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Dhow Cruise Deira Dubai Creek Dinner

Have you ever seen the sparkly Dubai Creek that looks like a party of stars? You must have heard how dhow cruise deira is famous for the magnificent sight of lights floating on the emerald water. This is the beauty of Dubai, where you can find extensive waters, well-conserved deserts with wildlife, sky-high buildings, modern architecture, silk roads, beast cars, luxurious hotels, traditional and cultural heritage, and much more.

Whenever you plan a tour to Dubai, it is best to make a list and an organised plan so that you don’t miss any significant places. Along with visiting the contemporary architecture, luxurious hotels, and spectacular sky-touching buildings, you should also take some time out to have a tour of Dubai’s common man life. Travelling is for exploring the culture and tradition of the area where you travel to. Dubai creek is one of the areas which has strongly conserved the heritage of early settlers in Dubai. Since it was a source of earning for the common man, there was an extensive system of trading and restoration of resources from the sea. That is the reason it is one of the hubs of trading in the gulf.

Dhow cruise dubai creek is a specialty of the city which is dedicated to dining on a dhow, a traditional wooden Arabic boat known for the fishing and pearling culture. As time passed by, the traditional dhow secured a significant value because of its richness of culture and beauty. There is a sea of cruises at the creek which houses hundreds of guests to serve a dinner that stays with them forever.

Dhow Cruise Deira is an unforgettable experience for all the guests since it is a floating restaurant that takes the guests around the historical landmarks and the spectacular cityscape of the modern city of Dubai.

Whether you want to surprise your loved one, have a great day with your family, or enjoy with your friends, Dubai creek cruise is the best option to go with. You cannot just have delicious food, amazing performances, and a deep look into Arabic traditions, but also enjoy the beautiful sea with the cool breeze. It is the perfect getaway for a weekend to get that break from your hectic monotonous routine.

Dhow cruise can be enjoyed at two most spectacular locations that are, the creek and the marina. But if you want to have a taste of deeply rooted Arabic history, dhow deira creek cruise should be the priority.

Dubai Creek is also known for splitting the magnificent Dubai city into two parts i-e Deira and Bur Dubai. It is a saltwater creek that provides you with the perfect location to dine, away from the chaos of the city.

Dhow dinner cruise dubai- What are Dhows Like?

Although dhows are traditional Arabic boats, they have been revamped in such a way that the Emirati style is preserved. They are well made, decorated, and dedicated to dinner cruise dubai creek so that a tourist can feel the true spirit of dubai. They are neither too big nor too small and comfortably accommodate the guests. Each guest is treated with great hospitality and has a truly Arabic experience.

What comes with our dhow dinner cruise Dubai

The Welcome is Like a Warm Hug

They have an extensive team of staff on the dinner cruise that have years of experience, great skill, and positive energy that make you feel special and welcomed there. They can give you a tour of the dhow boat upon your request. They are quite interactive and friendly so you can ask any question regarding the cruise. Then you are directed to your table where you have flowers and other accessories to make your experience extra special. To awaken your appetite, they serve you a special, traditional warm drink.

Buffet Dinner at deira creek cruise

Whether you are a foodie or not, this buffet will take your taste to a whole new level. It consists of an extensive spread of veg, non-veg, Emirati, and international dishes. There are uncountable starters, a fresh salad bar, and assorted dishes cooked by highly skilled and trained chefs originating from all around the world. Dubai is known to be the culinary capital of the Middle East and this buffet proves it through the 5- star quality food. There is an extensive range of drinks and decadent desserts as well which you can enjoy with the amazing views and the stunning performances.

Unlimited Entertainment

One of the major highlights of the cruise is the Tanoura dancers that perform with all their heart and spirit. It is an ancient Egyptian dance that is performed by a dancer who goes around in a circular motion, wearing a specially tailored skirt that is bedazzled with colours. It is quite entertaining and keeps the guests engaged throughout.

The Vibe of the show cruise dubai creek

While the guests have dinner, the dhow keeps cruising through the peaceful waters. The cool breeze is accompanied by the sound of waves of water and makes you feel like you are in heaven. Once the dinner is over, if you are seated on the lower deck you can go to the top deck to have a spectacular view of Dubai city. Dubai is also known for its gorgeous skyline which adds to the beautiful experience overall.

It is an ideal location for romantic getaways because the weather, the views, the sea breeze, the distant lights, and the sound of waves make it a perfect time for a proposal or engagement. So if you are thinking of proposing to your loved one, this is the spot! peaceful, under the clear sky, above the peaceful water, and far from the city chaos.

Why go for a dinner cruise in Dubai?

Going for a dinner cruise dubai creek is a great idea because not only you can have great food with hundreds of delicacies but you can also experience the calmness of the sea along with the beauty of the starry night. Their performances take your heart away and you pass through the landmarks such as Al Fahidi Heritage village and Al Seef.

Why Choose Saifco Travels and Tourism for dinner cruise dubai?

It is wise to choose a well-experienced and reputed travel and tourism company for your trip to Dubai because usually Dubai trips are short and you can cover the whole city in a few days. If your tour company is not good enough, you might have to skip the amazing dhow dinner Cruise Dubai. Therefore, if you need premium quality services with a customer-oriented approach, Saifco Travels and Tourism is the right place to go.

We have decades of experience in travel and tourism with thousands of travellers and customers from all around the world with positive reviews and testimonials. We hold pride in getting the rest of the customers through one-to-one interaction and elaborate explanations of the whole plan of the door. All you have to do is to visit our official website and book your package with us so that you can have the best Dubai tour of your life.

Highly trained and skilled customer care professionals help you to understand the terms and conditions and explain the whole process to you. In this way, you just feel like you’re travelling with family. We have an extensive range of packages for you to choose from depending on your priorities, budget, and other preferences.

To Wrap it Up!

Stop scrolling through Instagram and liking the pictures of Dubai tours of your friends and family and book your tour right now so that you can have the true Dubai experience and an amazing deira creek cruise dinner. Travelling is worth it because it gives you a true sense of exploration and adventure. This is a sign that you need a vacation, so wait no more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you wear to a dhow cruise in Dubai?

You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in on a Deira creek cruise as long as it is modest and acceptable in the area.

How many types of dhow cruises are there in Dubai?

There are mainly two types of dhow cruise dinners in dubai and you can select any one of them according to your preference. One is a dhow cruise dinner at the creek and the other one is at the Marina. In the former, there is more inclination toward traditional Arabic values whereas, in the latter, there is more influence on the luxurious modern side of Dubai.

Is alcohol served on the dhow cruise?

Alcohol doesn’t served on the dhow cruise however along with an extensive spread of food and assorted sweets, guests are served with non-alcoholic drinks. There is a wide variety of coffees, teas, and other beverages that you can enjoy with your dinner.

How long is the dhow cruise Dubai?

Usually, the dubai creek cruise lasts for about two hours including the dinner, the performances, and the chilling on the deck. This time seems to fly since all the guests tend to have great fun during the cruise and also they have the opportunity to explore the landmarks of Dubai as they sail on the calm sea.

What is the historical significance of a dhow in the UAE?

The historical significance of the wooden boats is that they have been used for centuries for pearl diving, fishing, and trading. In the coastal areas of Dubai, the boats were the way of life for the ancestors of the people in Dubai therefore it also holds great sentimental value and is a traditional element in the history of Arabs.

Can a woman wear pants in Dubai?

Yes, women are allowed to wear anything they want unless it is not too revealing and it does not hurt the sentimental and religious values of the natives. However, it is suggested to wear loose breezy clothes so that you can have the best time. It is important to cover your head whenever you’re visiting a religious site.

Do you have to dress up every night on a cruise?

You don’t need to dress up for a dhow cruise dubai creek, and you can be wearing casual clothes as well. However, you must be careful about modesty because this area is the house to the native conventional traditions and therefore, modest clothing is preferred. For some selective restaurants, you might have to follow a dress code given by the restaurant.

Can you wear jeans to dinner on a cruise?

Yes, you can wear jeans to dinner at dubai creek cruise but if you have a dress code where you are supposed to wear formal clothing, then it is recommended to skip the jeans and go for a suit, or a tuxedo.

Does it get cold at night on a cruise?

When the sun goes down and the cool sea breeze blows, the temperature tends to fall and you might need a shawl or a light jacket, especially if you are on the upper deck of the dhow boat in winter season from ( Dec – Feb). In this way, you can have a more enjoyable and comfortable experience without having to worry about catching a cold later on.

What items Cannot bring to the cruise?

There are some prohibited items that you should not bring on your dhow cruise deira and these items include the following:

  • Sharp objects like scissors and knives.
  • Drugs or other illegal substances.
  • Ammunition and other firearms.
  • Hot plates and travel steamers.
  • Hoverboards
  • Clothing irons, coffee makers, candles, etc.
  • CBD products or CBD oils.


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