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Dubai Desert Safari With 30 Mins Desert Quad Biking

Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC is offering different types of desert Dubai trips and one of them includes desert quad biking. Desert safari in Dubai is a lot of fun. You can explore a part of the desert while dune bashing Dubai. Apart from the 30 minutes quad bike ride, you will experience sandboarding, having a buffet dinner, and taking several photos. Snap amazing pictures to capture all those memories on your phone or camera. There will be a camel ride Dubai and you can go for a long one by paying a little extra.

Quad biking Dubai with a reputable company like ours has its perks. You have an excellent experience at a reasonable price. With the ATV Dubai desert, you can explore the vastness of the location. Ride in a land cruiser over the dunes and watch the amazing sunset. You can even make a timelapse video of the whole tour. It will be fun to watch later.

So when are you planning for a Dubai quad bike safari tour? Book desert safari Dubai at your earliest or urge your friends to make the booking. Prices might go up soon. So hurry up before you have to pay extra!

Desert Quad Biking Tour

The 6-7 hours quad biking Dubai tour starts when an air-conditioned land cruiser comes to pick you up. You can either be at the hotel or at your house to get a pickup. The safari driver will be waiting for you to sit inside the vehicle. The land cruiser is a great way to impress someone, especially if your pickup is from your home.

You can easily relax in the luxurious land cruiser while heading on to the desert. The 45 minutes drive will end in the middle of the desert. Here you will stop for around a further 45 minutes. During this time, the safari drivers will deflate the tires while you freshen up. Use the restroom if you need.

Now starts the fun part of desert quad biking. After putting on your safety gear and receiving instructions, you will enjoy the ATV Dubai desert. For a whopping 30 minutes, you will be running your quad bike, crazily if you want, around the desert. Don’t forget to follow the safety instructions to prevent any issues. You can either ride the quad bike inside the fenced area or outside the fenced area. There’s also a small shopping place in between where you can buy things.

Next comes dune bashing Dubai, in which the 4WD will be going over the soft dunes. The safari drivers are experts so they will have no problem navigating the vehicle over the sand. Later feast your eyes on the amazing sunset view. You will have a clear view of the sun setting as there will be nothing to block the view.

During this time, you can have fun sandboarding with your friends. Make sure to follow the safety instructions to prevent injuries from falling over on the Dubai quad bike safari. Although you will be falling over soft sand, you should still be cautious.

When you arrive at the campsite, you can enjoy shawarma, falafel, dates, and hot coffee. Later you will be going for a short camel ride Dubai. However, if you want a long camel ride you can pay a little extra. And if you want a photo in the local costume, you can get that as well.

The atmosphere inside the traditional Bedouin camp is relaxing. You might even fall asleep if you are tired. Now it will be time to dig into an Arabian Buffet Dinner. Satisfy your appetite because the food will be quite tasty on this desert safari in Dubai. We can also serve dinner at your table at some extra charge. Henna hand painting is also available.

Do you want to watch an amazing fire show? Well, that is also included in the quad biking Dubai tour. An expert will be playing with fire and literally breathing fire out of his mouth. Kids will surely enjoy the fire show.

The Perfect Tour With Dune Bashing Dubai

In Dune Bashing Dubai, the safari driver will drive the land cruiser at different speeds over the soft dunes. Our skilled drivers don’t have any issues moving the vehicle over the desert. The land cruiser has a great grip so you will surely enjoy this part of the tour. If you are in Dubai, you should definitely try it.

Imagine going for dune bashing in a 4WD air-conditioned land cruiser with your friends or family. Both the atmosphere and the excitement cannot be described in words. The land cruiser offers a premium experience and you won’t want to miss that. Picture the tires of the land cruiser turning over the sand and the vehicle going up and down.

Think about the sand blowing in the wind as the land cruiser goes over the surface of the desert. If you are a part of the desert tour Dubai, you experience the real fun of exploring the desert. Although a desert is mostly nothing but sand, you will still enjoy the view. The setting sun and the nighttime are a treat to experience in an evening desert Safari.

If you are traveling with a group, you can even race with the other land cruisers. Although you won’t be able to pick up much speed, you will still enjoy your time on this desert quad biking tour. The air-conditioned vehicles make the hot weather bearable, especially if it’s the daytime.

What’s more, you can watch the view from the windows or relax in the back seat with your eyes closed. But we don’t think you will do that since the atmosphere will be terrific.

Apart from dune bashing Dubai, you can also sit in a high desert area. From there, you can watch the dunes spread over miles. The view is breathtaking and you will only be seeing sand and the horizon in this desert tour Dubai.

A Sport for Everyone: Sandboarding in Dubai Desert

You might have seen only busy streets and tall buildings in Dubai. That’s what they normally show on tv and the internet. What you might not know is that Dubai is also well-known for its desert. If you want to take a step back in time, you should consider a desert safari in Dubai. Although it might look like a dull tour, once you experience it yourself, there’s no stopping you from coming back for more. Live a day full of adventure and fun with your friends and you will be surprised by the various activities. One of those fun activities is sandboarding.

Sandboarding is somewhat similar to snowboarding. You ride down a dune while trying to hold your position on a board. You can either be standing without any binding or your feet could be strapped in.

Some newbies will fall off while sandboarding. It can be an extreme sport if you compete. But on our desert tour Dubai, it’s more of a fun activity. You might also have seen some people lying down while sandboarding.

If your friends fall during sandboarding, don’t forget to laugh. Or if you are a serious friend, you can encourage them to try again. No matter what the scenario is, try to make the most out of your time. There are so many fun activities that time passes quickly so make sure to enjoy every moment.

Quad Biking in Dubai’s Desert

Do you want to make the most out of the desert tour Dubai? Then why not go for desert quad biking? While running the wheels of the ATV, you can feel the fresh air going through your hair. The quad bike ride will last for a full 30 minutes so that you have enough time to enjoy it. Don’t forget to breathe!

With an ATV Dubai desert, you will be literally wreaking havoc on the sand. Sand particles will be flying away and the engine will be roaring for more acceleration. Race with your friends in the desert and see who wins. Make a challenge and set a reward for whoever crosses the finishing line first like a competition. There are so many ways to make the Dubai quad bike safari more interesting.

Desert Quad Biking for Special Occasions

Do you want to have the best time on your birthday? What better place to go than a desert Dubai trip? You can even book a tour for someone else to give him/her a fantastic surprise. Enjoy your special day roaming in the desert and having fun on a land cruiser ride. You will be exploring the Dubai desert and it will be a birthday worth remembering.

Even if you are not celebrating your birthday, you can make a Desert Safari Dubai booking on your special day. For instance, it’s your wedding anniversary and you want to give your wife a surprise. Let us know and we will arrange a special tour for you and your spouse. You won’t be disappointed with our service as we have already arranged several successful tours for our customers.

Our safari drivers are polite and experienced so a family tour is also possible. Just share your requirements as to which kind of tour you need, like a private one. We will handle all the arrangements including pick-up and drop-off from and to your house. You also get a pick-up from the hotel where other tour members are staying. An air-conditioned land cruiser will be there to take you to the desert.

Private VIP Desert Safari in Dubai

Are you planning to visit UAE and you don’t know about the desert Dubai trip? Well, if you don’t, then you will miss out on a lot. A private vehicle will let you go on a tour with your family. You can go with your wife, your parents, or your children. It doesn’t matter who you choose to go with you as we won’t have any problem arranging the tour.

A private tour is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can even ask us to arrange this tour if you are with a group of friends. Click amazing pictures, go for a camel ride Dubai, or compete in sandboarding. There are so many fun activities that a day will feel short. Time will pass quickly and soon you will be having a buffet dinner at night. But you can always come back for another tour with a different group of people. You may come with your friends the first time and then the second time with your family. The tour is completely safe so don’t worry about that. Please note that the charges for a private VIP tour are different.

Appreciate the Authentic Nature of the Dubai Desert

The Dubai quad bike safari is a great way to get away from the busy city life. Enjoy your time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily life by exploring the desert. Go through untamed locations and “recharge your batteries” to come back fresh for work the next day. Revive your soul, body, and mind and explore the natural beauty. The change of scenery is worth spending time on.

If you want to make memories for a lifetime, quad biking Dubai is the perfect start. The adrenaline rush will make you want to spend more time in the desert. The up-and-down ride in the car, sandboarding, camel ride, and other exciting activities are worth experiencing. No amount of words can do justice to the amount of fun you will have. So make sure to go for an ATV Dubai desert.

The desert safari in Dubai offers an amazing opportunity to click some wonderful pictures. You can take photos with the camel or wear the local costume. Or you can snap the sunset view. If you are with friends or family, capture the amazing moments in your memories with stunning pictures.

Desert Tour Dubai FAQ

  1. What is the price of quad biking Dubai?Ans. The pricing, for now, is just $99 but it may vary during peak seasonCamel ride Dubai . Make sure to make a Desert Safari Dubai booking before the prices go up.
  1. Is there any refund policy?

Ans. Yes, we will process the full refund if you cancel 72 hours before the tour is about to start.

  1. Can I get a pickup and drop-off at my house?

Ans. Yes, it’s possible to get a pick-up from your house. We will also drop you off at your place when the desert quad biking tour ends.

  1. Is it safe to drive a quad bike and go sandboarding?

Ans. Yes, it’s safe but please try to follow the safety instructions for a smooth experience.

  1. What to wear for dune bashing Dubai?

Ans. You can wear casual clothes like a T-shirt, trousers, or shorts. You shouldn’t wear sneakers as sand will get inside so you can come in flip-flops or sandals. Put on a hat or cover your head with a scarf when you are in the desert.

  1. Can I drive a quad bike by myself?

Ans. Yes, you can drive a quad bike by yourself. Just follow the safety instructions to prevent any issues.

  1. Can I get a private quad biking Dubai tour with my family?

Ans. Yes, you can ask us to arrange a private VIP tour and we will make all the arrangements. Pick and drop off is a part of our tour. You will get picked at afternoon from your location and dropped off at night when the tour ends. Pricing is different for this VIP Dubai quad bike safari.

  1. How do I make a Desert Safari Dubai booking?

Ans. You can go to this link: Dubai Desert Safari With 30 Mins Quad Bike Ride. Please fill in the form and our team will contact you for confirmation. If you are having any problem while booking, you can contact us here: +971 50 5593840

Our Customers Are More Than Satisfied With Quad Biking Dubai

Every business should focus on customer satisfaction to improve its service. That’s why we try to keep our customers happy and satisfied. Pleased customers keep us motivated to perform better. Check out one of our customer’s reviews below on the Dubai quad bike safari:

Here you can see that our communication is excellent which means you will be getting all the updates on time. We will be informing you beforehand when to expect a pick up from your hotel or your place. After you book our tour, you will receive confirmation. We don’t like to leave our customers hanging and calling us for confirmation. So we will send a confirmation call or message soon after you book Desert Safari Dubai.

Our professional safari guides might make you feel like you are a part of our family. We care for our customers and we want them to have the best time possible. If you are still not convinced you can read our other reviews. Many reviews on our website mention that our guides are professional and friendly.

You can also see that our customers are willing to get our services again. This means they are quite pleased with their first experience. So they want to plan a trip with us again. Hopefully, you would also like our services and enjoy your time with us.

So when are you planning to go for an ATV Dubai desert? Let us know and we will make all the arrangements on time. You can call us here at +971 50 5593840 to book desert safari Dubai. Happy traveling and see you in the desert!

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