Combo 1 : Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari

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Book Desert Safari Dubai at a Low Price

What if we tell you that Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC is offering a 2-in-1 tour? On this tour, you will be visiting Dubai in the morning and going for a dubai desert safari tour in the evening. The Dubai city sightseeing tour is something you won’t want to miss. Watch the spectacular skylines as you roam around in an air-conditioned vehicle. Our Dubai city tour packages are awesome and we offer them at a great price. This means you won’t have to worry about the prices and can go for Dubai sightseeing tours with your family. You even have the option to opt for a VIP private tour to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Later you will be having a great time on the desert tour Dubai. Have fun sandboarding and dune bashing in the vast area of the desert. You will soon lose track of time since the tour is so enjoyable. Quad bike Dubai, an add-on, lets you have an amazing ride on an ATV running at full speed around the desert. The feel of the gentle wind on your face and the aroma of the desert will stay in your mind for a long time.

So, are you in the mood for a desert safari Dubai booking? Well, you can get in touch with us to let us arrange a special tour for you. Here are the contact details.

Call or WhatsApp: +971 50 5593840

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour

Dubai sightseeing tours are breathtaking and if you want to marvel at the views of the city, just go for it. Your tour begins with a driver picking you up from the hotel or your house. The first stop is for pictures at Dubai Creek. Snap amazing pictures with the water and marvellous skylines in the background. Later you will be driving through the Ruler’s Court, Al Fahidi Fort, Bastakiya, Heritage Village, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, Textile Street, and Old Mosque. Imagine checking out all of these places in a single tour. Next, you will be seeing the Historical Union House and the Dry Docks Dubai. If you are thinking of taking photos, you can click some amazing ones at Burj Khalifa, and Burj Al Arab. On top of that, you will also be visiting the famous Jumeirah Mosque. Watch the tallest skyscraper in the world, Burj Khalifa and you might not even be able to see the top. If you are searching for one of the cheapest Dubai city tour packages, you can get in touch. We will share the Dubai city tour price of our different packages. There are some add-ons which you can avail of at different prices.

City Tour Dubai & an Amazing Adventure in the Desert

Once you have done enough sightseeing in Dubai city, it’s time to head to the desert. The transport will arrive at your residence or hotel in the afternoon. There, you will be sandboarding and dune bashing. Later there’s a short camel ride to enjoy. You can get a henna painting if you want. And when you are too hungry to resist anything that comes to your plate, then enjoy a delicious buffet dinner. It doesn’t matter if you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian as we have food options for both categories.

Overdose on coffee, tea, and soft drinks as there’s no limit. At night time, you can enjoy the live fire show with your family or friends on this desert tour Dubai. Don’t worry as professionals will be performing it. Our wonderful tour not only lets you have an amazing time, but you can also make some new friends. Have fun, party, and forget about your work life for some time. It will be an amazing adventure out in the open sky.

There’s an add-on tour which is not a part of this trip. It’s the Quad bike Dubai in which you can drive an ATV in the desert. The quad bike will double the fun and is quite thrilling. You can go on this separate tour by asking us to make the arrangements. Please keep in mind that this tour will be charged separately.

Sandboarding in Desert Tour Dubai

If you think Dubai is all about luxurious hotels, tall skyscrapers, and busy streets, then let us tell you something. That’s what usually most of us see on tv or hear about Dubai. What many people are not aware of is that Dubai has a vast and beautiful desert. When you get the Dubai city tour packages, you also visit the desert. It’s a 2-in-1 tour where in the morning you will be exploring the city and in the evening, you will enjoy the desert safari.

Sandboarding is a part of this amazing tour. You might have watched the videos of sandboarding but now you get to experience it on your own. You will be standing on a board while riding down on the sand. If you are a rookie, it will be a little bit difficult first to become stable on the board. You might fall but you won’t be hurt as it’s only sand underneath you. As you practice more, you will enjoy the learning experience along with sandboarding. Have fun with your friends and compete with them to see who is the best at sandboarding. You can even lie down while sandboarding for a completely different experience.

Dune Bashing in Desert Tour Dubai

Dune bashing is a lot of fun when you drive over the dunes in a 4*4 vehicle. Our drivers are quite skilled when it comes to driving a vehicle around the desert. If you haven’t ever gone for dune bashing in Dubai, now is your perfect chance.

Your family or friends will surely enjoy the vehicle going over the soft desert. You can see the wheels rolling and blowing away the sand in the vast emptiness of the desert. And the excitement of spending some quality time away from city life is a treat to experience.

If we try to describe the atmosphere, we will fall short of words or you won’t get an accurate picture. You can only feel the real thing once you make a desert safari Dubai booking and go on this tour.

Picture the scenario where you will be watching nothing but sand and there will be no noise of traffic. You won’t have to experience the hustle and bustle of the city for a day. It will be mostly quiet with the occasional sound of the sand blowing with the wind. Or there will be the noise from the roar of the vehicle’s engine.

Another fun activity is racing with the other vehicles. Although it won’t be much of a competition, it’s a great way to enjoy your time in the desert. If you think you can’t bear the hot weather, don’t worry. Our vehicles are air-conditioned so you can easily relax while having fun. Book desert safari Dubai now! You can even get a tour for tomorrow if you make a booking at your earliest.

If you are not in the mood for dune bashing, we have another activity for you which is sandboarding. Try it out and let us know about your experience.

Add-On Tour: Quad Bike Dubai

This is an add-on tour which means it’s not included in the Dubai city tour packages. You will have to pay extra to ride a quad bike on in this combo tour. However, the price of a quad bike Dubai is worth what you pay as it lasts for 30 minutes.

Make sure to pay attention to the safety instructions so that you don’t face any issues. Drive the quad bike outside or inside the fenced area. Race with your friends like a competition to see who wins. You can set a small prize to give to the winner. The feel of the wind on your face will freshen you up since you will be far away from work. Watch the sand particles flying in the air and maybe you can make a slo-mo video to show off. Your friends who didn’t come to this tour will be impressed with the video.

Make a desert safari Dubai booking now to experience the fun of an ATV ride. Once you go on this tour, you will have so much fun that you will come back for more. So what are you waiting for? Let’s spend some quality time together.

Book Desert Safari Dubai for Special Occasions

Celebrate special occasions in your life in style. So if you want to give your spouse a surprise on the wedding anniversary, you can book a private Dubai city sightseeing tour. You will be spending the evening time with your spouse in the desert. Share the Bedouin Camp and watch the beautiful stars in the sky.

In case you want to have a great time on your birthday, you can inform us to make special arrangements for you. We can arrange a birthday cake, put on some extra decorations with balloons, and handle other things. What better way to celebrate your birthday than by going for private Dubai sightseeing tours?

If you want to surprise someone, we can send a private vehicle to your place for a pickup. It’s an awesome way to form a strong bond with your friends and family by giving them such a surprise. You will even get a drop-off back to your house.

Your old kids will surely love Quad bike Dubai. Imagine them having their best birthday on a desert tour Dubai. They will remember that birthday for several years. You can either go with a group or ask us to arrange a private one. We have arranged several customized tours for our valued customers and special events like birthdays. However, you should know that the pricing for a private tour is different but your kid will love the arrangements.

One thing worth mentioning is that you won’t have any problem with our safari drivers. They are experienced and know how to deal professionally with people. They have a nice attitude, a friendly personality, and drive safely. We will be offering pick and drop from the hotel or your location.

Desert Safari Dubai Booking for an Adventure

What do you think is a great way to explore city life and out-of-city life on the same day? Well, that will be our Dubai city sightseeing tour. You will be sightseeing at various places in the city and visiting the desert in the evening. You can have an adventure for the whole day.

We all know that work-life can get pretty exhausting. The never-ending work and the daily hectic routine can frustrate you. So taking a break from work is the way to move forward while staying away from burnout. A break can be in the form of going for an awesome Dubai city tour 2023.

The natural beauty of the desert will take your breath away. And the atmosphere will feel quite calm especially if you haven’t taken a vacation for a long time. Time well spent in the desert is good for your mind, soul, and body.

On top of that, you can capture some of the most amazing photos when you go for a desert tour Dubai. If you are looking for something, try capturing the sunset view. Photos also serve as a form of memory that you can revisit anytime. They are like a “blast from the past”. So Book desert safari Dubai now to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Dubai City Sightseeing Tour FAQ

  1. Is this one of the 2-in-1 Dubai sightseeing tours?

Ans. Yes, you will be sightseeing in Dubai and going for a desert safari later in the evening.

  1. How do I book desert safari Dubai?

Ans. You can make a desert safari Dubai booking here:

Please keep in mind that this tour includes sightseeing in Dubai and a desert safari. Kindly fill out the form on the above link. Our team will get in touch with you for confirmation. Our contact no. for any queries is +971 50 5593840

  1. Can I make a private desert safari Dubai booking just for my family?

Ans. Yes, we are offering private tours and even arranging tours for special occasions. Share your requirements with us on call or WhatsApp and we will be happy to arrange a customised tour. Please note that customized tours are charged differently and are not included in the combo tours.

  1. Is the Quad bike Dubai included in this tour?

Ans. No, the quad bike is not a part of this tour. There is another separate tour which you can book from here:

  1. What to wear for a desert tour Dubai?

Ans. Try to wear loose clothes so that you don’t feel too hot. You can wear shorts for comfort. Cover your head with a hat or scarf or you might feel the heat on your head. Wear sandals or slippers instead of joggers if you don’t want to mess your shoes with the sand.

  1. Is sandboarding safe for newbies?

Ans. Yes, if you keep the safety instructions in mind, it’s quite safe.

  1. Do you give pick and drop from my residence?

Ans. Yes, you can avail of pick and drop from your place. Let us know in advance where you need a pickup for better assistance.

  1. What’s the price of a city tour Dubai?

Ans. For now, the price fo this combo tour is $95 only. Prices can go up so book desert safari Dubai at your earliest.

  1. Do you offer a refund if we have a change of mind?

Ans. Yes, we will give you a full refund if cancellation is done 72 hours before the tour’s date. We refund 50% of the amount for cancellations made 48 hours before the tour.

Satisifed Customers From Our Dubai City Tour Packages

Seeing happiness in our customers’ eyes is what motivates us to keep on improving our service. Like every other business, our aim is also to keep on introducing new Dubai city tour packages. We also try to keep the price competitive so that anyone can go for Dubai sightseeing tours without any second thoughts.

Take a look at one of our customer’s reviews on this desert tour Dubai:

When you go on the Dubai city tour 2023, you get to explore the busy city life and the quiet desert life. You will be watching the amazing skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, people from various backgrounds, and the breathtaking sunset. That’s what makes our customers even happier as they can experience two completely different settings.

Our tour is a real value for money. You will go for dune bashing, sandboarding, BBQ dinner, camel ride, and much more. The food is amazing and you can fill yourself up as there’s no limit. The tour guides are friendly and will tell you some awesome stories about the wonderful places you visit.

We will inform you about the tour on time and come pick you up from your place. All the updates will be timely. You get a confirmation once you book desert safari Dubai. Our processes are smooth so that our customers can easily book their favourite tours.

We will ensure that you are safe during the entire trip. Our drivers safely drive in the city and the desert as they are experienced.

So do you want to get one of the best Dubai city tour packages from us? You can either book on the page or get in touch with us here: +971 50 5593840. Let’s explore the beauty and culture of Dubai at an affordable price.

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