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Luxury Yacht Tour

Are you ready for your next holiday trip? Put Dubai on your bucket list and  get ready for an exciting journey towards Emirates. Dubai is famous for its tall buildings and modern architecture, but we have something more exciting for you.

Cruising on yacht rental Dubai has become increasingly popular in recent years. Renting a yacht is the best way to enjoy cruising  in Dubai. Luxurious yacht tour is one way to enjoy and spend memorable time with your friends and loved ones. From simple get together, birthday celebrations, events and parties, your heartfelt desire can now come true.

Saifco travel and tourism can bring a charter of several  different luxury yachts in Dubai Marina for you at the most affordable prices. We provide different options including sharing charter with others. We will assist you in making arrangements for family celebrations or company events while making sure you get the best rate with us.  Book a boat right away and see your dreams turn into reality.

Read on to know the exciting side of renting a yacht and all the important preparations to make. We have also included a brief guide to ensure you rent the most suitable cruise and spend your holidays as excitingly as possible.

Perks of Booking Yachts in Dubai Marina

Sightseeing The City

A yacht drive at Dubai Marina will let you make many memories with your loved ones. Nothing can match the happiness of exploring Dubai’s beauty while luxury yachting. Dubai’s world-class architecture is not a secret to anyone. Beautifully designed skyscrapers and well-maintained roads provide a beautiful view to remember for a lifetime. Hence, if you admire structural beauty, it’s time to update your bucket list with boating in Dubai Marina.

Calm Adventure

You must be thinking about some wild adventures, but they can also be soothing and mind-relaxing. Just like sailing on the waters of the Middle East on a yatch rental Dubai. If you are tired of juggling between daily life issues, a quick getaway to this destination will heal your mind.

Lie calmly on the boat, close your eyes, and feel the cold wind hitting your face. The calming sound of waves works magic as a therapy to release all those happy hormones. At the same time, the company of your friends or family members will enhance the fun of an already exciting journey.

Memorable Getaway

Who does not love creating tons of memories while vacationing around? A long cruise on a yatch for a party is ideal for spending unforgettable moments with your loved ones. Moreover, the attractive sight will let you capture many photographs that you can keep forever.

So if you want to go on a trip that you can remember even after several years, book a boat for rent in Dubai Marina as your next vacationing spot. You can experience nostalgia with your college friends by recalling the memories of the good old days. Or get romantic with your partner in a cozy environment.

Mouth Watering Food

Yachts cater live BBQ sections for their travelers with refreshing drinks. You will definitely enjoy eating juicy grilled meat while sightseeing in the beautiful city of Dubai.

The food may vary depending on the cruise you book. However, we guarantee a delicious deal at all costs. Usually, you get colorful salads, barbecued chicken/mutton, or freshly cooked fish. Yacht dinners are the most important affair of the journey; hence they are served officially.

Deep Sea Fishing At Yatch rental Dubai

Yachting is not only about enjoying the beautiful scenery, but you can also do fishing on a boat tour. Saifco’s deep sea fishing yacht tour guarantees 4 hours of an exciting journey where you can catch tasty fish.

With our crew’s professional guidance, you will likely catch plenty of sea fish. The fun does not end here as our chefs prepare grilled seafood to please your taste buds. What’s better than having a tasty BBQ meal after an exciting fish-catching adventure?

Things To Do Before Visiting Dubai

The excitement for your next trip to Dubai is endless as you have already booked a yatch for party. But do not forget to make some necessary preparations beforehand. Let’s look at things you need to do before visiting Dubai.

Research Properly

If it is your first time in the UAE, you should research a few essential things to ensure a hassle-free trip. Typically, the exclusive yacht Dubai company will guide you entirely for yacht tours, so you know what to expect from the trip. However, some self-exploration is also necessary.

Arrange All Paramount Documents

Before traveling abroad, checking on carrying all the required documents is crucial. You should keep all papers in a separate pouch to avoid last-minute issues at the airport. It will include your tickets, visas, and, most importantly, a travel allowance.

Travel insurance is valuable in case you come across any unfavorable situation. It could be losing your passport, luggage, or other valuables. It will also come in handy in any medical crisis.

Pack Your Bags Accordingly

You should look for two essential factors when packing luggage for a vacation. It is the weather of that area and the activities you have planned for the trip throughout. Of course, UAE has summers for most of the year. Hence, it is better to pack some light-colored and cozy clothes.

Additionally, do not forget to have accessories like a sun blocker, shades, and a hat to prevent your skin from sunlight. You should also pack items according to your planned activities. As for swimming, you must have a swimsuit, goggles, and a cap. Similarly, for hiking, you should pack boots, a map or compass, a first-aid kit, etc.

Book Exclusive Yacht Beforehand

We recommend advance bookings for a luxury yacht tour to avoid any last-minute disappointment. Visit Saifco travels and tours to explore boat for rent Dubai for your next trip. We offer distinctive boat tours, including deep sea fishing, speed boating, and luxury cruising.

We will leave no stone unturned to provide you with a lifetime yachting experience through our exclusive services and a professional crew on board.

A Brief Guide To Booking Luxury Yachts In Dubai Marina

If you intend to book a boat for all night, you must be careful of several aspects. We will discuss some essential questions you can ask a yacht rental company before confirming the bookings.

Category of Exclusive Yacht Dubai

Typically, you can book two types of cruises: a motor operated or a sailing one. Your choice will depend entirely on the number of guests you invite to the yatch for party. If they are greater in number, we advise you to opt for a motor-equipped boat since it is relatively large. But, if you are hosting a private event, a sailing yacht will be a perfect renting choice.

Napping And Amusement Areas

It is important to know about the sleeping areas of the yacht if you are booking it overnight. Also, the exclusive yacht Dubai should have an exciting entertainment area so your guests do not get bored. This factor also plays a key role in ensuring the comfort level of the onboard members.

Yacht Dimensions

All cruise companies usually mention the length and width of touring yachts. Considering this element, knowing about the yacht’s accommodation capacity for luxury yachting is important. Your guests will likely feel discomfort if the boat is not big enough. They would not be able to experience the real fun of cruising in Dubai.

Cruise Model

It is better to spend some time and finalize a few yacht models before booking. Since many different yatch rental Dubai models are available, choosing one that best fits your requirement is important. You can finally head towards a relaxing holiday.

Rental Charges

Yachts typically charge a high amount, but the wholesome experience is worth the money. The rental charges are different according to the following factors:

  • Dimensions of the yacht
  • Size of the yacht
  • Rental duration of luxury yachting
  • Additional resources like fun-filled activities, cooking facilities, food buffets, etc.

Also, you should not forget to confirm with the company whether their offered quotes involve prices for food, drinks, and extra facilities. Many companies include additional costs in their pricing plans, while others may not. It is always better to stay aware than regret it later.

Yacht Availability

You must finalize the deal before the event, as advance bookings work well with most companies. However, several companies do allow last-minute registrations, but we recommend you to be a little early in selecting a boat for rent Dubai. You can ask the company about the yacht’s availability days and timings and plan your trip accordingly.

We guarantee a fun-filled and unforgettable yacht trip if you successfully take care of the above-mentioned things.

Few More Spots To Explore Besides Yachts In Dubai

Dubai has many exciting spots for luxury yachting; you just have to research them. Several online resources will help you plan your adventurous route.

Before we move on, let’s briefly look at a few spots you must visit in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

What is better than visiting a beach to swim in Dubai’s scorching heat? Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island, is Dubai’s famous landmark that welcomes hundreds of tourists daily. You can also go for luxury yachting at this beach.

There are several hotels and resorts in the island’s surroundings. You can book a room in the following resorts and wake up to the sound of waves and the musical chirping of birds.

  • Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort
  • Atlantis, The Palm
  • St. Regis Dubai – The Palm
  • The 8
  • The Palm  Resort And SPA

It is not just it; there is a long list of such luxury hotels. You can also discover hundreds of restaurants and shops there.

Burj Khalifa

Went to Dubai and not visited Burj Khalifa? Your trip is incomplete. The 828 meters tall building is designed with proper detailing and displays an eye-catching vision. The best part is that you can enjoy dinner with your loved ones on its topmost floor.

You can book your spot right away to adore the breathtaking city view from the world’s tallest building.

Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is like a mini-world where you will find more than 1200 retailers selling thousands of items. It has multiple infamous brand outlets like Zara, H&M, Bloomingdale, Galeries Lafayette, Fendi, Dior, etc. The list goes on!

The enjoyable indoor activities at the aquarium or skating on an icy surface are also worth the money in this mall. Dubai Mall is a perfect place for shopping and enjoying exciting indoor activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do yachts in Dubai Marina cost?

Different companies offer different rates for booking a luxury yacht tour. Saifco travel and tourism have the most economical rates. Visit them now to book a boat for rent Dubai in advance and make the next holidays extra special for your friends and family.

What do you wear on a yacht tour in Dubai?

Yacht trips are ideal for relaxing. Hence you must dress accordingly. Some loosely-fitted casual shirts and pants are perfect for the trip. You can also wear shorts or skirts. Also, do not forget to carry sunglasses and sunscreen to prevent sunlight from harming your skin.

Do yacht charters include food?

Yacht charters of most companies have fixed rates, including food, drinks, fuel, and entertainment sources. However, do not forget to confirm this with the company before finalizing the bookings. As several companies charge extra money for any additional service.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, a luxury yacht tour can create thousands of memories for you and your loved ones. Boat trips are usually regarded as soul healers, and rightfully so for many reasons. The soothing sound of water as the yachts in Dubai Marina moves work magically to relieve your daily life stress. At the same time, you can admire the beauty of Dubai’s surroundings.

A yacht tour offers an all-in-one experience for everyone. There’s nothing you could ask for on your luxury boat rental other than amazing views, friendly crew, refreshing drinks, food and splendid amenities. Visit Saifco travel and tourism now and book a yacht for your next trip as a memorable boating experience awaits.


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