Musandam Dibba Day Cruise with transfers

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Musandam Dibba Tour

Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC is providing Musandam Dibba Tour for all travelers who would love to explore Oman. Imagine traveling with a group of friends to the border of the UAE. Then you show your passport and enter a neighboring country, Oman. On the way, you can chat with your friends, play silly games, and enjoy the tour in your own way. Some hours later you reach the spot you have been waiting for and start cruising in the sea. It’s incredible when you get to spend some quality time away from city life while relaxing on a boat. And that too with your loved ones. Saifco Travel & Tourism makes all of that possible and offers so much more for an amazing tour.

Our travel agency in UAE has a simple objective: to satisfy all our customers. That’s why we make the Dibba boat trip a memorable tour for our valued customers. The journey before reaching the Oman border and after crossing both will be over in no time. That’s because of the high level of hospitality which makes time easier to pass. And also because the vehicles are comfortable and air-conditioned. Another great thing is that you can easily book your favorite tour from our website. You can choose the date, select the number of passengers, and easily pay online on the spot. So plan your first Dibba boat cruise this weekend and let us handle all the arrangements for you.

Musandam Dibba Tour With Transfers

So how does the Musandam Dibba Day Cruise start? Well, you wake up in the morning and have a lovely breakfast at the Central Dubai Hotel. Later a private air-conditioned vehicle comes to pick you up from your hotel in the morning. Sharjah is the first place where you will head to and next you go to the Dibba port. The Dibba boat cruise is full of magnificent views. You can watch villages, mountains, and many other attractive sites on the way. A boat tour is always exciting and exploring Dibba doubles the fun. Enjoy the amazing landscapes and splendid scenery while sitting cozily on carpets and cushions.

Are you a lover of water adventures? Well, you get to experience those as well on Dibba boat tours. You can swim with a group or if you plan to go with your family, you can also get that package. Later you will be enjoying a scrumptious buffet-style Asian and Arabic lunch. What’s more, you can have different refreshments as you cruise in the sea. After having fun for several hours out on the water, you will head back to Dibba port. From there, you will be going back to your hotel or residence. In short, you get an amazing Dibba Dhow cruise, unlimited soft drinks, a buffet lunch, and snorkeling gear. And the price for this whole tour is just $85. Can you believe it?

Musandam Dibba Tour Packages

We have packages for everyone, whether you are traveling alone or with a group. You can choose luxury transport if you want and we can arrange that as well. In case you want to travel with your family privately, we are open to that option as well. A private tour has its own perks as you can enjoy a Dibba boat trip exclusively with your family. If you are looking to book a tour on a certain date, we will be happy to entertain your request. Also, we offer 50% and even a full 100% refund (under certain conditions). So if you cancel at least 48 hours before the date, we will give you a 50% refund. And if you cancel at least 72 hours before the date, we will give you a full 100% refund. How amazing is that?

Our Musandam Dibba Tour packages are priced keeping our offering in mind. Buffet lunch, soft drinks, fresh fruits, juices, coffee, tea, and many other things are included in this package. Still, the price is low and the service we provide is outstanding. All in all, you get air-conditioned transport, delicious food, amazing service, and a scenic tour. In short, the whole experience is worth paying for.

Activities on Musandam Dibba Tour

There are lots of fun activities on the Dibba boat tours and many ways to make it a memorable tour. Here are some of the best ways to make the most out of Musandam Dibba.

Snorkeling on Dibba Dhow Cruise

Who doesn’t love exploring the depths of the sea? Have you never dreamt of swimming at the bottom of the ocean? Snorkeling is as fun as it gets as you can closely watch the fish and the coral reefs. Swimming on the top is great but snorkeling takes things to another level. It’s a popular recreational activity on the Dibba boat cruise and travelers love to appreciate the underwater scenes. Although the cold water might make you shiver, you will still enjoy the overall experience. When you go on the Dibba boat trip, you don’t even need to bring your snorkeling gear. That’s because we provide every necessary thing on the spot. Moreover, you will also be wearing life jackets for safety. You can breathe underwater, watch the aquatic attractions, and explore marine life. Store the sight in your memories and relive it every day or come back to us for another tour. We have other tours in line for you as well offering another level of excitement and adventure.

Fishing While Cruising on Musandam Dibba Tour

You can even do fishing while having fun on the Dibba Dhow cruise. Take out the fishing rods, set them up with bait, and start catching fish. If you are thinking that fishing trips are going out of style, you might reconsider your opinion. Fishing is not only about going out in the open water and catching fish. It also helps in socializing, making new friends, and sharing memories. For a fun exercise, try competing with your friends and see who ends up with the most fish.

Speed Boat Tour

Do you want to enjoy a short speed boat tour while exploring the waters of Oman? Well, that’s also a part of the Dibba boat cruise. For the speed boat tour, we make groups as only a few people can take a ride at a time. So group with your friends and take delight in a thrilling speed boat ride. Drive your own speed boat and get caught in the adventurous trip.

Banana Boat Ride & Kayaking on Dibba Boat Trip

Isn’t a banana boat ride a fun way to go up and down on the water? The speed boat is connected to another boat having the shape of a banana. The excitement gets more and more as the speed of the boat increases. Feel the rush of adrenaline and at the same time enjoy the view of the water surrounded by mountains. If you are into kayaking, we also offer that as well. But you definitely need strong hands for paddling.

Why Choose Saifco Travel & Tourism for Musandam Dibba Tour

Are you having a hard time finding the right travel agency in the UAE? Well, let’s make it easier for you. We will provide you with several reasons to choose us for your next tour and here are some of those:

  1. We are offering market-competitive and affordable Musandam Dibba Tour packages. If you want to travel with your family, we can arrange a private tour for you.
  2. You get to travel in an air-conditioned vehicle. Our vehicles are comfortable so you can even sleep while traveling in the UAE.
  3. The food is amazing and so is the arrangement. Check out the reviews on our buffet.
  4. On the full-day Dibba Dhow cruise, you can enjoy your time swimming and snorkeling.
  5. You get a pick-up from your hotel or another place and drop-off at the same location.
  6. If you are a soft-drink lover, you can get loaded as we are offering unlimited drinks.
  7. Throughout the cruise, there’s dedicated guest relation staff. Our staff and drivers are friendly and cooperative so you don’t have any issues.
  8. We are a trusted and professional travel agency that has been operating for several years.

Musandam Dibba Tour FAQs

  1. Are hotel transfers included in the Musandam Dibba Tour packages?

Ans. Yes, you will get pick-up and drop-off at your respective hotel. There are no extra charges for this service.

  1. Can I travel only with my family for the Dibba Dhow cruise?

Ans. Yes, we can arrange private Dibba boat tours for you. Just mention your requirements and we will handle the rest for you.

  1. Are your coaches and vans air-conditioned?

Ans. Yes, since the weather is hot we provide air-conditioned vans and coaches in good condition.

  1. Do we have to bring our life jackets and snorkeling kits?

Ans. No, we provide those to every person who gets the package.

  1. Do I need to keep my original passport to cross the border into Oman?

Ans. Yes, both tourist and resident visa holders should have original passports for the Dibba boat cruise. You can’t enter into Oman without your passport.

  1. Can we get a bigger vehicle for traveling in a large group?

Ans. Yes, we can arrange air-conditioned vans and buses depending on the number of passengers.

  1. Do you provide a refund if I have a change of plan?

Ans. Yes, we do. We provide 50% and 100% refunds depending on how early you make the cancellation.

  1. How long is the journey from Dubai to Oman?

Ans. The journey takes almost 3 hours but you can sleep inside the van or bus if you get tired. When you reach your location, your tiredness will go away because the view is breathtaking.

  1. Do you offer unlimited soft drinks as mentioned on your service page?

Ans. Yes, we do.

  1. Do you also offer other tours and packages besides the Dibba boat trip?

Ans. Yes, we have many other packages and tours besides Musandam Dibba. You can check our tours category for further details or Whatsapp us at +971 50 559 3840

Satisfied Customers & Positive Reviews for Dibba Dhow Cruise

Do you know what encourages us to keep on providing the best service for Dibba boat tours? It’s our valued customers who make our day when they leave positive reviews. We try to focus on providing the best tours possible by making arrangements beforehand. What’s more, our generous refund policy helps ensure you get your money back if a booking is canceled in advance. Caring for our customers is in our policy and we offer air-conditioned transport with quality food on almost every tour. For further inquiries about any tour please get in touch on Whatsapp or call us at +971 50 5593840. 24/7 support is available on this no. +971 4 2733868.


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