Combo 5 : Abu Dubai City Tour and Dhow Cruise Dinner

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Combo 5: Abu Dubai City Tour And Dhow Cruise Dinner

The United Arab Emirates is located between Saudi Arabia and Oman. This country is known to reside people with more than 200 different nationalities. You will always find the UAE an exquisite place to visit. The presence of mountains, deserts, salt plains, beaches, and terrestrial and marine flora has always attracted thousands of tourists annually.

Most people love it because of its safety. You will always observe political stability and culturally tolerant people who respect each other’s religion and social status. It has an amazing infrastructure that can accommodate tourists easily. The UAE is home to the best attractions in the world. There is a huge range of options to explore.

About Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Dubai is one of the most popular emirates of UAE. People come to have holidays here with their friends and family every year. It is like a second home to most people. Dubai is most likely known for owning the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

However, Abu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE ad also a popular emirate after Dubai. It is a dynamic and vibrant city that depicts a rich heritage. People visit Abu Dhabi to experience extraordinary landscapes and beautiful sights.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a famous travel agency that has been serving tourists and visitors for many years in Dubai. We have a good and talented team member who plans tours across Dubai and nearby areas.

We ensure that every tour is safe and that we provide you with the most comfortable environment. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, then availing of our services will be the decision ever. It takes time to cover these beautiful places quickly. However, we plan your trips, ensuring you take advantage of everything.

Combo Tours: Abu Dubai City Tour and Dhow Cruise Dinner

People tend to visit Dubai for a few days, most likely. It gets difficult for them to arrange visits to the maximum number of places in the city. Despite bookings with travel agencies, one-day tours always skip something. Thus, Saifco arranges combo tours for beloved visitors.

These combo tours cover most of the famous places across Dubai and nearby areas, including Abu Dhabi. Our combo tour 5 is specially designed for abu dhabi city tours followed by a luxurious dhow cruise dinner dubai.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi is a two-hour drive towards the south of Dubai. It is well-known for its oil reserves and holds the world’s most expensive “Emirate Palace” hotel. The abu dhabi city tours begins by picking you up from your respective hotel. The time is usually 9 a.m., and we can always give a margin of half hour. Make sure to be ready from 9 to 9:30 a.m.

This small abu dhabi day trip is followed by the enlisted inclusions.

Passing across Jabel Ali Free Zone

Jabel Ali Free Zone is known to be the largest free trade zone in the world. We will first cross this area during the abu dhabi sightseeing tour and enter the city.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a depiction of tolerance and peace. This is the world’s third-largest Mosque, whose foundation was laid in 1996. It is built with remarkable details and is a true meaning of peace. It would help if you were ethically dressed in order to enter it. Thus, make sure to dress appropriately on abu dhabi city tours if you want to see the Mosque from the inside.

Date Market

The date market is the next stop on our abu dhabi day trip, and you’ll come to see an amazing variety of dates. They belong to different regions and, thus, differ in color and texture.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

A tour without pictures? It’s not possible with Saifco abu dhabi city tours. We’ll make a stop at corniche to take pictures at the waterfront. The beautiful greenery in the surroundings at aesthetic vibes to your pictures

Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace hotel is the second 7-star hotel around the globe and is praised for Arabian hospitality. It shows the highest standards of luxury and depicts national prestige. You can see some beautiful parks on abu dhabi day trip with Saifco. They are lined with palm trees and mesmerizing fountains, which are the center of attention for tourists.

Yas Island Ferrari World Photo Stop

We will return to Dubai after a long day of fun on our abu dhabi day trip. However, we will cross the Abu Dhabi Yas Island and the Formula-1 racing circuit. These are pretty famous areas, and you can even make a special visit to these places with us. We’ll also make a photo stop at Yas island ferrari world to capture these forever memories on Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

A cruise vacation is beneficial as it aids you in escaping that stressful environment. It takes you to experience a breathtaking ocean view while having dinner. After enjoying the abu dhabi sightseeing tour on the first day, we will take you to dhow cruise dinner the next day. Let us have a look at the facilities available with Saifco.

Pick and drop for the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek is the first major port of the emirates. It furthers trades safely with other ports present in Arabian Gulf. We will take you on the canal to see a romantic sunset after picking you up from the hotel. We will then go for dhow cruise dinner and safely drop you off at your hotel.

Our delicious menu

Saifco arranges a buffet dinner at the dhow cruise dinner dubai. You get a huge variety of items, including marine food and different dishes. It gets hard to choose. However, this includes self-service, and you can eat as much as you like. You will get unlimited drinks, tea, and coffee. What are you waiting for?

Live music on board

A dhow cruise dinner dubai seems incomplete without any music. Those beautiful scenes become more magical with a piece of serene music being played at the back. We arrange live performers to entertain you. Dinner usually involves good music, as people love to dance at that time.

You can dance the night away with your loved one on top of the water under the moonlight.

Tanoura performance

Tanoura is an Arabic word that means “skirt” in English. These people wear a skirt and win your hearts with their dance performances. Our beloved team of dhow cruise dinner dubai usually arranges such dinners. The Sufi men perform a Tanoura dance on the Sufi music while you enjoy the yummy food.

Imagine a night at sea with a delicious dinner and Sufi dance in the background. Can anything ever be more magical than this night?

Sightseeing Dubai Marina

You will be able to bless your eyes with the attractive skyline from the best dhow cruise dinner dubai. Thus, you can even see the residential area nearby known as dubai Marina. The cruise also has an inner dining place with air conditioning if you want to sit inside. However, the top desk gives you more aesthetic vibes.

Soon, the dinner ends, and we will drop you off at your hotel; with special regards.

Why Choose Saifco?

We know how important it is to hire a good travel agency. Let us enlist the qualities that will make you choose Saifco over others for the trip.

  • The combo tours are budget-friendly than going on separate trips.
  • The trip covers all the visits to Sheikh Zayed Mosque.
  • We also provide pick and drop to our beloved clients to avoid disturbance.
  • Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We ensure you do not face any discomfort during the abu dhabi city tours.
  • You can even customize the tour with further additions according to your requirement.
  • A professional driver will accompany us on our abu dhabi sightseeing tour.
  • The dhow cruise dinner is with live music and amazing food.

Abu Dubai City Tour and Dhow Cruise Dinner Timings

This tour is available on all days except Friday. As the Sheikh Zayed Mosque is closed and open late in the afternoon. Thus, you can accompany us on the remaining days. It will be a 9-hour tour filled with fun and adventure.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

You can get a full refund on cancellation 72 hours before the trip. However, half the amount is refunded for canceling 48 hours before the trip. Thus, there will be no refund if you cancel the tour after this time duration.

How to contact Saifco?

We are available at your service if you want to go for abu dhabi city tours and a dhow cruise dinner. You can always contact us via email or even text us on WhatsApp. Saifco has a very capable team that provides instant responses. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Thus, we are always available to make bookings or addition to your custom-made plans.

We make sure to be helpful to our customers anytime they call us.


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