Dhow Cruise Dinner

Dubai is famous for being an excellent holiday destination. Tourists frequently visit Dubai because of the beautiful skyscrapers, dunes, shopping malls, cruise dinner dubai and all-inclusive accommodation options. However, people like to enjoy sunsets and dining outside at such times.

If you are visiting Dubai or are already a local, we suggest you avail cruise dinner options in Dubai. Why do you always have to eat at restaurants with your partner or family? How about we give you a wonderful idea for dinner with your partner?

Here we bring you dinner in the ocean of beautiful Dubai. We guarantee it will be one of the best dinners you have ever had in your life. What else could be more beautiful than eating on the water under the mesmerizing skyline of Dubai?

What makes cruise dinners better than restaurants?

Office and house jobs can get frustrating at moments. There comes a time when you want to leave that place and feel at peace. Cruise dinners help you escape that stressful environment and take you to a breathtaking ocean view. You can tag along with friends or your partner and enjoy a beautiful evening with them on a dhow cruise in dubai.

Dubai cruise by Saifco

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a tourism company located in Deira, Dubai, UAE. We have various tour and travel options from which you can choose. Our cruises are very famous in town. We organize lovely evenings for our customers that you cherish for a lifetime.

We offer the following options on cruises:

The Musandam Dibba is a beautiful land near the Sultanate of Oman’s Persian Gulf. We have arranged a Musandam Dibba day cruise tour to pick you up from your hotel and take you to DIBBA port. We will cross Sharjah and beautiful mountains before reaching the port. It is an excellent location to spend a day while admiring the stunning landscape of Dibba.

We can arrange a dhow cruise dinner. which is an amazing way to spend an evening during your stay in Dubai. We cruise along Dubai Creek and enjoy the extravagant life there. It is considered a traditional place where people come to enjoy dinner cruises. Suppose you are on your honeymoon and want to give your partner the most amazing night of her life. Then, here we are to take you to another world.

Dubai Marina is a residential neighborhood in Dubai. It is well known for its shopping malls, luxurious lifestyle, and entertainment options. It is an ideal location for watching the sunset, and we arrange a dhow cruise in Dubai to enjoy dinner with such a spectacular view. Saifco has a proven track record of giving you the best dhow cruise dinner along the Marina.

  • Lotus Grand Cruise Marina

Lotus cruises are considered the most luxurious across Asia. Saifco presents you now with Lotus Grand Cruises in Dubai. The comfort level matches that of grand hotels. If you visit Dubai, we can arrange a good evening with top facilities including water sports, jet skiing, and swimming.

Is Saifco trustworthy?

Yes, Saifco Travel and Tourism Company is a reputable name in travel agencies. We assure you that we are the best option for you. Saifco organizes extravagant dinners and beautiful evenings along the shores of Dubai.

Saifco provides the best Dhow cruise service

Saifco is confident in providing the best dhow cruise in dubai. For a few years, cruising has become an integral part of Dubai. We assure our customers of a perfect evening with us. You can avail our services and eat the best food of your life. You can then avail following experience at our dhow cruise marina.

Your choice of the cruise for the Dubai marina

People usually have different perspectives and demands on their outing options. This is the reason we offer both choices to our clients for dinner. We have two options:

  1. A wooden Marina Dhow Cruise

It is a wooden boat, skillfully crafted to give you a completely traditional feel. Dhow depicts the word “wooden boat.” Our ambient music with fine dining on cruise dinner Dubai may take you back to the 90s.

  1. Catarman Cruise

Our aluminum sailing cruise is available at your service. You can see a stunning view of the Marina from this luxurious Catarman, giving you a classy feel during the feast.

A Dhow cruise dinner at Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is an artificial canal city. Our dhow cruise dinner in Dubai Marina has a proven track record of the best quality and service in town. Our wooden cruise has all the facilities for people on board to enjoy the most delicious meal of their lives. We have an economical yet best dubai cruise package for Marina.

You can witness the cruising landmark of the Dubai marina with us on a wonderful dhow cruise dinner.

Floating restaurant

Why do you have to go with the same outing routine? Are you tired of dining at those regular restaurants? Then bring your partner or family to this unique “Floating Restaurant” at our cruise dinner Dubai. You can enjoy your meal on the water with the mesmerizing lights of Dubai.

A dhow cruise usually has two decks. One is the upper deck that allows you to acknowledge the enthralling skyline and breath in fresh air while eating. However, the lower deck has panoramic windows inside the eatery. You can enjoy the view from the dhow cruise marina by sitting at a comfortable temperature inside.

Dining options on a Dubai dhow cruise

We have a classy yet elegant restaurant designed for cruise dinner Dubai. Our specialty restaurants on the cruise are on the lower deck. You can enjoy indoor dinners and manifest sea views from the windows.

Daily snacks are available 24/7 while you move around the boat. Many varieties of salad and dessert are also available on the menu. However, the buffet system is usually separate from the dining room. You can even avail of buffet options at dinner cruise dubai if you visit with your family.

Our cumbersome menu

We have arranged a buffet system at dhow cruise dinner. You can enjoy various seafood items and meat dishes on the buffet menu.

The dessert bars have many options of delicious pastries. We even arranged an open bar with drinks, tea, and coffee.

Isn’t this a treat to the eyes? Then why wait? Come and enjoy this lavish dinner with our exciting dubai cruise package.

Pick and Drop services from your Hotel

Our dinner cruise packages in Dubai provide pick and drop services too. We arrange a pickup service early evening from your Hotel so you can reach the cruise ontime. After enjoying your night, a car is waiting for you outside. Our team makes sure to drop you off back at the Hotel.

Tanoura performance and music during cruise dinner

Tanoura is an Arabic word that means “skirt” in English. They wear a skirt and win people’s hearts with their dance. Our beloved team of dhow cruise in dubai has also arranged Sufi men. They perform a Tanoura on Sufi music while you enjoy the food on our dinner cruise dubai.

Imagine a beautiful night at sea with the most delicious dinner and a Sufi dance. Can anything be more magical than this?

Besides the dancing, we even have a good playlist to enhance the calming ambiance of the dinner cruise dubai. Light and slow music in the background will add sparkle to your night.

Sightseeing from the cruise

You can bless your eyes with the alluring skyline from the dhow cruise marina as Dubai marina is near the residential areas of Dubai. You can enjoy a complete view from the cruise of the lavish architecture of the residential area and famous buildings. Your nosh-up night is filled here on our cruise with the mesmerizing view of Dubai.

Separate toilet facilities on a cruise.

We have separate bathrooms for men and women. We understand the privacy of each gender and assure you that you may not face any issues. Our toilets are cleaned regularly after every use. You do not have to worry about visiting the washroom on a dhow cruise in dubai.

Why should you prefer Saifco Travel and Tourism?

Visiting Dubai on vacation is on every couple’s checklist. However, it gets tricky to choose their trips and dinners. We understand your perspective, as we all want to invest our money in the right options.

Here we can give you some suggestions on why you should prefer our dinner options over others.

Best Cruise services

Our team members ensure you get the best service on a dhow cruise. We fulfill our commitments made at the time of booking. All the information present on the website is authentic.

From bookings to picking you up, we take you to a beautiful repast at Dubai Marina. Our servers are kind and attentive to your orders. We make sure that you get the best service at our dinner party.

Organize exclusive events

You can even book us for office dinners and parties. We host official events and dinners under our charge. We can set the menu and settings according to your conditions and accommodate more than 20 people on a dinner cruise dubai.

You can celebrate birthdays, marriage anniversaries, office celebrations, award ceremonies, and many more with your close ones. Our dubai cruise package for such events is very economical. There is always a catch for customers.

Affordable budget for the cruise

It is our utmost priority to manage such feasts by considering your pocket. The dinner, along with the facility, is budget-friendly. You can avail our dubai cruise package which includes all the expenses paid once, and then enjoy the tour.

Customer satisfaction

Every business is a failure if the clients are not satisfied. Your approval is what matters to us. Our dhow cruise dinner at the Marina is a magnificent evening, offering the best night view of Dubai.

We provide all the services listed on our website during the dinner. Our team also takes your feedback on the experience with us. We are honored if our clients contact us further.

Proficient chiefs at dhow cruise

Dinner is what makes our trip exclusive every single time. All the food must be made and supervised by highly talented masters. We chose every headman carefully after testing their food. Most of them have degrees in food and are confident enough to make food for a huge number of people.

Our chiefs will add flavor to your taste buds that they have never savored.

Is it safe to travel on a Dhow cruise?

Wooden boats may seem to be outdated sometimes. People like to go on luxurious and classy cruises. However, we ensure that our wooden cruises are well maintained and highly furnished for people to enjoy. You can trust Saifco and our dinner cruise. Once you check out the ambiance of this wooden boat, we are sure you will never regret your decision.

What does Saifco offer for Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina?

Let us pin down all the mentioned services for your ease at our dhow cruise in dubai. You can trust our dhow cruise dinner with the following facility on board:

  • There is a proper help desk to guide you on the cruise.
  • International buffet dinner including fast food and fish dishes.
  • Pick and drop services from your Hotel.
  • An amazing Tanoura show during dinner.
  • An open bar for the customers.
  • The alluring ambiance of the cruise.

Saifco Dhow Cruise Dinner Refund Policy

You can also cancel your reservations at dinner cruise dubai, and we would be delighted to rearrange them again. However, refunds are only available if you cancel on time. A full refund is provided 72 hours before the dinner date. You can also get a half refund if you cancel 48 hours before the dinner starts. If you cancel just before the dinner, we will not be able to help you with any refund.

Final thoughts on Dhow Cruise Dubai

Saifco is confident in providing the best dinner evenings across Dubai. Our cruise dinners are properly planned with the best chef in town. The aesthetics of the cruise and the night view of Dubai will make you go into another world. Some slow music, a wonderful dinner, and captivating views of Dubai at twilight make it the best dinner of the year.

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