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Are you willing to travel during these holidays? Do you want to take your family on an adventurous trip? Are you planning to visit the UAE soon? Are you getting bored while staying in Dubai? Then you’ve definitely reached the right place.

The United Arab Emirates is well known due to the high number of immigrants and tourists visiting annually. It clearly depicts Arabic culture and its history in every architecture. The peace and security in UAE so not yet found anywhere else. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two main cities/Emirates in UAE. These are the largest cities in UAE and are known for their beautiful skyscrapers. Their nightlife, luxury hotels, and budget-friendly entertainment attract every human being visiting UAE to come here at least once.

A tour of such magnificent cities is a must if you are visiting the UAE. Your stay is incomplete without looking into the alluring attractants of these places. However, we realize how hard it can be to manage everything on your own. So, you do not have to worry anymore. We are here to serve you all with the tours in uae from the bottom of our hearts. It has always been a privilege to provide best travel and tourism services to different people, whether they are UAE residents or tourists.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco Travel and Tourism is a Dubai-based company that has been serving people for decades. We realize that everyone has the right to explore UAE. Our highly-experienced tour operators in Dubai plan everything in the best possible way. We laid the foundation of Saifco, intending to provide the best travel services in the most affordable range and unique tour packages. It’s time to sit back for your tours in uae and enjoy the ride without any hustle.

We have a wide range of inbound tours that will cover a maximum of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You can now enjoy the days while sightseeing the modern architecture during dubai city tours with the taste of Arabic. It is followed by nightlife which you perhaps have never experienced before. We even have classic yacht tours and dhow cruise tours that will make you live a romantic night with your loved ones. Our tour operators are also enthusiastic about taking you on quad biking dubai. Then why wait or take all the burden on yourself when Saifco is here for complete support?

We would be honoured if you came and took these Dubai tours with us. We will make sure that you will spend the rest days with us after going on a single adventure. Soon, you will make the best memories out of here.

 Tours in UAE by Saifco

We know that you’re willing to know the complete details of every place we will take you. The tour operators managed everything perfectly without any delay. You can find all the details here and book us after entrusting us. Here is a list of tours in uae that we arrange for our beloved clients. Let us put some light on each of them.

Abu Dhabi Tours

The scorching desert, blissful environment, the perfect sunbathes at beaches, and the architecture is something that defines the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. They have attractive indoor and outdoor places that are perfectly managed according to everyone’s taste. You can find fantastic food according to your taste. We will take you to various places, followed by the famous sheikh zayed mosque tours. The beautiful sunsets at the beach make Abu Dhabi a top priority on visiting list for every tourist and resident. Our Dubai tour operators arrange the following tours across Abu Dhabi. You can choose as many as you like and cover top famous places with our abu dhabi city tours.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre Museum

We arrange Abu Dhabi city tour with entrance ticket to louvre museum. It will take you to the first universal museum constructed in the Arab world. The French artist designed it in a unique way that is also known to be “Rain of Light.” Modern design with water and light is seen as crucial elements. If you love art, get ready to have an abu dhabi city tour with louvre museum.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Sheikh Zayed Mosque Tour

The sheikh zayed mosque was built as a symbol to depict respect and tolerance. It is one of the largest yet richest mosques in the world. You can join us on our Abu Dhabi city tour, which includes sheikh zayed mosque tours, to see the most extensive carpets that are hand woven, followed by the fantastic chandeliers of different designs.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World tour

Our Abu Dhabi city tour with Ferrari world involves a stop at the Ferrari world. This tour include ferrari world entrance ticket. We will take you to famous places in Abu Dhabi, followed by a stop at Ferrari Park. This is the first yet foremost park based on the Ferrari theme. It has the world’s fastest roller coaster ride, known as Formula Rossa.Ferrari world ticket will grant you access to this fabolous theme park.

We will end the day at the most fantastic place.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour

Are you ready for a complete adrenaline rush? Then this is the best option, and you should go for it. This place is worth visiting because of its stunning and thrilling rides. We even arrange such theme park tickets to avoid any negligence or delayed response at the time of arrival. You will get some mind-blowing experiences here with us.

Saifco will ensure that you get the best at our Ferrari world Abu Dhabi tour, covering top places. Then why wait anymore? Just get ready and join us on the trip to see another face of Abu Dhabi.

 City tours

Saifco arranges various city tours of specific yet different places. The famous locations around UAE are covered within these trips. You’ll always be confident after visiting these places as our tour guides are the most experienced ones. Here is a list of various tours in UAE conducted by Saifco Travel and Tourism.

Dubai city tours

Our dubai city tours are a comprehensive package that is a blast for everyone. If you are having a short stay here but want to explore top places, then it’s the best option. We make sure to entertain you by visiting most of the famous sites across Dubai. Our trip will begin with picking you up from the hotel, then photography at beautiful sceneries. Short stays at Dubai Creek then follow it, sheikh palace( Zabeel Palace) ,Dubai museum, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Al Arab, The Palm Island, Atlantis Hotel, and last but not least, Burj Khalifa. The famous burj khalifa at the top has economical tickets. You can easily see Dubai from this height which will be a new experience. This short trip will cover everything, and then we’ll drop you back at the hotel.

Hot Air Balloon Tour

A beautiful and peaceful venture is achieved when you’re in a hot air balloon tour in Dubai. You rise high in the sky, yet floating slowly in the air feels mystical. Our tour operators arrange these tours in the deserted UAE to catch delights seen from the top. It is usually cold in winters at such heights, and one must wear something warm when getting on board with us.

Dubai City Tour with Dubai Frame Ticket and Transfers

This memorable trip is designed to experience the famous dubai city tour with entrance ticket to dubai frame. We will start our day by picking you up from the hotel, followed by various visits to the Bastakiya, Al Fahidi Fort, Ruler’s Court, and Old Mosque. You are entertained with the history and can take pictures here. The trip continues to Textile Street, Ministry of Finance, Heritage Village, spice and gold souqs.

We will then cross Dry Docks Dubai and the historical union house and take pictures at Jumeirah Road. It is then continued by a photo stop at Atlantis the Palm and a drive through Marina and JBR. The last stop will be the Dubai Frame. It is an impressive mark that represents old and new Dubai.

 Combo Tours

Saifco is a budget-friendly travel agency, and customer service is our topmost priority. Separate trips can be expensive, and arranging them is a hustle. So, we plan some combo tours that cover two to three famous trips across Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our dubai combo tours are a complete tour package. Let us have a list of these below.

Let us have a brief description for ease in choosing what you think is the best.

Dubai Trio (Dubai City Tour, Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner)

This is a two-day trip that covers the three most famous destinations that everyone loves. The pattern of visiting these places is your choice. We will take you on a Dubai city tour in our dubai trio package, and then you can have a cruise dinner first or a desert safari trip. We will entertain you on the remaining part as the next day arrives. This trio package dubai will cover a maximum of the best place around Dubai.

Combo 1: Dubai City Tour and Desert Safari Dubai Tour

It is a one-day trip and consists of two different tours. First, we will pick you up from the hotel and briefly visit various places, including Al Fahidi Fort, Ruler’s Court, Old Mosque, Textile Street, and much more. The Jumeirah Road and Mosque are a must-visit. After a good picture session, we will drop you back to freshen up.

The next part of the tour begins in the afternoon. Our drivers will pick you up and head directly towards the Desert Safari adventure. You have many opportunities to try for the first time, like camel rides, henna tattoos, and go dune bashing. There are shisha cafes, and we will end the trip with a BBQ dinner in the mid-set of the desert followed bt exotic live Entertainment by professional performers.

Combo 2: Dubai Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner

If you have already visited Dubai and want something new, this is the best choice. The tour operators plan a two-day trip according to the client’s wish. We can have Desert Safari rides and BBQ first, followed by a calming and relaxing view on a Cruise. We can also reverse the order of your choice. The high-speed sand rides and a relaxing session on water with great food have always been perfect.

Combo 3: Desert Safari and Abu Dhabi City Tour

This is another two-day tour that slightly differs in the destinations. The order of visiting places is again the patron’s choice. We will take you on the Abu Dhabi city tour, the UAE’s capital.

The tour involves crossing Jebel Ali free zone and making the first stop at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The whole day is spent visiting the most talked about places around Abu Dhabi. The second part of the trip involves a dune ride and good food while sitting in the desert. It is going to be an adventurous ride on the high dunes.

Combo 4: Abu Dubai City Tour and Dhow Cruise Dinner

Our next combo trip is for two days in which now we’ll take you on an astonishing journey around the city of Abu Dhabi. The trip is followed by a relaxing time on the water admiring the beauty around you. The cruise dinner takes you to another world of sky crappers and nightlife.

4 Tours: Desert Safari, Dubai City Tour, Cruise Dinner & Abu Dhabi City Tour

Last but not least is a lavish trip of three days that covers 80% of the virtual tours we offer our customers. The journey begins by taking you around Dubai and admiring the beauty of its top buildings and the architecture it holds. The day is then ended with a lavish dinner on the cruise. This can be the most romantic dinner you’ve ever experienced. The next day is spent in the sand of the deserts in Dubai.

You will enjoy rides and good food along the trips. The third day is here; now, you will see the beautiful capital of UAE. The cultural foundations, Heritage Village and much more are waiting for you.

Desert Safari Tours

Here, we will take you to experience the raw side of UAE. It includes enormous mounds of the sand present along with scorching heat. However, this desert Safari Dubai is famous for biking and jeep riding on the sand along with camping. Let us take you on a thrilling ride of Dubai Desert Safari, including the following tours.

Let us have a small overview of all these trips.

Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

We will take you on a six-seven hours trip in the desert Safari Dubai within the golden dunes. Our first stop will be at Bedouin camp to take some pictures in the evening and relax for a while. Then, we will further move toward the authentic Arabian base.

You will have a traditional welcome with dates and fun activities at Dubai Desert Safari Arabian camp. We will plan a BBQ dinner accompanied by some rides, a henna tattoo, and a shisha party. So, get ready to have fun in the sand of Dubai.

Dubai Desert Safari with 30 mints Quad bike ride

Have you heard of quad biking dubai? If you are a thriller, this must be your life’s best adventure. This quad bike is basically a four-wheeler bike with a designated seat. You can run it at high speed with the sand.

These low-pressure tires help you to ride along this deserted area easily. We will take you on a Land cruiser towards the destination with a slight stop. Here you can prepare for the thrilling quad biking dubai in the desert. You will then enjoy a beautiful sunset after dune bashing and a small traditional welcome. So, join us on a 4WD towards quad biking dubai and let’s begin a new chapter of your life.

Private Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

This trip is similar to the other Dubai Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner; however, it includes some extra perks. You will be facilitated by henna painting, shisha, Camel ride, Fire show, Belly dance, Tanoura Dance show and much more as provided in all Desert safari tour However the major difference is that in this tour you will get an exclusive vehicle from start till end of the tour. This is not available in other desert safari tours. You need to book our private desert Safari Dubai tour for extra fun and a yummy BBQ party.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with 30 mins Quad Bike ride

If you are a fun lover and a morning person, this tour must be your top priority. The quad biking dubai in the morning will give you an adrenaline rush by riding those quads at high speed. These automatic quad bikes are pretty safe, and you can handle them easily within the dunes. This will be a thirty-minute ride, and you can have some camel rides and a fabulous photoshoot here.After the Quad biking enjoy dune bashing with our professional safari guide.

Morning Desert Safari

We will take you to the lahbab desert for some venturesome time. We welcome you to hop on this morning desert safari dubai tour if you want endless fun. Our tour operators will arrange a pickup for the inspiring dunes of the lahbab desert. You can have a beautiful morning with camel rides, photo sessions, and much more. Then why stay in the hotel when you can have such a wonderful morning during your Dubai stay? Desert Safari tour in the morning is also best for those who want to avoid extensive heat at afternoon in the Dubai desert especially in summers.

Dubai: VIP Seating Royal Camel Race with Camel Ride

Camel has always been a renowned animal of the desert. Camel racing has always been quite popular, and now we can take you to witness one. Along with the race, you can also be part of riding a camel in a cart. Your exposure to the world is something that defines you. Here, we ensure that you enjoy the rides and taste camel milk and ice creams. You are certainly going to love everything here.

Dubai Desert Safari pick up from Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah

We can also arrange a desert Safari Dubai trip for visitors and residents of Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah. We know that sometimes travelling and planning such long journeys can be hectic. Now, you can book with us for this six to seven-hour long trip with pick and drop provided by our team. This safari tour will arrange camping at an Arabic Bedouin campsite to feel the pure essence of a desert. Furthermore, you can enjoy Arabic coffee, shisha, Tanoura dance, and other entertainment facilities here. Why wait to plan everything when you can avail of our desert safari tours? You only need a booking and get excited for a beautiful day.

However, there ae many combo tours that involve our tours from desert Safari Dubai. We are looking forward to receive your calls for any further inquiry or questions about the trip.

Dhow cruise tours

Dhow cruises are basically wooden boats that are decorated to be quite fancy. These boats eventually become a lavish restaurant for enjoying a fantastic night with your loved ones. The cruise dinner dubai is almost famous worldwide, and everyone wants to experience it at least once in a lifetime. We have managed to arrange various Dhow Cruise tours, and you can choose the one that fancies you more.

Now, we would put some light on what are offering in all these Dhow cruise tours.

Musandam Dibba Day Cruise with transfers

Get ready for sightseeing a mesmerizing view with our Oman musandam dibba tour. We will take you at the Dibba port to start our cruise journey after crossing Sharjah. The cruise is comfortable, with carpets and cushions so you can easily view mountains and villages along the way. This is a ten-hour tour where we also stop for fun water activities. The lunch can be buffet style followed by both Asian and Arabian lunch so that everyone can have a taste of different food at dibba dhow cruise. You will have a fantastic lunch over the ocean.Experince multiple water activities like tour in speed boat, Snorkelling, kayaking, Fishing while cruising , banan Boat ride and much more. The tour ends by dropping you back at the hotel.

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Marina

We will take you for a beautiful view of the night aesthetics across Dubai. This dhow cruise Dubai marina trip is arranged in the Dubai marina. You will float over the water and enjoy unique sights around you filled with mesmerizing lights. This cruise dinner dubai is set for three hours. We would pick you up from the hotel, followed by a cruise journey from which you can witness a beautiful sunset and Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis Hotel and Burj Al Arab. Furthermore, you would enjoy the most elegant dinner of your life.

Dhow Cruise Dinner in Dubai Creek

Dubai creek holds historical significance as it is the first port of Emirates. It is an honour to take you on a cruise dinner at Dubai Creek. We manage every time to organize a romantic dinner along a great food for your loved ones. You can witness the moonlight and have dinner with background music and dance performances. It includes a traditional boat with a beautiful ambience and even an open buffet. You definitely need to bring your partner here after a hectic routine and feel the cosiness under the moonlight.

 Theme Park Tickets

A theme park is a public entertainment place depicting a particular idea or setting. These parks have many attractions and rides loved by everyone, including children or elders. Usually, these parks are built upon a specific idea, and everything depicts it. Rides, boards, and games have a theme, but you need tickets to enter these parks. These tickets may cover your day trip, and you can enjoy unlimited rides. Here is a list of tours we provide you with theme park tickets.

  • LEGOLAND Dubai
  • Bollywood Park Dubai (Tickets)
  • Motion gate
  • Dubai Parks and Resorts with Transfers
  • Dubai Global Village with Transfers
  • Hot Air Balloon Tour (6 Hours)
  • Atlantis Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers
  • Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World tour
  • Wild Wadi Water Park with Transfers
  • Ski Dubai – Indoor Activities in Dubai
  • Wonder Bus Tour (2 Hours)
  • Dubai: VIP Seating Royal Camel Race with Camel Ride
  • Bollywood Park Dubai (Tickets)
  • Motion gate
  • Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour
  • Yas water world Abu Dhabi tour
  • Warner Bros Abu Dhabi tour
  • Museum of the Future

Here is a description of these tours in uae.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Louvre Museum

In this tour, you will have a detailed sightseeing tour of the emirates of Abu Dhabi and you will also get theme park tickets of the Louvre Museum. which is one of the unique kinds of a theme park in this Gulf region. However, we even arrange a trip to the first ever museum in the Arab world. Louvre museum is famous for its architecture and excellent design that links water and light. This museum requires an entry ticket, and we make sure to provide you with one by making some pre-bookings.


LEGOLAND park is present in Dubai, which many tourists visit occasionally. It has its seventh location here. This theme park is specially designed for children under 12 years. This is an educational park that makes you learn while having fun. It has more than 40 rides, including Lego City, Imagination, Kingdom, and some adventurous ones. We make sure that you visit the park with your children.

Dubai Parks and Resorts with Transfers

Saifco arranges a beautiful tour at Dubai Parks and Resorts with Transfers that has more than 100 rides. It includes three main parks along with a water fun known as Bollywood Parks Dubai, Motion gate Dubai, and LEGOLAND Dubai, aside from LEGOLAND Water Park. It will be a six-hour tour where we will ensure you visit these parks and resorts and explore the maximum. If you’re on a short visit, you can avail this tour to cover top places in a limited time.

Dubai Global Village with Transfers

Global village Dubai is a single stop and is a full-on package. You can have the best entertainment, shopping, and dining here. There are many other attractants present here. It has more than thirty pavilions that represent about 75 countries. It is the best initiative to show the cultural aspects of UAE. Saifco will take you to this village; however, the ticket prices are covered within the cost of this tour. This will save a lot of time as we pre-book all the tickets to avoid any hustle.

Hot Air Balloon Tour (6 Hours)

How about a sightseeing Dubai from the sky? Won’t it be the craziest experience? So, join us on our hot air balloon Dubai tour that will cover the ticket cost. This is something that will remain an asset in your memories. Now, you can enjoy mesmerizing landscapes from a height in this tour.

Atlantis Aquaventure and The Lost Chambers

We can arrange a full day pass for the Atlantis aquaventure tour. It is a water park developed on 42 acres and has preserved the most amazing marine life. You can bring your children and show the beauty of marine animals here and can enjoy various rides. Furthermore, we can also expand by taking you to the Lost chamber aquarium. This is going to be the best experience of your life as you can closely witness all the marine lives.

Abu Dhabi City Tour with Ferrari World Tour

We offer theme park tickets to the ferrari world on this tour. We will begin our day by visiting a famous place like Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. However, the ending will be pretty enthusiastic during the stay at Ferrari world. You can enjoy the fastest rides here with your friends and family.

Wild Wadi Water Park with Transfers

Wild Wadi Water Park is close to Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. This park welcomes you on an unforgettable journey in the aquatic. It has about thirty rides, and the water slides reach up to 32 meters high, on which you slide at 80 km/h. Saifco arranges tickets for this park, and you need to get ready for a fantastic day after making your bookings.

Ski Dubai – Indoor Activities in Dubai

Saifco arranges skiing activities by coordinating with the Mall of the Emirates facilities. This indoor activity is where you can throw snowballs and make snowmen while living in a desert. This place is maintained at a minus degree so that the snow doesn’t melt. You can have many fun activities like thrilling attractions such as Mountain Thriller, Snow Bullet Ride and Chairlift ride. If you are tired of the heat and deserted places, then join us on this fun tour to the snow land at Ski Dubai.

Wonder Bus Tour (2 Hours)

This is a Dubai city bus touring company that began to run on roads in 2002. These air-conditioned buses are manufactured in the United States. You can travel around Dubai, including Dubai Creek. Saifco arranges a magnificent tour to cover all places around Dubai on this ride.

Dubai: VIP Seating Royal Camel Race with Camel Ride

Camels are the desert animals here, and we can arrange a tour of the exciting races organized here. It also includes a chance to ride, feed these camels, sand karting, and ride a camel carriage. You can also avail a VIP seat to watch these races from the best view seat. Saifco ensures to make your trip the best one.

Bollywood Park Dubai (Tickets)

This is a park that depicts Indian culture. As the name shows, this park is based on a Bollywood theme. We may characterize these parks as Bollywood Boulevard, Rustic Ravine, Mumbai Chowk, Royal Plaza, and Bollywood Film Studios. What are you waiting for then? Quickly complete your booking process so we can arrange the tickets for your trip.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Tour

Ferrari World is present in Abu Dhabi and has the fastest rides. You can now hop on with us to enjoy more than 20 rides here. We can always accommodate and manage the tickets according to your demand.

 Rent a Yacht in Dubai

Yachts are luxury boats ranging from small size to big size, used for pleasure, racing, Celebrations or cruising. You can rent a yacht in dubai for your tour/event. There are many options for fun activities in water which are listed below:

Let us have a look at the details of our Yacht tours.

Jet Ski rental Dubai

A jet ski is a watercraft which operates on a motor. Dubai has various options for having water fun. There are many things to do in dubai, and one of the most wanted is jet skiing. We can arrange jet skiing rental tours for you and your loved ones. This is a fantastic experience. It will be a 30-minutes or 60-minutes ride depending upon the tour you choose. If it’s your first time, we will provide a proper manual and instructions to make it the best memory of your life.

Deep Sea Fishing 4 hours Tour

Deep sea fishing tour in dubai includes a 36ft boat from which you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Arabian Gulf and do some fishing with your friends and family. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time or if you’re a professional. We ensure that you have a fun time whilst catching plenty of fish. We would be happy to get you on board for a fishing adventure with Saifco.

Speed Boat Tour: 60 Mins, 75 Mins 90 Mins BLAST Tour

Saifco organizes a Speed boat tour in Dubai that will take you out of that heat. It is a speed boat that lasts for different periods depending on your chosen package. A professional rider is on board to ensure complete safety. The tour includes a fast ride and captures sights of the fantastic architecture of various iconic hotels.

Luxury Yacht Cruising

Cruising means travelling from one point to another. However, our luxurious Yacht will make this journey more comfortable. Saifco books luxurious yachts with trustable Yatch rental dubai. We can rent a yacht in dubai for a luxury cruising journey. However, the size may vary and depends on your requirement. We can arrange yachts of various sizes including 36,43,48,50,56,59,66,68,70,75,80,88,90,101, and 121 ft yachts. These yachts are quite economical, and you can rent the one you like.

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