All You Need to Know About Desert Safari in Dubai 

Have you ever been mesmerized by the incredible landscapes of Dubai safari in movies and songs? Have you ever wished to have felt the sand running through your fingers with the carpet of sand extended till your sight can see? Have you ever wondered why all the tourists that visit Dubai rave about the desert safari in Dubai? It’s the beauty of Dubai Safari that attracts tourists from all around the world. Once you visit Dubai Desert Safari, you cannot get the thrill out of your mind for the whole year. 

If visiting dubai is on your list this holiday season, you should keep dubai Safari at the top of the list of tours/places you must visit. It will not just keep you thrilled and active, but also add to the bunch of memories you can take back home. 

Along with having a dhow cruise dinner, Luxury yacht tours, visiting sky-high, and city-sized malls, walking on the beautiful beach, spending time in the splendid architectural exemplary buildings, and dining in the most spectacular and lavish restaurants, you should not miss out on the beauty of desert safari.

Dubai is one of the most developed cities with magnificent buildings and unbelievable architecture. However, it is equally blessed with marvellous Arabic culture which the citizens cherish with all their hearts. 

On one side of the city, there is this magnificent ocean, whereas the other side has the glorious desert in all its beauty. So visiting Dubai is a total package because you can have the best of both worlds. The desert and the ocean are an unbelievable combination and you might hardly find them anywhere else in the world. So what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and get indulged in the excitement of exploring the goodness of the most marvellous city in the world. 

Why Desert Safari in Dubai? 

Experiencing desert safari in Dubai is a must because it is one of the signature tours to do for all the tourists that come to Dubai. The beautiful desert and the Arabic culture associated with it take you to the history of Arabic people who appreciate the simplicity and spent their lives in the desert. No matter how advanced the Gulf has become, the Arabic people are still pretty much close to their heritage and therefore, you can see it as you visit Dubai. 

You can get your hands on some amazing desert safari deals when you book your Dubai tour. If you don’t have a desert safari trip included in your package, you can always opt for a separate one because it is something that you should never miss.

Activities in Desert Safari in Dubai

There is an extensive list of activities that you can do on your desert tour to Dubai. Some of these activities are elaborated below so that you can have a detailed account and take these things off your list whenever you come to Dubai. All these activities are pretty exciting and nerve-racking and also add to the list of new experiences that you might not get anywhere else in the world. 

Dune Bashing Dubai

Dune Bashing Dubai is one of the most exciting and thrilling activities that you can do on your Dubai tour. There are one-of-a-kind and luxurious 4 x 4 off-road vehicles that takes you through the desert, bashing the dunes and giving you the true rush of adrenaline. You can either pair up with another group or have a private experience on these lavish vehicles that give you the main character vibes and the true spirit of living like an Arabic king. 

Each vehicle is driven and guided by highly experienced and highly qualified drivers that have been in this field for many decades. They are so skilled to drive through the Sand dunes that you can rest your trust in them and enjoy the ride to the fullest. They are licensed drivers and they know their work so well that they can help you get out of your fear and enjoy the ride without worrying about any insecurities. 

Dune Bashing Dubai is an ctivity that can be a reason for tracking hundreds of tourists to Dubai each year. There are many things that you can do along with dune bashing that gives you the true desert safari experience. 

Quad biking dubai 

If you are a fan of thrilling rides and thriller movies, you might have the best time of your life with quad biking Dubai. Not only can you dress up like your favorite movie character but also you can ride the quad bike through the desert like you are the main character of a thriller action movie. 

You can get all the necessary gear and equipment required for quad biking Dubai from the quad biking booth. You can also ask for assistance and help if required so that you can stay safe during the ride. There are plenty of other participants engaging in similar activities around you and the environment is quite encouraging and supportive. So if you have always dreamt of shooting through the dunes in a lavish quad bike, this is the time to live your dream. 

One of the best things to do on your desert tour Dubai is to ride a quad bike with your partner. This way, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you get to live the best time of your life while quad biking Dubai. 

Camel ride dubai 

Camel is an animal that is known for its adaptive traits meant for living in a desert. It is known as the ship of the desert because it can survive in the harsh weather and other circumstances offered by the desert. When you think of a desert as the Arabic lifestyle, you cannot skip thinking about a camel ride. You can get a camel ride anywhere in the world, but camel ride dubai is special because of the original vibe and significance of riding a camel in the heart of a desert. 

Whenever you are about to finalize your desert safari deals, you should discuss all the activities including the camel ride the way so that you can adjust your time accordingly. In this way, you would be able to cover all the activities without having to panic.

Camel is an innocent animal and a camel ride is a lifetime experience. Dressing up as Arabic people and taking pictures with the camel is one thing that is very popular among the tourists that come to safari in Dubai. You can get the Arabic robe and abayah, the signature Arabic dress from the booth, or get it customized according to your liking and keep it as a token of remembrance of the dubai tour. 

Wildlife in desert safari in dubai

If you are a wildlife lover, desert safari Dubai booking is going to be a treat for you. You might spot some rare creatures that can only be found in deserts because these deserts have been preserved to keep the experience as authentic as possible. 

All the wildlife is conserved and supported so that the tourists can have a close look at the desert experience. However, the entire tour is safe and well taken care of. You can either spot a unique animal while you are on the ride or while you are taking pictures on the break from the Dune Bashing Dubai ride.

Buffet dinner in desert safari Deals

Almost all the desert safari deals include buffet dinner and therefore you don’t have to worry about food at all. It is an amazing spread of delicious Arabic delicacies and blended continental dishes from all around the world. There are different packages and deals for choosing the Buffet dinner of your choice, but you can always book the one depending on your taste, budget, food preferences, dining experience, etc. 

Imagine being able to cherish the world-famous Arabic delicacies, along with soft Arabic music running in the background. It is the true Arabic experience on your desert safari deals without having to explore the different possibilities to experience the true Arabic culture. 

Whether you want to go desert camping in Dubai or you want to have a one-day trip, there is a never-ending list of dishes that you can enjoy on the buffet dinner in desert safari deals. 

Desert camping dubai 

To have the best tourist experience and to tick off another adventure from your wishlist, desert camping in Dubai is a must. There are several options for desert camping for you to choose from and you can always consider different packages depending on your liking and convenience. If you want luxurious camping, there are several facilities that you can add to your desert camping Dubai deals. 

By signing up for desert camping in Dubai, you can make one of the best decisions of your life because this night is going to be cherished for all of your life. One night under the beautiful starry sky will give you goose bumps and allow you to have the peace of your life.

Special Events at desert tour Dubai 

Deserts Safari Dubai deals are so special that you must plan your special events around them. If you have something special coming up, you must consider celebrating it on the desert safari. It will not just make your experience unique and special, but also add to its significance of it. Given below are some of the events that you can celebrate while you’re planning your activities in Dubai. 

Birthday Celebrations

If you want to make someone’s birthday extra special, book a desert safari in Dubai booking and make the birthday unforgettable. You can always arrange the best dinner, decor, and other activities with the help of the highly experienced and qualified team of your tour agency. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we take care of little details and try our best to meet your expectations in the best possible way. We aim to satisfy all your needs and demands and make the tour experience for you and your family memorable for all of your life.

Engagements and Proposals 

Do you have a planned proposal in your mind that you want to execute amidst the beauty of the desert? Do you want to make your proposal extra special and thoughtful so that you can cherish it for all of your life? Do you want to be a part of a fairytale and arrange a dreamy proposal for your loved one? You can do it all on your desert safari Dubai booking.

All you have to do is to book the best deals and packages that you can find and talk to the tour organizer about all the special arrangements you need to get done. 

Private Dinner 

What can be better than having a delicious dinner with an extensive menu and the company of your choice? Having dinner on your desert safari in Dubai, surrounded by the beauty of the desert, the calmness and serenity of the landscape is something we all crave for. With the amazing desert Safari deals, you can have it all in one go. The company, the taste, the beautiful landscape, the variety of food, and the vibe, you can have it all. So why be ordinary and dine in the famous and world-renowned restaurants that don’t match your vibe when you can have the best dinner of your life under the glorious sky filled with stars and surrounded by heaps of golden sand? 

This is your chance to make your desert tour Dubai more special and significant by having a private dinner arranged at your convenience. Just talk to our customer care representative, explain your ideas and get them executed in the best possible way. 

We have an extensive team of highly experienced and qualified professionals that have been in this business for decades. Our customer representatives not only listen to your ideas carefully but also try their best to meet your expectations and make your event a successful one. 

How to Book your Desert safari Deals? 

Booking your desert safari deals can be a hassle if you are doing it for the first time. You must invest in the best tour agency so that your money goes to the right place and you get all the facilities that you pay for. Given below are a few tips and tricks that you should not forget when you are about to book your desert tour Dubai. 

Online Reviews and Testimonials 

As the world has turned into a global village, it is easy to assess the performance of any company by looking at their reviews and testimonials. If a company has positive reviews and testimonials, it is a sign that they are loved and appreciated for its services. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we pay due attention to the details so that all of our customers can have the best dealing experience. Not only do we listen to your needs and demands but also try our best to meet your requirements, offering maximum convenience to all our customers.

Having hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials is a sign that we are one of the most appreciated and leading Tourism companies in Dubai/UAE, standing by our motto and providing the best desert tour dubai. 

Direct Customer Care Communication 

We believe in winning the trust of all of our customers through constant hard work and repeated efforts. We have an extensive team of highly professional and well-trained individuals dedicated to guiding and dealing with customers. Each of our professional customer care providers is well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge and paperwork that you might need for your desert safari Dubai deals.

So if you are planning to visit Dubai with your friends and family and are concerned about the safety and the hassle of arranging the tour, we have got you all sorted with our decades of experience and expertise in this field. Whenever you are in a questionable situation, we have got your back with our powerful team of individuals that can tackle all kinds of situations. 

Be it transport, accommodation, boarding, flights, food, or any other necessary part of your tour, we stay in touch and keep you with us so that we can make your tour the most comfortable one you have ever had. Book your desert Safari deals with us and sit back to relax because we take care of each and everything on your behalf.

Easy Payment Methods 

No matter which country you are flying from, we have amazing deals on packages set and allow you to have an uninterrupted fun tour with your loved ones. Whether you are traveling alone or you have friends and family with you, we make things easier for you because your convenience is our priority. Payment methods are easy and quick and therefore, you don’t have to worry about any hassle regarding the payment.

Transport and Boarding Included 

Transport and boarding is always one of the most significant problems whenever you’re traveling. However, we have got your back with one of the best transport and boarding facilities you will find in Dubai. Not only do we take care of the requirements but also we offer luxury and convenience at great prices. 

By booking your desert tour Dubai with us, you can get attention free regarding the conveyance. Whether you want to be merged with another group or you want to travel alone, we can cater to all of your requirements.

Similarly, you can get your hands on the best boarding facilities considering your budget, the amenities you require, and other things like the view, sharing, luxury, etc.

Entertainment at Desert safari Dubai deals 

Desert safari Dubai deals offer great entertainment and unlimited fun no matter whether you are an introvert or extrovert. There are activities for all kinds of people, from all age groups and all ethnicities. Whether you want to be a part of the cultural heritage of Arab, or you want the newer entertainment sources, you can have it all at desert tour Dubai. Some of the activities are explained below: 

Fire Show 

There is a splendid fire show performed by skilled performers that have been entertaining tourists for decades. You will be shocked and mesmerized by the amazing fireworks and fire shows that they perform. They are dressed in the perfect attire to gain the attention of the tourists and the avidity of their hands and the skill of their arms are commendable beyond limits. 

You can add to the collection of your memories of desert safari in Dubai by taking pictures with them and saving some videos of the fire show that are going to stay with you forever. 

Belly Dance 

Belly dance is one of the most significant and most enjoyed performances among the Arabic people. The beautifully dressed women that are exponentially skilled with great dancing abilities perform in front of the tourists and gain unlimited appreciation. The music and the energy of the dancers at desert tour Dubai are going to make you dance as well.

Desert safari Deals Offered By SAIFCO Travels and Tourism? 

SAIFCO Travels and Tourism offers an extensive list of deals and offers that you can avail of according to your convenience and requirement. All you have to do is to coordinate with our customer care representative and let them know about your preferences and we can fix a customized plan for you according to that. Whether you are a morning person are you want to stay up all night like a night owl, we have amazing deals according to your suitability. 

Morning Desert Safari 

Morning Desert Safari is for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Golden Sand in bright daylight. It not only gives you great pictures to cherish for the rest of your life, but also you can have a great time watching the beautiful sunrise. 

If you choose Morning Desert Safari, you are going to have much less hassle because the desert is not too crowded at this time. Although you cannot have a Buffet meal at this time you can always go for some snacks at first stop which is also called meeting point. The transport and conveyance are also quite convenient during these hours. Especially if you are traveling with family and in large groups, a Morning Desert Safari is more likely your thing. 

You can enjoy the desert safari Dubai deals in more detail in the Morning Desert Safari but you might miss on the exciting activities like the fire show and the belly dance. However, you can compensate by spending more time on camel ride Dubai, quad biking Dubaii, and Dune Bashing Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari 

Evening Desert Safari is the most wanted and undoubtedly the best out of all Dubai desert safari deals because, in this package, you could have all the goodness of the tour. If you are lucky, you can catch on the spectacular sight of the sun setting in the sand paired with the amazing cool breeze of the desert.

If you are opting for an Evening Desert Safari, you can catch all the activities like the belly dance and the fire, etc. along with Dune Bashing Dubai, quad biking Dubai, and camel ride Dubai if you plan the whole tour carefully. 

Overnight Desert Safari 

If you are fortunate enough to secure an overnight desert Safari tour, you get the chance to desert camping Dubai. It is one of the best things you can do while you’re in Dubai. Talk to your customer care representative and get the most comfortable and relaxing camping experience according to your preference. 

By camping in the desert at night, you’ll not only get the best of the night activities but also get a chance to view the beautiful sunrise in the desert. The weather is amazing and you can gather around a bonfire and make this night the best one of your life by engaging in hearty conversations with your loved ones, fun activities with your other mates, and exploring your talents. Desert safari deals offer various types of accommodation and camping in the desert but if you want to have an authentic arabic experience, you should go for desert camping Dubai. 

VIP Desert Safari 

Another advantage of booking desert safari Dubai deals is that you can avail of the VIP package which includes table serving for all the meals. In regular packages, you have the buffet dinner whereas in VIP desert safari, you are entertained at your table. 

The menu is equally good and contains all the Arabic delicacies along with cuisines from all around the world. The food is prepared by incredibly talented and experienced chefs from different ethnicities. The presentation and serving are commendable and add to the overall luxurious dining experience. 

Perks of Morning Desert Safari Compared to Evening Desert Safari 

Morning Desert Safari is a plus point because you have more time and you can have a detailed tour of the desert in bright daylight. It is much more convenient and you don’t have to experience any hassle because the desert is not crowded in the morning. 

Individual Desert safari Dubai deals

If you want to have a luxurious experience and an inclusive package so that you don’t have to be bothered about anything else, you should go for individual desert safari Dubai deals. In this way, you can have a private and inclusive tour with your friends and family. Especially if your family observes pardah and you want to avoid interaction with other groups, you can opt for this package and leave the rest to us. 

Group Desert safari Dubai deals    

Many people prefer group desert safari Dubai deals because it gives them a chance to socialize and make connections with people from other parts of the world. For those who don’t have any privacy issues, it is a great way to save money and make new friends. Not only is it economical but also much more fun because you get company throughout the trip. 

Executive Desert safari Dubai deals    

For an unbelievably luxurious and worthy desert safari tour, you should book our executive desert safari Dubai booking. It is ideal for a corporate trip, delegation, or a special occasion. You can expect a significant upgradation in terms of transport, boarding, dining, and overall experience. 

It’s time to take a break from the monotonous routine and give yourself a proper treat with one of our executive desert safari Dubai deals that will help you revitalize your energy. Such breaks are necessary to boost your confidence and appreciate yourself for being consistent and hardworking. 

Why Choose SAIFCO Travels and Tourism for desert safari in Dubai? 

Choose SAIFCO Travels and Tourism for desert safari in Dubai because we exactly know how to hype the tourism game for each of our customers. We are highly particular about minute details and take care of each customer like family. Our motto is to bring satisfaction and joy to all our tourists that rest their trust in us. Therefore, we have an exceptionally talented team of hardworking individuals that have their strengths in the related niche. 

Your comfort and convenience are our priority and therefore we plan each and everything ahead of time so that you don’t have to face any setbacks in your Dubai tour.


Whether you are planning your timeout for months or it is an impromptu decision, it is important to spend your money the right way. We, at SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, pay the true value for money whether it be boarding, dining, flights, transport, or any facility. Your satisfaction and positive feedback are greatly dear to us and therefore we strive each day to make our desert safari deals better and better. 

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