Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre Museum

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Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre Museum

Abu Dhabi is considered one of the safest cities in the world by Numbeo’s Safe City Index. It is only an hour and twenty minutes from Dubai. The presence of luxury resorts, natural islands, and an endless landscape of sand dunes makes it one of the most famous tourist destinations.

Abu Dhabi is known to be a sun seekers’ paradise, and tourists love to visit it. If you are about to visit Dubai or a local who wants to travel, then the full day Abu Dhabi city tour with Louvre Museum ticket must be on your go-to list. However, people usually face travel troubles when visiting such places with family and friends, but you have come to the right place.

Saifco Travel and Tourism to full day Abu Dhabi city tour

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a well-known tourism company across Dubai, UAE. We offer an adventurous tour to Abu Dhabi city tour with Louvre museum, including louvre tickets. It will allow you to experience this glittering city of skyscrapers and adventurous islands.

Visit places during the tour.

We guarantee that this will be one of the most enjoyable and exciting trips of your vacation. Let us highlight the amazing places across Abu Dhabi tour package during your tour with Saifco travels.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

It is one of the largest mosques in the world, built-in 1996 to depict tolerance and peace. The architectural work blends different Islamic cultures. Our guides will entertain you with the mosque’s history so that you will realize the true meaning of this spectacular symbol of peace. You will leave the mosque admiring the remarkable details and contemplative corners.

The requirement for entry is that you must be fully covered. We will not be responsible for not being able to enter the mosque if you are not ethically and fully dressed.

Date Market

We know that you visit Abu Dhabi most likely for the splendid dates available there. So we will make the next stop at the Date Market, where you can find a variety of dates. The taste and texture of dates available differ according to their type and from which region they belong.

Corniche of Abu Dhabi

Our next stop would be none other than Abu Dhabi Corniche. It will be the best spot to take pictures of the waterfront while living in residential areas. You can make lasting memories in the beautiful waterfront setting or in the lush green parks that add to the beauty of this place.

Emirates Palace Hotel.

We will then take you to admire Arabian hospitality at the Emirates Palace hotel. It is well known for being the second 7-star hotel around the globe. The hotel reflects the highest standards of luxury and technology. They built it only for the sake of national prestige. However, the beautiful parks with palm trees and fountains are always the centre of attention for tourists.

Ferrari World Theme Park and Yas Island.

If you are a speed lover, then we will take you to gear up your life at Ferrari World theme park. Its location is in the centre of Yas Island. It has more than 40 rides and thrilling attractions for you all.

You can feel yourself hitting G-speed on the fastest roller coaster in the park. It is a wonderful leisure destination, especially for tourists.

We will take you to Yas Island to embrace the beautiful water park and high-speed Ferrari world. Our trip also covers the cost of these dubai theme parks tickets you will visit.

Abu Dhabi’s famous Louvre Museum

Our final destination will be the first universal museum in the Arab world, called  “Louvre Abu Dhabi.” The original location of the museum is in France. However, a French architect designed another one in Abu Dhabi to forecast its historic narrative of art. We provide you with louvre museum tickets to see hundreds of worldwide artworks.

Entry tickets to the Louvre Museum

You need louvre museum tickets to gain entry to the museum. The entrance is not free, and you require ticket for the museum. And here is the exciting news, Saifco tourism also covers the louvre tickets cost.

The adult ticket is AED 63, and a discount is available if you are a teacher. However, we will buy louvre tickets for you.

Pre-booking of Louvre Museum tickets

You cannot buy tickets on the spot for a group of people. The official website offers louvre tickets online for the convenience of visitors. However, why do you have to take responsibility when you have us? Saifco makes sure to buy tickets online to save our customers time.

Time duration

We will make a 90-minute stop at the Louvre Museum, which is the final point of the tour. With louvre museum tickets in hand, you can enjoy the view of the Island. If you are an art lover, then this is the best part. It has remarkable galleries. Let us pinpoint the main highlights of the Louvre museum that you will experience.

The Louvre’s location and architecture

The museum is floating on the water of Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi. It has a huge dome which weighs something similar to the Eiffel tower in Paris. The Dome consists of 8 layers of steel and aluminum with stars present on it. The sunlight passes through it and creates an enchanting effect, usually called “rain of light.”

It consists of 55 individual buildings, and about 23 galleries reside in the museum. We will take you to experience the beautiful gallery, guided by our experts.

Impressive collection at the museum

The permanent reserve of the Louvre has about 600 masterpieces preserved. They all belong from ancient to modern art, divided into the following wings.

  1. The first wing displays the Great Powers and civilizations.
  2. The second gallery shows universal religions around the world. It also has masterpieces from ancient trade routes.
  3. The third wing presents you with cosmography from the ancient Chinese. It also shows pieces of art of new life from ancient times.

You only need louvre tickets in your hand to feel the ancient civilization at the museum.

Rotating Exhibitions

Despite the permanent displays in the museum, it also displays exhibitions that change every few months. There are about four exhibitions that are on display per year. These are known to be temporary exhibitions which the ongoing specific themes of global cultures worldwide.

Museum galleries

There are museum galleries in the Louvre Abu Dhabi that are present in chronological order. The gallery’s design depicts pre-historic events of various cultures and societies with their impact on humanity.

Children’s Museum

It also has a beautiful children’s museum section in it. You can bring your children on tour for the park visits and show them the beautiful history through pictures and paintings. There is no need for louvre tickets as the entry of children under 18 is free.

Vaccination Requirement

To gain entry louvre museum tickets are not the only requirement. Your vaccination is essential too. You must show a “Green” status on the Alhosn app to confirm that you are fully vaccinated. It also requires a 14-day PCR test if vaccinated and a 48-hour PCR test if unvaccinated.

Louvre Museum Operational hours

You will be able to visit the museum only three days a week. The guidelines of the Louvre museum show that they are only open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at specific times. We will make sure to book louvre museum tickets for your visit during these days.

Why Choose Saifco Travel and Tourism?

You can trust Saifco for their trustable achievements for the past few years. However, we can list a few reasons to choose our company for the best travel adventure across Abu Dhabi.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our main priority. We ensure to provide all the facilities that we promised before the tour. Saifco is honoured to have you on board, and we must make you comfortable during the trip.

Louvre Museum Tickets availability

We will make sure that our prices are reasonable, and they will cover your dubai theme parks tickets and louvre museum tickets. This is not something everyone is offering, and we ensure to provide the best service in town.

Pick and Drop services

In louvre abu dhabi tour, We will pick you up in the morning from your hotel. After the trip, we will drop you off back at the hotel.

Air-conditioned vehicle

Our buses are not ordinary, but we only provide air-conditioned vehicles to make your journey comfortable in this scorching heat.

Presence of a professional guide.

Any trip is incomplete if you do not know the history and value of a place. For this purpose, we ensure that a professional guide travels with us. He will explain everything to you and answer all of your questions.

How to contact Saifco

We are available at your service if you want to go on the Abu Dhabi city tour. You can always contact us through email or even chat on WhatsApp. We make sure to be present for our customers anytime they call us.

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