Theme park tours in Dubai

Are you arranging a family trip to Dubai and want to spend some time at the city’s most adventures places and now not sure where to buy theme park ticket? There is a wide variety of entertainment, from conventional amusement parks to cafes specializing in virtual gaming. Dubai is well known for its theme parks. In the city, there are between 35 and 40 theme parks. In Dubai, every theme park is an amusement park with a central theme.

Theme parks in Dubai are fancier than city parks and playgrounds, with activities for all ages. Themes are a significant feature of theme parks that center around a subject or group of issues. Whether you’re looking for family entertainment or heart-pounding thrills, Dubai has a theme park for you.

Why visiting Dubai Theme Parks is so popular?

Taking a trip to a theme park is something that you should do because there are many benefits associated with it. It is a venue that will take you to an entirely new location and provide countless chances for amusement and enjoyment. There is no surprise that people enjoy visiting theme parks because they offer excitement, happiness, and experiences that will last a lifetime.

However, there are more positive aspects than you might expect, even though it is not surprising that people enjoy traveling to theme parks. As you continue reading, you will discover why this entertainment benefits the physical body and the human spirit. Following are some benefits you can get by visiting Dubai theme parks.

  • Enter a New World

Have you ever wanted to travel? You can escape your daily life at a theme park and have fun. Theme parks transport visitors to the realm of fairies, pirates, clowns, astronauts, and more. You may be a wonder-world or fairy-tale explorer. You might lose yourself in the imagination when surrounded by joy and happiness.

  • You Can Avoid Stress and burn Calories.

Real life can be challenging. You forget about your homework or work project in a theme park. You enjoy the moment at a theme park. Fast-paced rides might help relieve stress because they expose us to ‘positive fear. Riding a rollercoaster might be beneficial if you let go of your anxieties and scream away your worry. Theme parks may be called a calorie burner in multiple ways, yet they might be as large as 100 square miles. The size of these attractions requires a lot of walking. You can burn calories while having fun.

  • You Can Overcome Fears and Strengthen Family Ties.

Usually, the purpose of theme park attractions is to thrill and excite visitors. But, understandably, not everyone enjoys this excitement at first! Whether it’s the height or the speed that scares you, you can learn to control it and begin to appreciate the enthusiasm that our rides provide.

Visiting a theme park is quite beneficial for overcoming your worries. At the same time, you may not feel it amidst the breathtaking drops and twists and turns. A crowd of theme parks can boost your confidence and self-esteem, allowing you to live your life freely. Spending time with your friends and family is a fantastic way to build your bonds.

Theme parks are a better place to do so. Consider: you can enjoy the journey with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories. Dubai theme parks make a positive community impact. Dubai’s theme parks bring diverse cultures together and teach tolerance.

How to Buy one of Dubai Theme Park Tickets

Purchasing tickets for one of Dubai’s theme parks has never been more accessible. You have several ways to buy any Dubai theme park passes. Dubai Parks and Resorts holds a unique position in the world. Because of the facilities you get in Dubai Parks and Resorts.

It is inevitable to have such beautiful facilities all over the world in one place. Each park and resort in Dubai is designed around a particular theme. Everyone can choose the parks and resorts of Dubai according to their choice and mood.

If you do not wish to endure the complicated process of determining on your own, you can avail of Saifco Travel & Tourism services round the clock. Saifco Travel and Tourism Company is one of the most trusted tourism companies in UAE, which arranges tours for you to the famous theme parks of Dubai. If you visit Dubai and don’t do the theme park tours, your trip will be incomplete.

There are many theme parks in Dubai. Many theme park passes are readily available. While at many theme parks, getting theme park passes is like doing a Herculean task۔ Saifco Tours not only arranges a Dubai tour for you but also arranges Dubai theme parks tickets for you.

Make your trip to Dubai a memorable one. Apart from this, you can use different methods to get tickets for Dubai theme parks. For example, you can hire SaifCo Tours to arrange theme park tickets. Or you can buy tickets online yourself. You will visit your favorite theme park tour website to buy tickets online and get your customized theme park passes.

Why choose SaifCo for Dubai theme parks tours?

What makes Saifco Tours your best travel partner? Because we are aware of the desire of every traveler to experience an area like a local. Yes, Dubai is where we live, and no one knows Dubai as we do.

We are a product of its glitz and glamour, mountain passes, sand deserts, glittering nights, and the world’s largest malls. Along with showing you the top tourist destinations around Dubai, we also offer you Dubai’s lesser-known sights and secret treasures that are only accessible to a select few. Our deluxe local tours of Dubai theme parks are created to introduce you to the city’s essence.

The Dubai sightseeing packages are thoughtfully designed with the city’s best and what our visitors would most like to experience in mind. Every Dubai tour package by Saifco represents the city’s rich cultural heritage, splendor, inhabitants, development, and growth. Make us a part of your happiest moments by coming with us as we explore Dubai like never before.

What’s included in Dubai park tours?

Tours of Dubai’s theme parks feature the following activities and attractions.

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Bollywood parks Dubai” is a destination in Dubai that devotees of the Indian film genre Bollywood cannot miss. This location is dedicated to the Mumbai film industry. Five zones contain an enormous assortment of romance, humor, adventure, action, dance, music, Indian handicrafts, and food.  Bollywood Boulevard’s live performances and cafes are a throwback to the 1960s and 1980s.

Crossroads, which features performances accompanied by dancing music, is a popular attraction. Visitors may discover Mumbai Chowk’s French food, street culture, and numerous Bollywood film themes in Mumbai Chowk. Mention should be made of the 3D ride based on Shah Rukh Khan’s series “Don.” The Mumbai Express is also significant since the train’s roof features vintage Bollywood music.  Rustic Ravine is a return to rural central India shown in films such as Sholay and Lagaan.

A prominent feature is the ‘Lagaan – The thrill of Victory simulation ride, where tourists can play for Bhuvan. Visit there official website by clicking here. The Royal plaza showcases numerous thrilling and dramatic classic musicals complemented by dances. Bollywood Film Studios is where multisensory 4D virtual rides may be experienced. The Krrish ride, with its panoramic views of the nation’s magnificent sites, is a must for children.

Hub Zero

This location is at the peak of a family destination that is fun for young children and their parents. This establishment offers everything, from pinball machines to virtual reality games with the most advanced technologies. For a less intensive physical experience, 4D cinema is available to adults. They can view special effects that include additional surprises, such as seat vibrations and water misters. Check there latest social feed by clicking here.

IMG World of Adventure

This is one of the city’s newest theme parks tickets, constructed across 1.5 million square feet. There are multisensory adventures with The Powerpuff Girls for children. There are high-tech rides based on well-known Cartoon Network characters, such as Spider-Man. It is a terrifying experience for visitors to Lost Valley to encounter life-size dinosaurs. In addition, there is the Haunted Hotel.


This location provides children with opportunities for fun and learning, such as being a firefighter or obtaining a driver’s license. Children aged 2 to 12 will find this theme park fascinating. They can ride thrilling rides like the Lego Technic Twister and roller coasters. They can enjoy interactive games like Lego cars and construction activities. Nobody should miss seeing how Lego is made in the factory and Miniland. Avail Legoland tickets with great discount click here to grab yours.

Miracle Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden’s gates always reopen as the weather turns chilly at the start of winter. This location in the center of Dubai is stunning. This 72,000 square meter area comes to life from the middle of November until the middle of May.

Visitors can see over 150 million flowers forming a wide variety of shapes. Additionally, tourists have a unique experience each year. The 18-meter Topiary sculpture is particularly noteworthy. This building, which has about 100,000 flowers and plants, is a Disney character’s first floral show.


Carnaval offers over 170 rides, games, and activities to enjoy. It has incredible rides for kids and adults. Gravity-defying, stomach-churning, high-intensity thrills are available for the older kids. Guests can play 125+ arcade and skill games, from virtual games to hoops and darts. The excitement of Carnaval will leave you with a smile as wide as its world-famous gigantic banana plushie.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park is in Dubai, UAE. The Wild Wadi theme park contains a wave pool, water slides, and two surfing machines. In the park, a 59-foot waterfall falls every 10 minutes. The water park features restaurants, gift shops, and food stands for visitors to enjoy during their time there. It was featured in The Amazing Race 5 and The Amazing Race Asia 1, in which teams had to slide down a 21 m (69 ft) drop. In The Amazing Race Australia 2, teams rode the Surf Machine and used boogie boards to surf to the next clue.

You can enjoy the following rides in Wild Wadi theme park:

  • Ring Rides are the more conventional form of downhill slides. Riders have the option of sitting in a single or double ring.
  • Tantrum Alley and Burj Surj replaced family rides. Both are regional firsts. Burj Surj has two bowls, and Tantrum Alley has three tornados.
  • Jumeirah Sceirah is the world’s tallest and fastest free-fall water slide. Riders achieve 80 km/h at 33 m (108 ft) (50 mph).
  • Wipeout and Riptide are surfing simulators that shoot 7 tons of water per second across foam constructions. These rides create realistic wave effects for bodyboarding, kneeboarding, and surfing.
  • Breakers Bay is the region’s largest wave pool. It produces 1.5-m waves in five different configurations.
  • Juha’s Journey is a 360-m (1,180-ft) river floats guests around the park.
  • Wild Wadi’s Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon includes over 100 water games/rides.


This theme park honors DreamWorks Animation, Columbia Pictures, and Lionsgate, three illustrious Hollywood film studios. Along with 15 entertainment programs and live dance performances, there are 27 electrifying rides and attractions. Among the attractions are five roller coasters, a multi-media dark ride, interactive play areas, and more. At the 1,000-seat Hollywood Theater, the media-based theater productions are especially noteworthy.

Ski Dubai

The entire family will enjoy this indoor ski resort with its ice cave, zorbing, Mountain Thriller ride, and other attractions. The Snow Park is a winter wonderland. Snowboarding, tobogganing, skiing, a zip line, and chairlift rides are just a few of the winter activities available at The Slope. The welcoming Gentoo and King Penguins add charm to this location.

Atlantis the Palm Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Waterpark delivers a world of fun in the water. Its 141-acre water park, Aquaventure, overlooks Nassau’s most incredible beaches. Its non-stop aquatic playground has over 20 million gallons of water, Atlantean-themed towers with high-speed water slides, a mile-long river ride with rolling rapids and wave surges, and 11 bathing pools. Aquaventure is an immersive, tropical atmosphere suited for all ages.

The water park offers a unique “aqua” encounter. A 500-meter-long private beach with 30 slides and attractions is available for guests. Animal enthusiasts can get up close with dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and stingrays. Whether you’re visiting or a UAE citizen, you’re different in water at Aquaventure Waterpark.

The Warner Bros.

This enormous indoor theme park with central air conditioning is a gathering place for all eminent Hollywood figures. Batman, Superman, Scooby-Doo, and more cartoon characters can be found in the collection. Interactive family-friendly attractions, cutting-edge rides, live entertainment, and unique dining and shopping establishments are all available. The six park gates include beautiful sceneries and dining establishments with Hollywood themes.

Aquarium & Underwater Zoo in Dubai

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is one of the top tourist destinations in Dubai. Every animal lover must want to see it.  You will be able to observe over 140 species, including Three hundred sharks, just within the Dubai Mall. Amazing views of the aquarium’s animals can be had through the 48-meter tunnel. At the Underwater Zoo, as you stroll through the Rainforest, Rocky Shore, and Living Ocean habitats, you’ll face predatory Piranhas, amusing Otters, a colony of Humboldt Penguins, and more.

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Total charges will be:

*Dubai Desert Safari Tour*

Desert safari 1X56= 56 USD
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Upgrade to VIP camp: 4×15 = 60 USD

Total for Desert safari tour : 401 USD

*Luxury Yacht tour*

2 hours yacht tour: 2×230= 460 USD
2-way Transfers to yacht:USD 80
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