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Abu Dhabi Tour with Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tour

UAE is one of the best tourist destinations, providing a complete entertainment package, beaches, and sunshine. It is a promising land with a beautiful skyline. Thousands of people visit UAE each year and never fail to stop at its beautiful capital, Abu Dhabi. From the tranquility of deserts to its glitzy architecture, Abu Dhabi is one of the best places to visit with your loved ones.

Numbeo Safety Index has ranked Abu Dhabi as one of the world’s safest cities for six years. Everyone recommends abu dhabi city tours as it is known to be the wealthiest city in the world. It occupies about 80% of its territory, so why miss visiting such a fantastic chance? Whether you are a tourist or a citizen of Dubai then, you must explore the renowned destinations and buildings of Abu Dhabi.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a reputable tour company that provides its services across Dubai. We arrange various trips and tour packages to help you have the best time with your family. Saifco offers abu dhabi city tours. The trip also includes sheikh zayed mosque tours, the third largest mosque in the world. We will make sure that you explore Abu Dhabi in the best way possible.

Here is a summary of our tour for our beloved customers.

Abu Dhabi city tours

Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, is one of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. It is well-known for its oil exports, Formula 1, luxury experiences, and a vast range of experiences at Ferrari World, Louvre Abu Dhabi, etc. Here is the list of exciting places you will visit while traveling with Saifco travels.

Jabel Ali Free Zone View

After picking up from the hotel in Dubai, We will pass through the industrial area located in the far west of Dubai, known as the Jabel Ali Free Zone (Jafza). It is a community of ecosystems where logistics, e-commerce, petrochemicals, and fourteen other industries are situated.

Abu Dhabi Borders

As we cross Jafza, there is a beautiful view of staggering plants across the border of Abu Dhabi. This beautiful view welcomes you to the city along with the presence of villages. You can see small but amazingly managed villages as we begin our abu dhabi city tours.

Now, as we reach Abu Dhabi, we will make stops at various yet famous places in the city.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

We will first stop at one of the famous abu dhabi mosque as we reach Abu Dhabi. We welcome you to start sheikh zayed mosque tours with us. It is an essential part of the trip as you will be able to see the fantastic architecture of the world’s third largest mosque. Let us briefly describe the value of the cultural ethnicity and tradition it holds.

Sheikh Zayed grand mosque tickets

People usually get the idea that, like in other places, you need sheikh zayed mosque tickets to enter the site. This beautiful mosque, with its magical grandeur, is truly majestic. There is no requirement for sheikh zayed grand mosque tickets or pre-bookings for visiting the stunning abu dhabi mosque.

The history of sheikh Zayed mosque

The sheikh zayed grand mosque abu dhabi takes its name from the UAE’s first ever president, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was the person who laid the foundation of this beautiful construction. Sheikh Zayed chose the appropriate location for the mosque as he wanted it to be his final resting place. His body now lies within the courtyard of the mosque.

They built the mosque with the help of construction companies around the world. About 38 contracting companies and artists from Germany, Turkey, India, Egypt, China, the United Kingdom, and Pakistan contributed to the architecture of the abu dhabi mosque.

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosque Location

The main entrance of the city holds the presence of this beautiful abu dhabi mosque. This sheikh zayed grand mosque abu dhabi is located between the three main bridges Maqta, Mussafah, and Sheikh Zayed bridges that connect Abu Dhabi city to the mainland.

Routes to the Grand Mosque

You can visit the mosque by taxi or bus, which might be a little costly, especially if you go by taxi. However, you can utilize the sheikh zayed mosque tours option so that you can come without any trouble. Theabu dhabi city tour with visit to sheikh zayed mosque tours are pretty reasonable and come with many other packages as well. You can even join us on Abu Dhabi City tour, and Saifco will ensure a safe yet memorable trip for you. However, you do not need to buy sheikh zayed grand mosque tickets as they are free for everyone.

A masterpiece of Islamic architecture

It took 12 years to build this exquisite Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. This mosque epitomizes Mamluk, Ottoman, and Fatimid architectural styles. Not only the structure of the building instead the lightning is also breathtaking. The lighting system present in the mosque reflects the lunar phases that aim to project colors on the mosque’s exterior. These colors change every night depending on the moon. However, the interior has innovative designs, and every doorway is arched with geometric shapes.


The mosque has four minarets, each of which has three different geometrical shapes. They are square, octagonal, and cylindrical, each depicting a different era’s style.

The archways of the mosque are Moron. However, the minarets depict classical Arab taste.


The main prayer areas in the mosque have the world’s largest and most beautiful hand-knitted carpet. It depicts Islamic medallion designs, which Dr. Ali Khaliqi makes. He is a third-generation carpet maker and artist as well. About 12000 artists worked on this magnificent carpet, which now lies in the prayer hall.


The mosque has about seven chandeliers. A German artist, Faustig of Munich, designed them. The largest of them weighs 12 tonnes and is present in the main hall.

Islamic Symbolism

They build the famous Sheikh Zayed mosque to promote peace and tolerance. It welcomes people belonging from different cultures here to achieve a better understanding of Islam. This mosque’s main message is about love, peace, and tolerance.

Entrance of Non-Muslims Inside Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

There is no restriction on religion to gain entry into the mosque. Even non-Muslims do not require sheikh zayed mosque tickets to visit the mosque. Instead, you only need to visit the beautiful mosque at tourist times without any fee or extra charge.

Visiting time of the mosque:

The mosque is open for sheikh zayed mosque tours from Saturday to Thursday. The time for tourists and visitors on these days is usually 9:00-22:00. However, the time is different on Friday. You can visit it from 16.30 – 22:00 on Friday. There is no compulsion of buying sheikh zayed mosque tickets for entry.

As it is a mosque, so the dress code is a little strict when you enter. Men and women need to dress in a proper way according to Islamic rules. However, if you are not, then they provide long trousers for men and abayas for women to gain entry into the mosque.

Cultural Foundation visit

Our next stop will be the cultural foundation. They built the foundation in 1981. It is the first multipurpose community center in Abu Dhabi city.

They also organize workshops, exhibitions, performances, events, and tours. It is a public institution that fosters cultural consciousness in the area. It introduces the first National Library. It represents a new outlook on culture in the modern UAE.

Qasr Al Hosn Fort visit

‘Qasr Al Hosn Fort is the oldest stone building that depicts a historical landmark in Abu Dhabi. It is present at walking distance from the cultural foundation.

The fort basically consists of two iconic buildings. They are the Inner Fort and the Outer Palace. Both of these places hold cultural values.

We will take you to Qasr Al Hosn, a house museum that displays the history of Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Gulf through pictures, weapons, and other stuff.

Presidential Palace view at Al Bateen District

Al Bateen is a prestigious district in Abu Dhabi city. It is home to impressive palaces, diplomatic offices, and luxurious villas. This crucial neighborhood is a must-visit for everyone, especially tourists.

We will see the incredible panoramic view of the Al Bateen district at the location of the Presidential Palace. The Presidential Palace is a landmark that showcases tradition and knowledge. These practices are basically responsible for shaping UAE.

Heritage Village visit

Our next stop is a traditional village where regular events take place. You can watch various artists making pottery, blow glass, and weave fabric on a loom. There is a display of traditional souk of emirates and dresses available for purchase.

The primary purpose of this place is to teach the current residents about the past lifestyle. We will make a visit to this place so you can learn a lot about the historical past and their cultures.

Breakwater visit

Now we will make a stop at the marina breakwater to enjoy the stunning skyline. We can have lunch during our abu dhabi city tours at this place with the fantastic view. People visit this place to observe Abu Dhabi’s skyline. It has several areas of interest located along the road from Radisson to the end of the land.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

We will head toward Abu Dhabi Corniche after having lunch at Breakwater. It is an 8km long road of manicured waterfronts with the kids’ play area and pedestrian pathways. There are restaurants and stunning Corniche beach along the route. You are allowed to make a splash in the water at the coast. However, there is a restriction on floating far away from the beach. It is definitely the best asset of Abu Dhabi.

Yas Island and F1 racing circuit

You can collect some beautiful memories on your way back to Dubai from Yas Island. The F1 racing circuit located on this Island is also known as “Yas Marina Circuit.” It has the most expensive racing track that is built only for F1 cars. The trail offers a captivating racing speed and professional motorsports as well. You are definitely going to enjoy this last spot.

Why Choose Saifco?

We all want to have a fantastic trip when visiting famous places. There are many travel companies. However, we may give you a bunch of reasons for choosing us over others.

Air-conditioned transport

We do not use local transport as your comfort is our main priority. We always provide you with luxury buses with air-conditioning. A comfortable trip is what we desire to offer every customer.

Pick and drop from the hotel.

You can quickly pre-book your Abu Dhabi city tour with us; we even offer you pick and drop services from your hotel. It would help if you got ready at the given time, and the transport would be waiting outside to pick you up. We will drop you back at then to the hotel at the end of your abu dhabi city tours.

Photo stops during the tour.

We will make a stop at many unique places where you can capture these beautiful moments. Our first stop for a quick photo session will be at Sheikh zayed mosque, Abu Dhabi Corniche, which Yas Island follows.

A professional guide

Every tour is incomplete if you do not know the history of the architecture. So, we always have a professional guide on board to help you with your questions. He will provide complete details about each place during the tour.

Saifco Refund Policy

We provide a 100% refund if you cancel the booking atleast 72 hours before the exact date. In case you ask for cancellation 48 hours before the date, then we only offer 50% of the refund.

We are strict with the refund policy as there will be no refund if the 48-hour date expires. Your tour can be canceled, but we are not obliged to return the money.

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