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Luxury Yacht Cruising 75ft

Yacht tours mean renting a sailboat. They are like boats allowing you to leave that hectic routine and feel free. It is usually a light and small boat for arranging families’ and couples’ getaways. Unlike a cruise, a yacht arranges private tours without creating a rush on the boat. You can enjoy all the time within your small personal space without interference.

Why take Dubai yacht tours?

We all sometimes need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Busy schedules are the worst part of everyday life, especially for couples. Don’t we all deserve a getaway from the boring routines? Yacht tours are always a savior on such occasions. Bring your girl to the most romantic nights under a sky filled with stars, or take your family on the cutest ride. Isn’t this the best thing our loved ones deserve?

Dubai has an amazing sea with a wonderful view, especially at night. What idiot will never want to enjoy the most beautiful part of the country while living there? Our dubai yacht tours allow you to select your destination and time. You can plan everything to see while moving on water. Yacht tours give you the most amazing memories with your loved ones.

Don’t we all deserve to go a little extra while in Dubai?

What packages does the Dubai Yacht tour offer?

Dubai yacht vacations are usually less expensive than luxury ocean cruises. It usually depends on how long you want to enjoy your tour. It may include dinner, music, and extras. You can even sometimes go water skiing, waterboarding, or SCUBA diving. Usually, it is always up to you what you want for yourself. You can customize your hours and avail all the perks they are offering.

People usually like to have some light food with wine on their private tours. They even opt for fishing or diving into the depth of the sea with their partner. Dubai is mostly known for being the best vacation spot. You can enjoy the best night on dubai yacht tours with the beautiful view and ocean breezes touching your soul.

What is Saifco Travel and Tourism?

Tourists and even the people of Dubai sometimes get confused about booking the best tour services. However, you have reached the proper place. We bring you Saifco Travel and Tourism company in Dubai. We provide the best yachts in town. If you are looking for a Dubai rental boat, you’ve stepped on the right path.

It is a tourism company that provides various packages, including umrah, visas, and tours. Here we will tell you about the perks of choosing Saifco to rent a yacht Dubai marina. It is a travel agency that provides various tour packages. You can even get a discount on your trip.

Services at Saifco Travel and Tourism

We ensure that patrons experience the best time of their life with Saifco travelers. We are confident that once you get in contact with our dubai yacht charter team, you’ll call us again. Let us help you to have a brief look at the privileges we offer:

Travel in style

We provide our beloved customers with a yacht for party in the most exclusive way. You don’t just have to be simple but always travel in style. The sea’s rhythm and sophisticated music add flavor to your travel. You can rent a yacht dubai marina with your partner to feel love again. Our 75-ft. yachts are available to give you the most beautiful time of your life.

We provide the best and most highly maintained yachts in the Dubai marina. They give you the most relaxing vacations you have been longing for a very long time. Dubai marina gives you the most aesthetic feel of your life, and we provide you the platform to avail yourself of it. Our yachts have the best flexible options to avail.

Plan your tour

We offer exquisite yachts to the tourists and even to the residents of Dubai. You can organize a tour with us according to your availability and ease. We offer the best customer service in town. No matter what your requests are, Saifco is here to fulfill them.

A musical night or romantic candlelight dinner, we are open to your choices. Our 75 ft. exclusive yacht dubai gives the best view while sailing on the water. The dock is highly safe, and a good luxurious sitting is also available. We ensure you spend the best hours of your life in this luxury yachting.

Luxury Yacht Party

Do you want to through a party and can’t find the best destination? Do you need a yacht for party?

So you have reached to the exact site. Our 75 ft. luxury yachting is a huge one that can accommodate about 30 people easily. We are open to gatherings with a good music system. We will ensure that the whole yacht vibes to the beat of the music.

A DJ can also be assigned to make your body move on those beats. A night full of stars and you are dancing on a huge yacht. We can even accommodate many custom packages, including celebrations, water sports packages, food, etc.

But isn’t a party incomplete without some drinks? Yes, you are thinking right. You can avail these yachts for party whenever you want. We can even arrange an open bar for you. All the items at the bar will be of your choice, including vodka, tequila, whiskey, and many more. We will ensure you get the best drinks and wines to enrich the environment of your festive.

Our package includes:

  • Late-night celebrations.
  • Birthday party.
  • Family dinners.
  • Friends Hangout.
  • etc

Full catering options on a yacht

Your dubai yacht party requires the best food in town. How about some seafood on the exclusive yacht dubai? Isn’t this the coolest idea?

We can even arrange catering services with the best chefs in town. You can decide on the menu, including seafood, and we will make sure to serve your guests hot, mouthwatering dishes. We will arrange a yacht for the party and guarantee you’ll contact us again for fun.

Yacht Rental packages

We offer luxury yachting experiences that can cater to all your requirements. You can explore our services by contacting us on the website or even on WhatsApp. Saifco offers various packages depending on the day you want to book a tour.

You can rent a yacht dubai marina and make arrangements that match your mood. Our packages are quite reasonable, and the prices may vary depending on the services you want on tour. But we assure you of complete relaxation, especially if you are a tourist. We welcome our guests with big hearts and ensure that our tours don’t overburden themselves.

You can get the best time of your life at reasonable prices and surety that you’ll never forget these moments.

Safety Equipment at the yacht

We understand that safety is every human’s primary concern, especially going into the sea. Extra life jackets and throw-able floatation devices are always present in the storage of the yacht. You might never know when you need an extra hand.

However, fire extinguishers, signaling devices, medical kits, etc., are always available at our yacht. We ensure you may not face any issues and return in your best health from the tour.

Our Skilled Yacht Charters

We have hired a dubai yacht charter to monitor the yacht’s maintenance, cleaning, and other issues. Our charters have their fixed rates depending on the services you want to enjoy. These services usually include food, beverages, fuel, swimming, and all other entertaining activities.

The Best Decision to Rent a Boat Dubai Marina

You can save a little to get the best boating ordeal of your life. We will suggest you save and go on holiday. If your destination is Dubai, then hello there. Saifco is at your service to give you a lifetime of experience. You can avail dubai boat rental opportunities at the best prices.

We have an easy online booking system, or you can even chat with us on WhatsApp. We assure complete cooperation in every regard. You can choose from our huge Yacht collection. Our Luxury yacht, 75ft., is the most recommended in town.

Lavish structure of the yacht

Saifco is a company based on Dubai yacht charter that provides exclusively designed yachts. You can enjoy the beautiful scenes of Dubai sitting on the dock of our yachts. Our yachts are large enough that they even have well-furnished rooms for sleeping.

The decks are quite spacious and huge. The main deck has windows that give you a combination of both modern and classic looks. Natural light fills the space from top to bottom through these windows. We have a small saloon, and barbeque equipment is also available. An open bar, DJ, and other facilities are all available at our exclusive yacht dubai.

Dubai skylines view

You can feel yourself living in the stunning skyline of Dubai. You can book your tour in the evening to relive a beautiful sunset or have a visit at night. Your eyes would have never seen such an alluring skyline. Our 75 ft. luxury yachting gives you the best chance to feel yourself in the incredible lights of Dubai. It is a wonderful experience from our yacht taking you to another world.

Why Choose Saifco Travels and Tourism?

Our company wants to make your yacht encounter more memorable and fun. We know it gets difficult to choose from a lot of tour companies. Choosing the right boat, crew, and destination is always important. You must invest your money wisely to make these moments worthy with your partner. However, we can give you a list of many reasons to choose us over everyone.

Best Customer Services

We consistently make certain that our patrons are highly satisfied with us. It is important to provide all the facilities that we promise you. We make sure you get the best dubai yacht charter at our company. We will make every penny worth the trip. It is vital for us that our customers are contented with the services when they leave the yachts.

Professional Managing Team

Saifco is not just an ordinary company. Rather it is a family of business professionals. We provide you with the best bar attendants, carters, ship managers, and sailors. You can blindly trust our team with their work at your yacht for the party. We run a complete background check at the time of hiring.

High-Quality Standards

Our dubai boat rental is one of the town’s most quality and elite yachts. The cleanliness and hygiene are already on another level. We ensure that the yacht’s materials and furniture meet your high standard, giving you a classic feel while sailing.

What do you get at Saifco Travel and Tourism?

We advise you to hop on to the dubai boat rental and have all the fun you want. You can get the following privileges at our company.

  • Check into Saifco travelers and select your package with us.
  • Get inclusive boat parties and candlelight dinners.
  • You can get unlimited drinks at our open bar at your party.
  • Dance the night out with a live DJ playing hip hop and trap.
  • We also arrange champagne showers, games, and contests for fun.
  • Enjoy the skyline with your loved one.
  • You can get the best Dubai views from the dock.
  • In the end, return safely to the marina and plan a visit again.

​Contact us

Dubai is one of the UAE countries that are well known for tourism. The city is booming with such experiences. Saifco travel and tourism help you to enjoy this fascinating time of your life. Our dubai yacht charter is available for both locals and tourists to have fun on the yacht.

You can see our website and book a classy tour on 75 ft. huge yacht for yourself. You can even contact us on WhatsApp. We will feel delighted to help you out in every possible way.

We are hoping to see you soon.


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