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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi is known to be the capital of UAE and the most preferred area for a visit by tourists. It is a diverse area known for its natural islands and luxury resorts. Numbeo’s Safe City Index has declared it the safest city in the world. Abu Dhabi is even considered the best city to live in.

If you are visiting Dubai or are a resident there, then Abu Dhabi is the best place to visit at least once in your life. You need to visit the famous places of Abu Dhabi, and its beauty will strike you. However, one of the best tour is the ferrari world abu dhabi tour from dubai. It is one of the most loved tour by youngsters and children.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco is one of the most reliable travel agencies working across Dubai. We ensure you have the best time of your life by taking you on an abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world. Our traveling agency arranges affordable Dubai tours along with maximum facilities on the way.

Abu Dhabi Tour Summary

You can confirm your bookings at Saifco Travel and Tourism and provide your hotel information. Our luxurious van will pick you up for the Abu Dhabi tour. We will visit important places, including Sheikh Zayed Mosque. It is one of the largest mosques in the country and is known for its unique architectural artwork. You will be stunned by how beautiful it is, a blend of different architectural schools and worth your time. This will be a brief but memorable tour across the city.

We will then take you on one of the speediest adventures of your life at the ferrari world abu dhabi tour from dubai.

Abu Dhabi Main Destination-Ferrari world

We will complete our Abu Dhabi tour to reach our final stop Ferrari world at Yas Island. Yas Island is home to many theme parks, beaches, an F1 race track, classy malls, and many other places. Why do people have to visit a single theme park when you can go to Yas Island? It is home to three different theme parks. You must have Ferrari world ticket in your hand to avail the opportunity here.

This one-day outing will take you on a ferrari world abu dhabi tour from dubai. You only need Ferrari world tickets to get an adrenaline rush after reaching Yas Island. However, you do not have to worry about the ferrari world ticket price as Saifco will cover the tour cost. Whether we buy tickets online or on the spot is our duty. You only have to be ready to enter the Ferrari World.

Ferrari Theme Park

This Ferrari-inspired theme park was opened on November 4, 2010. The park is designed to provide memorable experiences with the world’s fastest roller coaster. At the heart of this park, you can feel pulse racing energy in Abu Dhabi.

Ferrari world tickets

You need dubai theme parks tickets to gain entry at any theme park. Similarly, ferrari world tickets are necessary to enjoy the fantastic rides of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. However, the Ferrari world ticket price varies for both adults and juniors. The prices are listed below but it may change without any prior notice by Ferrari World Authority.

  • For Adults-AED 310
  • For junior-AED 240

The exciting news is we all have it covered. You do not have to worry; our ferrari world abu dhabi tour from dubai includes a ticket to this theme park.

Ferrari World shows

Ferrari world has fantastic characters that move across the park all day long. They put out cute shows to enjoy, including Berto the Mechanic and Benno the Mouse. So you can buy tickets online or on the spot to enjoy this fantastic theme park.

Ferrari World Dining

They have the best Italian and International feasts for you to enjoy on the ferrari world abu dhabi tour from dubai. Some of the most exciting restaurants include Mamma Rossella, IL Podio, Espresso Rosso, and officer food quarters.

They serve pasta, pizza, Arabic, Indian and Western cuisines. You will be amazed by their taste. You can even have a taste of Gelatos and pastries with a cup of coffee to freshen up.

Ferrari World Shopping

This abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world is not only about some rides. You can now shop from cute cars to dresses and accessories at Ferrari World. They have a fantastic collection of memorabilia and quality clothing. Isn’t this a steal that you can have everything in a single place indoors without having any trouble?

Ferrari World Best Rides

Benoy is a renowned architectural studio that designed this park, covering a total area of 176,000m². It has a massive roof with marvelous designs. It is an indoor park and has about 20 attractions of the latest design. After getting your Ferrari world tickets, let us look into the rides they offer here.

Formula Rossa

Here we welcome you to enjoy the world’s fastest roller coaster ride. You must be ready to be blasted at 240km/h in 4.9 seconds. Isn’t this insane? Your heart will race at the height of 52 meters. It is a fun type that moves within the F1 zone.

Formula Rossa Junior

Why keep your kids away from all this enthusiastic fun? Ferrari world arranges Rossa junior ride in the family zone. These cars will move on the actual Rossa track but at a speed of 95km/h.

Flying Aces

You can first enjoy the roller coaster that moves at half the speed of Rossa. However, this is the highest roller coaster in the world. Flying Aces will reach the height of 63 meters with a 51-degree inclination and boom. It will hit 120km/h, and you can feel your body moving across the Italian zone.

Flying Wings

This is a miniature version of Ace’s for children to be the captain of their flight. Ferrari World ensures that every adult ride has a miniature version so that children may not miss out on the fun.

Fiorano GT Challenger

This roller coaster will make you feel like riding a Ferrari. The GT challenger resembles the characteristics of the Ferrari F430. Now you can experience a Ferrari ride on twisting parallel tracks and sharp turns. You will visit the Italian zone at 95km/h.

Turbo Tower

Here, the abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world brings you the best zero gravity experience. Just hop on to the Turbo Tower ride with your child and feel the gravity drop from 13.5 meters high.

Speed of Magic

You will have an adventurous 4D journey with Nello. Their famous racer will take you into another imaginary world of high speed and stimulator technology where you can even feel the moisture in the air. You will have a whole new magical journey here.

Karting Academy

Ferrari world has a 290-meter-long go-karting track. You can feel the wheel like a Ferrari racer on the track and leave like a real drift champion in town.

Bell’ Italia

It is a beautiful ride where you sit in a Ferrari 250 California and move across Italy miniatures. You can enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of Italy here.

RC Challenge

It depicts the waterway of Italy where you can ride remote control boats and cars. It teaches to have control on the ride while visiting the landmarks.

Made in Maranello

If your children are crazy about cars, this is a must-visit. It showcases the insights of Ferrari manufacturing. All the steps for design, paint, and assembly are shown here.

Motor Midway Games

There are many fun-filled games at this vintage 1950 GT pit lane. They have wide varieties that you can enjoy with your family.

Tyre Twist

It is similar to traditional teacup rides. However, they have F1™ -inspired tires where you can sit and enjoy a slow but steady ride.

Tyre Change experience

Ferrari world ensures that you and your family or friends experience every bit of Ferrari taste. So, they even have tyre changing places for F1TM cars where you feel like a crew member.

Speedway Race

These are two-seater race cars specially designed for children. Beautiful lights across the race track will enlighten your child’s mood.

Driving with the Champion

This ride is basically a cinematic stimulator that is motion-based. You can feel like an F1 pro at hitting the roads with high speed and lighting by availing our Ferrari world tickets on tour.

Why Choose Saifco Travel and Tourism?

Choosing Saifco would be one of your most good decisions, and we ensure you never regret it. Your satisfaction is what matters the most to us. Let us give a few reasons why you should prefer us for your abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world.

  • Abu Dhabi tour in luxurious transportation.
  • Pick and Drop services are included in the tour.
  • We cover Dubai theme parks tickets on every tour.
  • We will cover the Ferrari world ticket price in this tour charge as well.
  • You can enjoy about 20 Ferrari rides here as we buy tickets online for entry.
  • A professional guide/ driver will accompany us.

COVID-19 Guidelines

You must show a Green status on the Alhosn app for your abu dhabi city tour with ferrari world to ensure you are vaccinated. However, a 14-day PCR is mandatory even if you are fully vaccinated. Followed by a 48-hour PCR test if you have not received the vaccination dose.

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