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Dubai is a land of opportunities. People love to explore the land of skyscrapers and mysterious dessert yet luxurious malls have another story. Although these attractions are not anything unusual for a person who already resides in Dubai, still they all are attracted to Abu Dhabi, why? Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai is always extraordinary. They have full of excitement, luxury, and joy. Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai is like a one-day government on yourself, where you only have to look for joy, happiness, and memories. Abu Dhabi tour offers a great deal of museums, mosques, and glimpses of a Palace. The tour is a magnificent combination of historical infrastructure, tempting cuisine, enchanting dessert, and many more. Just grab your bags and get ready for Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours because it is a lifetime experience, and you will not find it anywhere else.

What Attracts Dubai Residents to Abu Dhabi?

For people outside of UAE, it may be weird to get so excited about a tour of the same country, but believe me. Inside or outside the country, an Abu Dhabi trip is worth giving a shot at. Nobody could deny that the rich culture of Abu Dhabi is all set to offer a great Louvre museum, a stunning Sheikh Zayed mosque, and a gorgeous palace, which is difficult to experience in Dubai let alone in other parts of the world. That is the reason Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours is popular. They are also easy to manage, yet people acquire the Abu Dhabi tour package as a romantic gateway for weekends or family vacations on a budget.

A trip to Abu Dhabi with Louvre Museum

A fabulous building of geometrical shape is always included in Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours because it holds gorgeous art and a splendid collection organized by themes. It is a heaven for intellectual people who are well aware of the history and historic personalities. The museum holds plenty of masterpieces, from Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Pablo Picasso. Several other architectural beauties are also there.

Almost every other Abu Dhabi package makes room for the Louvre museum because it has something to offer everyone, even children. Yes, you read right. There is a small children’s gallery to make them aware of history. It is arranged by keeping children’s psychology and interests in mind. Now, children love to be there, they play, they learn and spend time in a real-world without any screentime. So till today if you have not explored the museum, ask mysaifco for an Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai and do visit the Louvre museum. You will experience unforgettable moments, which were created in history, but efficiently preserve in the museum to make it legend.

To make your Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai splendid and unforgettable, Saifco is all set to take responsibility. Since we are professionals and known for our outclass services, you should take our help for it.We offer straight 9 hours tours of admiring that dome, the artifacts, and paintings. It is like you are walking in a past, only inside a stunning building, which has an elegant and splendid architect.

A Memorable Trip to Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Take a break from all of your responsibilities and plan a luxurious vacation with an Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai. For a UAE resident or any tourist, it may not sound very appealing, but once they start looking for opportunities for heritage, art, fun, and adventure, they become enthusiastic about it, so never underestimate the power of an Abu Dhabi city tour from Dubai because you have no idea how grand and exemplary it could be.  As soon as you reached the border of Abu Dhabi, you start experiencing lush plantations, a giant industrial setup, and above all the most elegant mosque of Sheikh Zayed.

It is the combination of the great architect of Arab heritage, with marbles that resemble those used in Asia, with the decoration of the most accomplished carpets of Iran. The stunning building of the mosque, the grand exterior, and the breathtaking interior are all summed up in the 3rd largest mosque known as Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is a must-have place for tourists. All they need to follow a dress code and they will be set to experience breathtaking architecture, which is so spacious, so giant, and memerizing that your trip to Abu Dhabi must include it. Do you know what is a great deal with this trip, you will not only visit the mosque, but on the way, you will also be sightseeing different Emirati landmarks such as Eithad tower, Emirate palace, and Marina mall.

To enjoy all these marvelous activities and serene views, you should consider Saifco for an Abu Dhabi trip. We always arranged it in the most organized way and you will be able to enjoy everything fully.

Ferrari World ain’t Everywhere

Who doesn’t love theme parks?  Be it adults or children, men or women, everyone loves to have a thrilling time in theme parks, but what makes Ferrari world theme park different from any other ordinary one? Let me take you there. The Abu Dhabi Ferrari theme park is one of its kind, which is branded around the most amazing racing car called Ferrari. The aerial view of theme parks reveals that it is built in a Ferrari shape, which of course painted Red, silver, and white. But that’s not all. There is a solid reason why any Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai includes a visit to a Ferrari world and let me tell you the excitement.

The rides and coasters of the theme park revolve around the racing cars, most specifically Ferrari. You can even have the experience of racing with champions via simulations. Ever wonder how they change a tire so fast during the race? You will be able to hands-on this amazing experience through tire changing challenge at the Ferrari world, Do you think that’s not enough for the Abu Dhabi tour package? Then how about a mesmerizing walk on the rooftop of a Ferrari world? Yes, you heard right. You could even take a pleasant and mesmerizing walk on the rooftop, which will keep you calm and let you enjoy the view of YAS island. Still not convinced about a trip to Abu Dhabi? How about an adrenaline-rushing, Ferrari-themed zip line experience? With all the safety measures this zip line could have the most amazing experience of your lifetime.

If you are excited to have fun in a theme park, but you have no idea how to deal with arrangements then you should probably ask our professional team for help. They are the best in town for arranging Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours and believe me there is no one else who could make it as memorable as they can. We also charge economical with full day activities in Ferrari world or you could ask for combinations of different activities for a tour. Don’t forget to plan and book the service beforehand, so there will be no issues to enjoy your Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai.

Desert Safari is a Must for Abu Dhabi Tour

Apart from rich cultural stops and an amazing art museum, God has gifted Abu Dhabi with one natural thrill, which is the mother of all of your Abu Dhabi tour packages and that is called Desert safari. UAE is the only country, which nurtures its natural treasures with class and wisdom. Along with many man-made fun activities, the government of UAE is always eager to use natural resources intelligently and the supreme example of it is the desert safari.

A desert that was dry, boring, and lifeless earlier, Abu Dhabi turned it into the most attractive tourist sensation. One could only imagine how your adrenaline kick when you deep dive into the desert and observe species there. When the night falls, you would have the opportunity of staying at a stunning campsite and looking into nature right in the eye. You will have the time of life when you stay at a magnificent Arabian dessert while enjoying native coffee and a sheesha. Even the food and cuisine options are marvelous there. You will love life, you will admire the beauty of nature to its fullest.

Sounds thrilling, isn’t it? Then what are you waiting for? Go to mysaifco.com and ask  to arrange a marvelous trip to Abu Dhabi. Our team is the most trusted in this regard and most of our Abu Dhabi tour packages include the excitement and thrill of a desert safari. Have a time of life full of tasty food, belly dance, and the aromatic aura of dessert evening.

Dhow Cruise Dinner is a must for Dubai to Abu Dhabi tours

Abu Dhabi is never short of options for restaurants, food, and cuisine. The food options are always enormous. Your tastebuds always crave more and it is always like an authentic taste. How about having this authentic taste on a cruise trip?

The cruise buffet dinner is part of this exquisite package where you end your day with the calmness of Giant Marina water and have a luxurious and scrumptious buffet with all the vegetable or nonvegetable options. Here you are served tea, coffee, and a cold drink. You could also enjoy alcoholic beverages upon payment.

Dhow is a traditional UAE cruise, which over time has been modified to a modern look. Now it has a floating restaurant, which serves various delicious dishes and makes your time memorable.

You know other than food, the cruise has so much to offer. It let you immerse in the scenic view of Dubai marina with all the breathtaking lightning of skyscrapers. This will surely bring you a time for yourself, where you could enjoy it peacefully.Saifco is here to have you achieve in a most organized manner. You will love how professionally we arrange everything from tickets to transportation. All you have to hire us and the rest is our job to make your trip unforgettable.

Abu Dhabi Tour packages

When we have been advocating Saifco services then it is only fair to highlight our professionalism by discussing Abu Dhabi tour packages. You know the best part of our services is that we offer different combos according to the preference of clients. They do inquire about what their interests are, what they find thrilling and what appeals to them and they come up with the best time management techniques to cover all the amusements to their fullest. If you are not much aware of how to plan an unforgettable Abu Dhabi tour then you still do not have to worry. Saifco is loaded with some pre-planned options which we should review below.

  • The most Amazing package is Dubai Trio. It is for people who do not have much time for the Abu Dhabi tour but are eager to explore it. The tour sums up three exciting activities of City tour, a dessert safari, and a Dhow cruise. The tour will be summarized beautifully so that you won’t have any void. It is like you have experienced Dubai efficiently.
  • If you are not much into dessert safari and you cannot accommodate much time for the Abu Dhabi day trip from Dubai, I suggest opting for a City tour and Dhow cruise dinner. Your day will be amazing after experiencing the glorious Sheikh Zayed mosque, a Heritage village with the glimpses of Emirate palace.
  • Some people are just not the fab of the sea or Marina. It gives them anxiety. For them, cruise dinner will probably not be a good idea, but they could enjoy the city tour with a desert safari. All the jeep fun, sheesha, and amazing food is calling them to make their Abu Dhabi trip remarkable.
  • You are precious so does your vacations. Plan a luxurious Dubai to Abu Dhabi tour with saifco tours and you will never forget how awesome it was. Even though it was an inbound tour but having fun and tremendous vacations has nothing to do with inbound or abroad. It is all about planning and how well you execute it. Only a professional can help you to outline all the activities and fit them according to your budget and duration. Choosing mysaifco would be the wisest decision.
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