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Why Choose Morning Desert Safari Dubai?

Are you all set to take off for your Dubai trip this year? Have you made a list of all the exciting activities that you are going to do in the glamorous city of Dubai? Are you anxious because you might be short of time and want to fit everything in the short time that you have? We have got you all sorted with amazing planned Dubai trips where we take care of everything, whether it be your boarding, transport, flights, bookings, food, etc. Desert safari Dubai booking is one of the highest-rated and complemented packages among all other activities that can be planned during your stay in Dubai.

The exemplary city of Dubai has the ocean and the desert, which makes it one of the most unique spots all around the globe. It is one of the best travel destinations known for its modern architecture, breathtaking views of the sea, and luxurious life of the desert. It is the ultimate choice for those looking for a perfect getaway from the monotonous and hectic routine, looking forward to a trip full of fun and excitement. You can shop in the city-sized malls, have a date on the luxury yacht, have a family day in a morning desert safari, and be close to the luxury life of the Arabs.

Morning desert safari dubai

Morning desert safari Dubai allows you to have the life of an Arab for a day. You cannot just dress like them but also stream through the dunes in a luxurious 4 x 4 along with trained professionals that have been working in this field for many years. The adrenaline rush and the site of never-ending dunes take you to the movies where you are the main character.

How to Book a Morning Desert safari dubai?

To book your morning desert safari dubai , all you have to do is to look for a trustworthy and reliable travelling agency that happens to deal with Dubai travel packages for many years. They will help you find out the most convenient and affordable package for you and your family. It is important to have a mutual understanding between you and your travel agent so that you can have a safe and sound journey that you can cherish for all your life.

At Saifco Travels, we not only understand all the needs and demands of all of the customers but treat them like our own guests throughout the trip. We prioritise your preferences and come up with a plan that suits you. Our highly professional customer care stays in close contact with each of our customers so that they can receive guidance whenever they require it. All you have to do is to visit our official website and have a look at all our packages. We have various tour packages ranging from the morning desert safari dubai to Afternoon Desert Safari package, Dubai city tours, Luxury yacht tours, Dhow cruise dinners, Abu dhabi city tours with sheikh zayed mosque tour, ferrari world tour , louvre abu dhabi tour etc. You can choose the one that suits your budget, convenience, and demand.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us now and get your hands on the most amazing Dubai Tour packages ever?

Advantages of morning desert safari

Below are a few advantages of the Dubai morning desert safari package that are enough to convince you that it is worth it to invest in this trip.

Time Saving

If you are here in Dubai on a short trip, and want to cover everything while you’re here, then you should choose the morning slot for your desert safari tour. You can get your hands on almost all the activities except the buffet and the performances at night. After your Dubai morning safari, you can have a Cruise dinner, and enjoy the magnificent tall buildings and the Dubai fountain show which is not to be missed at any cost.

Avoid the Crowd

If you are one of those people who are not a fan of crowds, then desert safari Dubai booking is the best choice for you because the desert is moderately vacant in the morning. You can explore the tranquillity and beauty of the desert without being interrupted or distracted by the crowd. You can enjoy camel rides in Dubai like the people used to have back in the ages, with hardly any people in sight.

Weather is Pleasant

Towards the beginning of the day, the weather is quite pleasant and lovely and the visitors can appreciate the beauty in a tranquil environment. Also dune bashing Dubai is more fun and you can have the best view while you enjoy it.

Affordable and Convenient

Out of all the morning Desert safari Dubai packages, it is the most affordable and convenient. You can customise it according to your needs and demands.

Saifco Travels offers you a luxurious pickup and drop-off service where you can enjoy a safe and sound commute to the desert and back to your lodging. The pick-up can be done from any centrally located hotel Dubai. However pickup from Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah can be done at additional cost.

Standard and Premium Desert Safari Dubai booking

You can book a separate vehicle so that you can have a premium experience by talking to one of our professional customer care providers. Whether you want to treat your family or you want to plan a surprise for your loved ones, we have got you all sorted. We take care of your privacy and make the arrangements according to that.

All of our vehicles from different pickup points meet at one meeting point from where they leave for the next destination such as dune bashing in Dubai, camel riding in Dubai, and quad bike riding in Dubai.

We also provide complimentary water in the car and it is not advised to eat or drink anything before dune bashing because it might make you nauseous and sick. Some of the activities that are a must in the morning Dubai safari are elaborated below:

Quad biking Dubai

It is the perfect time to listen to the thrill-loving person inside you and take part in quad biking dubai. It is a spine-chilling experience that allows you to experience the ups and downs of the desert with the beast bikes, going at a speed that you can hardly experience on the road. The feeling of hitting the dunes with your quad bike and being on top of the world cannot be compared with anything else. It is not just a good way to take out the frustration but also feel the euphoria that we cannot experience any other way.

There is a proper disclaimer form that you have to sign before taking a quad biking dubai tour because there is no insurance coverage and you are responsible for all your actions. However, quad biking Dubai is quite safe and you are provided with all the protective gear that you might need on the ride. Also, there is a proper system to assess if you would be able to handle the bike or not. Even the sight of someone riding a quad bike is so thrilling that everyone wants to do it.

Dune bashing dubai

Highly luxurious and well-equipped land cruiser 4 x 4 takes you to the desert where you can experience dune-bashing dubai at its fullest. It is better in the daytime because you get to see desert life more clearly. The driver is highly trained and has great skills to drive the Land Cruiser through the desert. At one point, you might have a sinking feeling and at the other point you might feel like you are on top of the world.

Camel ride dubai

Camel is an animal that is called the ship of the desert. Its long legs and white feet are designed to walk in the desert and its unique gait makes the camel ride in Dubai more fun. All you have to do is to climb up a camel  and feel like you are travelling in history and wandering in the desert like the Arabs used to years before.

Photography and Videography

You can have breathtaking photographs and videos taken here in the desert. You can either have a camel ride in Dubai, quad biking in Dubai, or dune bashing dubai and get yourself filmed throughout the process. It will not just stay with you forever but also make you cherish this trip for all your life. To add life to the pictures and videos, it is better to dress up in the Arabic attire that you can get from the stalls over there.

Why Choose Saifco Travels?

We are one of the pioneer travel agencies working for the promotion of tourism in Dubai. We put the need in demand of the customers before us and therefore we have succeeded to please thousands of customers from all around the world. You can visit our official website to have a look at the reviews and testimonials of our previous users that have been greatly satisfied with our services.

We take each of the customers’ trips as if it is special and make them special for our guests by using all of our resources. Due to our decades of experience, we have been able to create a collaborative bond with the transporters, caterers, hotel owners, and event organisers in Dubai. With these mutual collaborations, we can make your trip unforgettable.


It is time to book your tours and enjoy the most joyous time of your life with your family and loved ones. We are just a call away and always ready to entertain your queries regarding the trip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear a dress on a desert safari?

You can wear anything you want and are comfortable depending upon your choice and preference. You are also free to wear open sandals on the morning safari in Dubai because the sand is anyways going to get into your shoes as well. Then why not enjoy the feeling of sand touching your feet?

What can I expect in a desert safari?

The first thing that you can expect in the morning desert safari is a lot of ups and downs in the desert. Dune bashing is an exciting activity that should not be missed. You can also do camel riding, quad bike riding, enjo wildlife, and the weather. All these things are exclusive to Dubai and the desert, therefore making it a signature trip.

What is unique about a desert safari in Dubai?

Desert safari dubai booking allows you to have an adventurous 30 minutes jeep ride across the desert with the luxury of a 4 x 4, hitting the dunes. The experience of feeling drowned in the sand and beating the dunes is so overwhelming that it can not be compared with the glittery life of Dubai city. It is full of fun and thrill, making your trip a roller coaster where you have a rush of adrenaline every other minute.

What should you not wear on safari?

In the daytime, you should avoid wearing dark clothing such as blue, black, and other dark colours. Also, avoid wearing bright white clothes because the safari is quite dusty. For a morning desert safari in Dubai, it is better that you choose an airy and breezy dress that is colourful and full of life. Go for prints rather than solids so that you get beautiful and trendy pictures that you can not just upload on your social media but also cherish all your life.

What do I need to know before going on safari?

Before going on a morning desert safari in Dubai, you should take care of the following things:

  • Wake up early in the morning so that you can be on time.
  • Stay active throughout the trip so that you can enjoy the beauty around you.
  • Take your camera with you and charge all your devices so that you can make thousands of memories.
  • Interact with the guide and ask as many questions as you can so that you can have the best experience.
  • Follow all the rules and regulations and also listen to your guide.

Why is desert safari famous?

Dubai desert safari is famous because Dubai is an extensive land of sand that has its own aura and vibe. It gives a calm feeling that soothes the soul. Desert safari dubai booking also comes with a bunch of other exciting activities that increase the significance of the trip. It is so calm and serene in the morning and daytime that it is something you should never miss while you’re in Dubai.

Can I wear shorts on a desert safari?

You can wear whatever you want but it is better that you don’t choose to wear shorts because you might feel cold when you sit in the air-conditioned Jeep, where you spend most of the time. You might get uncomfortable while doing activities like sandboarding and camel riding in Dubai. Therefore, it is suggested that you wear something light and comfortable that prevents you from tanning also.

What is the best time for a desert safari in Dubai?

Although it is quite an adventure to be in Dubai all around the year, the best time to go for the Dubai desert safari is from October to May. In these months, the weather is perfect to enjoy in the desert. The afternoons are quite pleasant and the nights are not very cold. In this way, you can enjoy all the land activities, without having to worry about being too hot or cold.

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