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Yatch Booking Dubai

It is somewhat surprising that Dubai has generally regarded among the most luxurious tourist destinations in the world. This city and emirate “overwhelms” everyone because it is the meeting ground for the world’s greatest man-made structures, enormous shopping malls, and the most glamorous and expensive items. If you are on a tour to Dubai and are tired of seeing large crowds, you can round out your trip with a captivating luxury yachting activity in Dubai. This is a world-famous activity that you should not miss while in Dubai.

Cruising over blue waters while enjoying fine dining and cozy seating is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There are many activities to do in Dubai, and if you only have a short time in the city, you will have a difficult time narrowing down your priorities, and yachting is a must-do. Yachting is a fantastic sport and an even better way to explore the water, see cities in a new light, and have fun! Saifco has your back whether you are a first-time yachter researching the experience, looking for answers to the how-why-which-what-where, or an experienced sailor looking for details.

Benefits of choosing Saifco for Yatch booking in Dubai


Most people believe that renting a yacht will be expensive; however, this is not the case. If you divide the cost among your friends and family, you can spend a day on a luxury yacht for as little as AED 550 to AED 1650 per hour depending upon the size of the yacht,  if you get in touch with Saifco Travel and Tourism. Saifco is an expert in handling Dubai Yacht tours.


Is it possible to become bored while sailing on an exclusive yacht in Dubai? With staff on hand and a BBQ sizzling away, you can spend your time swimming, sightseeing, riding a jet ski, or simply getting a great tan. Perfect! BBQ and seafood grill platters are also available.


Swimming is only permitted during the day. Swimming after sunset and swimming more than ten meters from the ship is not permitted by the Coastguard for your safety. Because the sea can be unexpectedly rough at times, amateur swimmers are not permitted to swim. Seasoned swimmers, on the other hand, are jackets are also available to wear while you opt for swimming.


Dubai is a tourism hotspot that is constantly crowded with visitors. Sometimes we want to go away from this commotion. Unfortunately, you won’t have much privacy in public spaces because of the influence of mass tourism. So take a luxurious boat out on an adventure with your family and friends. Nobody will bother you. The ability to get away from it all and spend a few days in your own tiny house in the middle of the water is one of the main benefits of hiring a yacht from Saifco. You may have an elegant tour in Dubai, one of the busiest cities in the world, without having to interact with other tourists or locals.


The length of your Dubai boat trips is entirely up to you. You can leave on demand for one hour, two hours, or six hours to get the full Dubai viewing experience.


Do you know that swimming offers numerous health advantages? Close contact with water has been linked to a reduction in stress and anxiety, according to numerous research on mental health. So, if you’re seeking a fantastic method to unwind and enjoy life, renting a yacht in Dubai is your best bet.

We can promise you that there is no better way to do something special during your vacation in Dubai than on a luxury yacht. Are you up for doing that?

Saifco makes Dubai Yacht tours memorable for its customers. To make your trip more enjoyable, pick among the best boat service companies in Dubai.


Any family vacation remains a major issue when dealing with kids. Make sure the board you are taking offers board games, beach games, DVDs, videos, and other kid-friendly entertainment. Some of the larger super yachts feature everything you need to elevate kids’ enjoyment to new heights, including complete theatres and video game rooms.


The majority of our trips have a minimum age requirement of 3, but kids must travel with an adult. The minimum age for our adventure excursion, which includes a quad bike, is 11. Other trips allow younger children to join, but make sure to check each one’s website summary page for the minimum age requirement. Most of our tours have no upper age limit, although anyone 70 years of age or over must self-evaluate.

Cost of Yatch booking Dubai

It is generally assumed that renting a yacht in Dubai is an expensive endeavor. Although this is sometimes the case, Saifco Travel and Tourism offers a variety of Dubai yacht tours at competitive prices for our yacht rental Dubai customers. Here are a few of our most popular choices:

Size Capacity Rate per Hour Rent
36 — 40FT Max 8 People $170/hr. AED 620
43 — 48FT Max 10 People $220/hr AED  800
50 — 56FT Max 17 People   $250/hr   AED 912
63 — 75FT Max  25 People   $297/hr   AED 1084
85 — 90FT Max 40 People $500/hr AED 1650

Size of Yatch booking Dubai

Every yacht can only facilitate a certain proportion of passengers. The last thing you want is to pay more for a larger yacht or rent a yacht that cannot comfortably accommodate all of your guests. As a result, when looking for a yacht, you must inform the Dubai boat rental company of the number of guests ahead of time. It enables them to provide you with possibilities that have the required capacity.

36 — 40FT
43 — 48FT
50 — 56FT
63 — 75FT
85 — 90FT


Sailing on the sea’s waves under a clear sky and gazing at twinkling stars is a beautiful scene. Those who want to go on exciting trips should rent a yacht from Saifco. A birthday party, a success party, or a promotion party can all be held on an exclusive yacht on Dubai’s deck. Numerous occasions call for a celebration, and a luxury yacht is an ideal venue. Do not pass up the chance to celebrate a yacht cruise. There are numerous breathtaking views and magnificent skyscrapers to behold.

Additional Services in Yatch booking Dubai

There are no hidden or additional fees unless you choose to do an extra activity/ service such as Transfers, Decoration,  jet skiing, or ordering food. Additional service charges are mentioned in the product details. The rates you are quoted at the time of booking will be subject to a 5% VAT.


Do you find your everyday routine to be boring? It could be time for you to unwind and go on a trip. One of the best ways to do it is to go boating and go deep-sea fishing. It’s used by many people as a means to relax. One of the best methods to go fishing is to contact a Yacht rental Dubai company that enhances your experience. It is available upon request and at an additional cost. Fishing rods, bait, hooks, and weights are available starting at 300 AED per hour.


You can take a trip to the JBR, Dubai Eye, Atlantis, Blue Water, Burj Al Arab, Blue Lagoon, and many other attractions while cruising around Dubai Marina with the most popular Dubai boat rental firm Saifco. We have a fully trained captain and crew available to you. The yachts are completely insured. So hurry up and contact the Saifco expert staff to select the yacht of your choice!

Dubai Marina, Blue waters Island: 1 hour

Dubai Marina, Blue waters Island, and Atlantis the Palm are all within two hours drive.

Dubai Marina, Blue waters Island, Atlantis the Palm, and the Burj Al Arab are all within three hours of each other.

In four hours, you can visit Dubai Marina, Blue waters Island, Atlantis the Palm, Blue Lagoon, and the Burj Al Arab.


During the cruise, we provide the following:

  • Captain and crew with extensive experience
  • Equipment for Safety
  • Grilled Electric
  • Refrigerator
  • Refreshments from the Microwave (soft drinks, water, and ice)
  • On-board audio system
  • Towels ( for swimming )
  • Swimming (daytime only)
  • Bedroom on your own
  • Restrooms that are neat and clean


If you book a yacht with Saifco Yacht rental Dubai, you are welcome to bring your food or we can provide you with pre-cooked food. Examine our available food menu. Make a reservation ahead of time to avoid the hassle of last-minute delivery.

All of our boats include basic disposable cutlery. Every yacht has a music system, and guests are welcome to bring their music in the form of USB, Bluetooth, or AUX-compatible devices.


The availability of a wide range of services is one of the amazing advantages of renting a private boat in Dubai. You can choose between the more affordable and larger options offered by the top Dubai boat rental company Saifco Travel & Toursim, depending on the kind of aquatic experience you’re looking for.


If you need to depart for more than a day, you can simply decide to end the vacation. However, under no circumstances will you be compensated for any portion of the trip that is not utilized. However, we have a specialized team to meet your needs to reschedule your tour and work with the days you have available. All you have to do is inform us ahead of time if you’ll be arriving late or need to go early.


As some nations have laws that discriminate against LGBTQI individuals, our visitors must be informed of the local laws and practices in the places we travel. Whatever the orientations are, Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC is welcome to join our excursions. Everyone should feel at ease when they travel, and we are aware that many of them are LGBTQI people.

Being one of the leading Yacht rental Dubai companies, we don’t allow any type of prejudice, verbal or physical abuse, or sexual harassment, whether it involves fellow passengers, our leaders, or locals. Please alert your tour leader or local guide right once if you notice someone acting inappropriately while we’re on the road. You can also call our specific customer care number.


Many of the tours that Saifco Travel & Tourism has created are geared toward single visitors. Many of our members join because they are solo travelers and want to connect with and learn from like-minded folks. You won’t feel alone because of our kind and courteous tour guides.

Private Yatch booking Dubai

If you decide to hire an exclusive yacht in Dubai, you can do so online. Select the Book Now tab and enter the number of hours and boat size based on the size of your group. You can also contact us via phone or WhatsApp at +971505593840 for more information, special offers, or to customize cruises for celebrations and corporate events. Most of our trips have instant confirmation; however, to get the precise pick-up time, you must call us at least 24 hours before the tour.

The pick-up time may be noted on your coupon in some cases. Please be aware that your hotel’s location will be the only factor determining the precise pick-up time. Therefore, it is advised that you get in touch with us via WhatsApp to confirm your reservation. When making a reservation, you can also give us your full phone number (always including your country code) so we can get in touch with you. The contact us section contains our phone number (local operator).

Simply send us an email at [email protected].


After the cancellation, the refund is completed within 7 business days. However, the length of time your bank takes after that will determine when the amount appears in your bank or credit card account. Please contact your bank or credit card provider directly if there are any inconsistencies or delays. It is best to get in touch with us 48 hours after making a cancellation request.


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