 days. 

Visa Eligibility Criteria

Our eligibility criteria are very simple and according to the government standards. In simple terms, if you’re a UAE resident, you must submit an ID card copy (front and back). Or in other words, if you belong to any other country and want to apply from Dubai, you should have a UAE resident visa. 

Contact us for an Umrah visa for UAE residents 2022. 

Note that you must apply for a consulate visa through Saudi embassies if you’re applying from other countries. If you are a visa holder of the US, Schengen or UK, you can only apply when the visa has arrived. Well, if you’re facing difficulty understanding all this – we are here for detailed discussions. 

Just dial a call or connect via WhatsApp to know every procedure and solution to your situation. So, you can continue with us, avoiding any difficulties in the journey. 

Attention: tourists from 49 countries can apply for a Saudi tourist visa and perform Umrah. 

Visa Duration

Now, you’ve submitted all the crucial documents to SAIFCO. From here, we will start processing and verifying your documents. Though our procedures are not so complex, we still take 2-3 days to deliver an umrah visa from Dubai. Sometimes, we even provide visas before the date. 

In this duration, we proceed with complete verification, governmental requirements and the immigration system of Dubai. To resolve all the concerns related to your journey takes two to three days. Getting you to know that if you’re applying from other countries, you may need to provide us with additional information and some documents. 

Apart from this, if you have some complex visa situations, we suggest you discuss them with us first. We will provide you with the right navigation to easily avoid any trouble. 

Saudi Arabia Multi Entry Visa 

If you don’t know, the Saudi Arabia multi-entry visa is one of the best options. According to the evisa program system, the Saudi government has allowed tourists to get a multi-entry visa and visit the country. The best thing about the visa is that it allows you to stay up to 90 days consecutively in the country. 

Yes, you’ve heard the right, and you can perform activities like Umrah there. Remember that you’re not allowed to perform hajj or study in the country on this visa. SAIFCO is providing you with the multi-entry visa, and you can connect with us today to get it. 

Here are the requirements for getting yourself eligible for this visa. 

  • Passport

You must provide us with scanned copies of your signed passport and personal information to get the visa. Your passport should be valid for six months and have at least two consecutive blank pages. Also, it shouldn’t be torn, separated or altered. 

  • Photographs

You also need to provide us with high-quality and coloured photographs against the white background of 2 by 2 inches. There should be no glasses or headwear in the photo. Also, it should not be tapped or stapled. 

  • Letter of Invitation

To get the visa, you’d also need a letter of invitation from the Saudi foreign ministry to visit the country. You can get the letter through our company because we have direct relations with them. The documents that we need to get an invitation letter for you from the foreign ministry in Saudi Arabia are described below.

We need a colored copy of the scanned passport and UAE resident visa. After receiving the documents from your side, it will take approximately two days to get a letter of invitation for you. 

  • No Objection Certificate

You also must provide us with the original NOC from the organization or company you’re working with. It should be stamped and signed by the company displaying a mailing address. 

Note – this NOC should be in Arabic. 

Remember that NOC should display your full name as mentioned on the passport, including your passport number and job title. In case of special issues, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the right guide. 

  • VFS Tasheel Biometric

To get a multi-entry visa, you must also do biometrics via VFS – Tasheel Center in Dubai. Mysaifco is helping you to get reliable appointments in the VFS tasheel center. So, you can do biometrics without any trouble and simply move towards the next procedure of getting the visa. 

That was all about the requirements and procedures of getting a Saudi umrah visa from Dubai. Below, we have shared some of our top packages that are highly appreciated and adapted among customers. We’d like you to explore them and choose the best that meets your expectations. In case of individual discussions, contact us separately. 

SAIFCO Umrah Packages

SAIFCO offers the best umrah tours, which are highly appreciated among customers worldwide, especially in Dubai. All packages are designed and introduced, keeping your comfortability and budget in mind. You can compare the packages with other sources and will surely find our packages best of all.  

Pay attention – You can enroll in these packages even sitting from outside Dubai. You can choose to travel via bus or even an airplane. The pricing and everything else will be modified according to the package. 

Here are the best umrah service Dubai packages. 

Umrah By Luxury Bus Package

Some people are afraid of going by air or don’t have enough budget to afford the packages. For them, we have introduced Umrah with a luxury bus package which is quite reliable. We arranged a reliable company for the purpose. 

Note – we have divided the luxury bus packages upon sharing the beds. Check it out here.

In the luxury bus package, you get bus fare from Dubai to Makkah and Madina. The three-star hotel accommodates 5 nights in Makkah and three nights in Madina. With this tour, you will perform the first Juma prayer at Masjid ul Haram Makkah and the second Juma prayer at Masjid ul Haram Madina. Note that food is not included in this package. You must also submit all the required documents five days before departure. 

In this package, we have included much more luxurious activities and completed a comfortable itinerary. To check everything about the plan in detail, we’d like you to check out the page – complete Umrah by luxurious bus plan.  

Pay attention – Departure will be on every Wednesday for this package. For Umrah’s schedule in the upcoming weeks, click here. 

Umrah By Air

This is the most luxurious and highly appreciated umrah package introduced by SAIFCO Travel and tourism. It’s the package we appreciate most among customers and people already taking this. You can check out the reviews on our website. 

This package provides you with the best transportation, luxury vehicles and booking in Saudi Arabia’s hotels. It means that you don’t need to worry about everything – perform Umrah and make yourself satisfied. And yes, choosing the hotel grade depends upon you. Meanwhile, you can choose 3, 4 or even 5-star hotel accommodation and we’ll provide you with. 

Though the umrah visa cost from Dubai is expensive by air, we always try to arrange everything at reasonable pricing. 

We have divided the Umrah by air package into three classes. So, you can choose the suitable one according to your budget. Here is the division of packages!

  • Economy class hotel package

  • Four-star hotel package

  • Five-star hotel package

To get more detailed information about these packages, you can go to the Umrah by air page or contact us directly. 

Connect with Today!

Saifco, one of the best umrah services in Dubai, provides you with dozens of plans and tours. You can choose the reliable one and go with it according to your budget and comfortability. If you’re thinking of why you should choose us, the below section describes you. Pay thorough attention and make yourself satisfied with us and enroll in the best umrah tour today. 

Here’s a look at our core features and services. 

Comfortable Visa Procedures

Firstly, we are caring for arranging the comfortable procedures for ensuring a Saudi umrah visa from Dubai. Going with us means you don’t need to get involved in complex procedures. We don’t have expensive pricing or anything else that can confuse you. And yes, you don’t need to wait weeks or months to get the umrah visa UAE.

In addition, we have several more features and a team of the best representatives to solve your exceptional cases. Just connect with us and have a discussion call today!

Simple Requirements

We have also introduced simple requirements, so you don’t need to be confused. We need some crucial documents for your identity verification and residency in UAE. Apart from this, you don’t have to face any difficulty gathering documents. That is how we have made everything easier and easy to follow for you. 

To check out the requirements for an umrah visa UAE, you can read the above section “Mysaifco requirements for umrah.” 

No Such Restrictions 

We have said no to complex restrictions to promote better navigation and reliability. If you have an exceptional case or some difficulties understanding the procedure, requirements or anything else, you can contact us.

Reasonable Costs

You don’t need to disturb your comfortable budget while going with us. SAIFCO has introduced a flexible pricing structure keeping in mind all the facilities and reliability of customers. You can check out the pricing for each mentioned on it. 

For more pricing information, you can contact us on provided numbers. 

Authorization Proofs

For better navigation and to make you aware of our legitimacy, we have mentioned reviews of verified customers. You can check them out and get aware of why you should choose us.

Also, you can search for SAIFCO Travel and Tourism on various social media profiles to check how people positively appreciate our services. That would be enough for you to trust us. 

Representatives Team

We have developed the best team of representatives to serve you with the right guide. You can contact us in case of any query or confusion and get the solution within no time. 

How’s that?

Contact us today to get yourself enrolled with the best umrah service Dubai.


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