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Luxury Yachting on the Go!

If you are looking for a luxurious, comfortable and affordable option to have a great time with your family and friends, then a yacht rental Dubai in Marina is a favorable option. There is no better way to spend a vacation than to hire yacht in dubai. Chartering allows you to explore Dubai’s breathtaking harbors, white beaches, busy seaside and remarkable sights at your leisure.

You can explore the shores and the sea while relaxing in the cool and soothing winds of the ocean. A feeling of nobility and comfort surrounds you as you spectacularly soar through the ocean. You can enjoy the safety and the comfort throughout the length of your tour while we make sure that your cruise fulfills your deepest and foremost desires. This tour includes the eye-candy sights of The Atlantis Palm Jumeirah and the only 7-star hotel “Burj al Arab” that define Dubai at the finest levels!

Known as a central hub of tourism for travelers who are on their way to exploring the world. Dubai has one of the most beautiful and sensational shorelines along the sea in the entire world. These shorelines are filled with activities designed to boost your happy chemicals. To get a simple insight and to make the most out of your fun-filled stay in Dubai, you can hire a yacht in Dubai Marina while having the time of your life with friends and family alike, the line of yachts is filled to the brim carry enough essential facilities and enough room to fit the strength freely.

At Saifco, we strive to deliver the best experience to our customers with a focus on details and prioritising the safety of our customers, as yachting, nonetheless, is luxurious but also carries a risk of potential damage or injuries, and to avoid such occurrences, all crew is trained, professional and licensed/certified experts of the field that know how to handle a situation. Hiring a yacht in Dubai with an assurance of security has never been easier!.

What benefits does an Exclusive Yacht Rental Dubai bring?

Having an entire yacht to yourself with full capacity and service attracts a noble and royal feeling to one in itself, but other than that the exclusivity, privacy, large capacity, other customizations, and a helpful staff helps fill all the gaps, and you can have a time of your life in the ocean. The majestic views of the Dubai Marina, Atlantis, and the soothing calmness of the sea open up avenues of tranquillity and a relaxed atmosphere. Where you can chill with your family and friends.

Exclusiveness is dependent on the feeling of being different from others and memory which stays for life. Yachting is the best method of obtaining the said exclusiveness. You can be your own master atop the yacht and watch the world in gleaming lights as you pass the sun or the towering and shining beacons of the sky-touching towers. A Dubai luxury yacht rental service allows you to do just that

Let’s explore in detail what a Dubai luxury yacht rental services might bring to the table.


Renting out a yacht is no longer an elite thing, everyone and anyone can nowadays afford to rent a yacht out to sea. This allows them to enjoy the mesmerising views of the Marina and take a cruise of comfort with the highest level of quality service provided. Many might think that cheaper services might not include the full package that should be offered in a yacht service, but here at Saifco, a bond of quality is maintained with the customers, and with that in mind we offer the highest level of services that should be included in yacht rental service. Although, with lower rates some extra options are deducted like the size of the yacht and the extra customizations, pick and drop services, and alike are not offered but can be arranged with optimal charges. Bigger yachts allow for bigger fun and at the same time bigger capacity but it comes with a slightly increased fare/rental charge. You can always choose the size that complements your family’s strength and the large rental charges are a thing of the past.

Many people look at their budget when they visit any country or go out to enjoy and have a quality experience, that is the reason why yachting has been made affordable to accommodate tourists and other people alike, allowing them to experience sights and views they may have never seen or experienced before.

Luxury Yachting Positively impacts Your Health!

It is pretty common knowledge that a certain amount of dopamine and testosterone are produced when a person experiences joy and is happy in general, these chemicals are also called “the happy chemicals” of the brain. Our yachts in Dubai marina are set to release them with the soothing experience we provide to the sailing company. Moreover, these chemicals are also produced by socialising and good communications, which are automatically promoted when some people with whom you are together on a journey share a similar event, and our yachts do just that! This means that yachting can also help with boosting your mental energy and health! By simply giving you a good time and helping with maintaining a joyous journey!

And similarly, having a good mental health state gives you a good mood and the ability to enjoy events and tours, it also gives you the ability to feel physically better and cares for your needs, both emotional and physical. Yachting can help you in unprecedented ways.


What other better option for an exclusive party is there except a yacht? The yachts in Dubai Marina allow you to prepare/organise parties/gatherings for your family and friends, in complete exclusivity where you can enjoy your own space without any other interruptions. If you prefer an exclusive experience where you require complete customization and/or want to do something different according to your taste, we have a complete list of solutions for you that will make you remember it as one of the best times of your life. Yachting provides one with a sense of eliteness and a royal experience to share with others, combined with the tranquillity of the ocean and the water beneath your feet which acts as a boost of comfort.

We offer this exclusive yacht experience with a goal in mind which is to satisfy our customers, our promise of integrity and offering exclusivity is something that comes within the circle of our priorities for our customers. A Dubai luxury yacht rental will give you all of it with much more.

Cutting Costs on Food and Drinks with a Yacht Rental Dubai!

Since you have the entirety of the yacht to yourself along with the crew to assist you, you are free to cook your meals and stock your fridges with a load of drinks, for which you don’t have to pay the hefty prices of expensive restaurants and their menus. Cooking or taking pre-prepared meals can help you save money and cut down on a large chunk of costs that come with meals and dining as you are free to take your food on the exclusive yacht dubai.

Food and drinks can eat up a big chunk of your budget, our yachts just simply take that out by allowing you to do whatever you want with your time, either you want to hold a BBQ party or a simple try-out lunch, it’s up to your own wildest imagination! And at the same time, you can also use a catering service if you don’t want to do it yourself, but be aware of the capacity of the people allowed on the yacht as you don’t want to cram it up!

Yachts in Dubai marina will fulfil your scrumptious desires.

Luxury Yachting Adds a Touch of Privacy

Apart from all the benefits like the savings on food & drinks, exclusiveness and sights, yachting allows the passengers or cruisers to have a completely private space to enjoy, where people can either give themselves a meditating and relaxing atmosphere. They can also have some alone time with loved ones while crossing eye-catching sights over the sea. Privacy is an important factor in any outdoor activity where you plan to go with your friends and family, as outsider interruptions on such occasions can result in a certain discomfort for a lot of people, but a Dubai luxury yacht rental is a perfect solution to that problem.

Chartering a luxury yacht in Dubai  is a unique experience that allows you to explore the best locations in the world like no other. Any yacht rental in Dubai will have the option of privacy as one of the most important features of their cruises. It gives you the freedom to decide every detail on where to sail or how long to sail. Like having a  private luxury resort at sea with family and friends!

Customization and Decorations

Chartering a yacht offers you a wide range of possibilities; to celebrate a special event or a day that holds some sentimental value to them, for that reason they require a certain theme or customization of the interiors or the deck or just a plain old ribbon with a “Happy Birthday” written on the deck. These decorations appeal to the client and provide a much more relatable and imaginable atmosphere for which they might have booked the tour. With the beauty of the sea and the sights involved, the fun is multiplied tenfold! You can hire a yacht in Dubai and customise it according to your requirements. With Saifco, you will be provided with a qualified crew who will personally take care of every guest for the whole length of luxury yachting  to make sure all your needs and requests are met. All dedicated crew members are accessible during the whole length of your exclusive yacht dubai cruising.

You can hire a yacht in Dubai and make your imaginations and dreams come true with customised yachts that will also boost your happiness, in a bid to make you feel happy and allow you to indulge in the fun that you may have imagined. You can do that on land in a fancy restaurant too, but a yacht makes everything much better by being out there in the sea with the amazing sights to view, as you shower your loved ones in affection while also carrying out your fun-filled events at the same time.


Take it from anyone, whenever you visit any place of comfort, the ambiance sets the mood, either in a relaxed manner or one that is crumpled up and snobby, which ruins the experience altogether, the question remains whether you will get good and mood-setting aesthetics on a cruise or not? The answer is pretty self-explanatory and it is positive! Yes, you will experience one of the most aesthetic journeys of your life. Especially if you book the cruise in the early hours or in the setting sun where the light-golden rays of the sun hovering over the ocean floor will mesmerise you.

A good yacht experience doesn’t only affect the ambiance but casts itself in your memory as a reminder of a good time, one that you will cherish the rest of your life, it could be in the form of an event or just plain simple time you spent with your loved ones over the horizon, as the sun sets in the deep abyss of the sea, the ultimate glamour of the city of Dubai reveals itself in the night providing breath-taking views from a luxury yacht in Dubai.

Looking at all the aforementioned benefits and the utility of a Dubai luxury yacht rental, you can just forget about the under-studies of the matter altogether as the benefits alone trump everything above anything. You can make wishes come true or have a time of your life with a finger click.

Booking a yacht is just a step away as our website includes all the necessary details like timing, size, capacity, and the hours of the tours all in one place. You can also book the yacht before your stay in Dubai so we can ready up the yacht whenever you might want it! All the afore-mentioned services are included or offered at extra charge just to make your trip worth it! Yachting with comfort and exclusivity has been easier! Book your yacht now!


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