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Dubai Desert Safari Tours & Abu Dhabi City Tour

If you’re in UAE and want to make the most out of your time, plan for Dubai desert safari tours. Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC makes every tour a dream come true. And you should also try our Abu Dhabi city tour to be amazed by the experience. Tours in both these cities offer a unique and memorable experience. And if you are a nature lover, then you should definitely not miss these outings. What’s more, our travel agency makes sure that you are fully immersed in the vibrant colors and culture of UAE.

Moreover, you can also plan a private tour with us and we will be pleased to arrange one for you. Enjoy more time with your family on completely private Abu Dhabi and Dubai tours. We are also offering additional tours like the ones with a quad bike ride and a visit to the Louvre Museum. These tours are not a part of the regular desert safari and abu dhabi city tours. So they have different prices and you can go for them separately.

Desert Safari Dubai Tours

This 6-7 hours tour is full of fun activities. It will literally make you want more and more. The adrenaline rush, the excitement, the pounding heart, and so much more are a treat to experience. Go explore the magnificent deserts in the Arabian Peninsula and experience for yourself what we are talking about. The desert safari trip offers a combination of cultural enjoyment, adventure, and lavish dinner out in the open sky.

What makes the Dubai desert tour more exciting is the FWD drive deep into the desert. One time you are high on the dunes summit and the next second you are descending in the deep ditches. It’s a roller coaster ride, one which you would surely love. What comes later is a visit to an Arabic Bedouin campsite. You can go for the flavored shisha or the traditional Arabic coffee and nobody would be stopping you. Our tour guides are usually cheerful and friendly. They will share specific details about the places you visit and try to answer all your queries.

Dubai Desert Safari Tours With BBQ Dinner

The pricing for this tour starts at $56 and the duration is approximately 6 hours. The tour starts with a drive deep into the desert on a 4×4. The ups and downs will rush adrenaline into your system and you will start craving more excitement. Don’t forget to capture amazing photos and you can also ask our guide to take your shots. You can see the local falcons flying high in the air and the panoramic view of the sunset.

The traditional Arabic vibe with dates and coffee is something you won’t be forgetting for a long time. Through numerous activities, you will be able to learn more about their culture. The Dubai desert tour also includes a camel ride. So roam around the desert on a camel with a magnificent view of nothing other than sand and horizon.

What’s more, you can even ask the guide to snap a picture with a falcon on your shoulder. Don’t be afraid, it won’t bite. Finally, you can enjoy a gourmet BBQ dinner under the open sky. Oh, and don’t forget to get a souvenir photo wearing a traditional costume.

Add-on Trip – Desert Safari Dubai Tours With 30 Mins Quad Bike Ride

A quad bike ride and that too on a desert safari tour? Are you kidding me? No, we are not as we are offering an add-on tour with a 30 mins quad bike ride. This is an additional tour that you can go for separately and is considered to be the upgrade of the regular desert safari tour.

The duration of this tour is almost 6 hours and pricing starts at $95. It’s one of the most amazing and economical desert safari Dubai deals since you get two things in one package. You get the thrill of a quad bike ride and that too for 30 minutes. And you experience the Dubai desert tour for an off-road adventure.

The tour starts by picking you up from your respective hotel and a shiny air-conditioned Land Cruiser will be parked nearby. It’s hard to believe but luxurious transport is a part of our package at such a low cost. So after a 45 minutes drive, you reach your first destination in the middle of the desert.

There’s a short 45 mins stopover so that you can rest and freshen up. Next comes the moment you have been waiting for; the quad bike ride. Enjoy riding on the quad bike and make every moment count as time will pass very quickly. It’s easy to lose track of time on Dubai desert safari tours, that’s for sure.

Later you can enjoy the landscape in a 4×4 and Dune Bashing. Sandboarding is another thing that you would want to do again and again. Next, you can appreciate the sunset view while crunching shawarma and falafel. Camel ride is another part of the tour which you can repeat. What’s more, the feeling of calmness while relaxing in the Bedouin desert camp can’t be described in words. Finally, a delicious Arabian Buffet Dinner will follow. Veg and non-veg, both options are available. All in all, this tour will be something you will be cherishing for a long time.

Day Trip Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is well-known for being one of the largest oil producers in the world and the richest cities in the middle east. If you are not exploring this richness, you might be missing out on a lot. So how does this Abu Dhabi city tour start? Imagine enjoying yourself in Dubai hotels with a mesmerizing view of skylines. The sightseeing tour starts with picking you up from these hotels and then driving almost 2 hours south.

While traveling to Abu Dhabi, you’ll be passing via Jebel Ali free zone, an industrial area. Later you can watch villages and beautiful plantations on the way near Abu Dhabi’s border. Our first stop is at the 3rd largest mosque in the world. In the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, you can see that Iranian artists have designed the largest carpet in the world. The mosque also is well-known for its lovely collection of marble works.

A few minutes drive and you reach the White Fort (Qasr Al Hosn) and the Cultural Foundation. Since these both places are nearby to each other, you can visit both of these remarkable places easily. The tour continues and you enjoy the awesome view of the Al Bateen District.

Here you can see the Presidential Palace and later you go to the Heritage Village. Now you head toward the breakwater where you can feast your eyes on the jaw-dropping view of the skyline. Before going towards Abu Dhabi Corniche, you might have lunch or eat snacks. On the way back, you will be seeing Formula-1 racing circuit and Abu Dhabi Yas Island.

There are so many places to enjoy which means the day trip Abu Dhabi is worth your money. Moreover, you can also ask us to arrange a separate tour with a visit to the Louvre Museum.

Add-on Trip – Abu Dhabi City Tour With Louvre Museum

This add-on tour, a full-day one, lasts for 9 hours but it costs just $95. The price is too good to be true however we have no hidden fees. If you want to experience the charismatic culture of Abu Dhabi, then this is the tour you should be going on. The glamorous attractions of the city are a treat to watch. Moreover, you can also visit the Louvre Museum.

The day trip Abu Dhabi tour starts from Dubai where a friendly tour guide comes to greet you. You will be seeing the beautiful architectural treasures before reaching Abu Dhabi. However, if you aren’t in Dubai we can arrange pickup for you from your hotel in Abu Dhabi. Now you will be heading to Sheikh Zayed Mosque, a beautiful masterpiece and one of the most magnificent architectures. One thing worth watching is the largest hand-woven carpet in the prayer hall. Later you will go through the Date Market and subsequently stop to click amazing photos at the Abu Dhabi Corniche. Don’t forget to bring your phone otherwise you won’t be able to capture the manicured waterfront and seaside. The next stop is the grand Emirates Palace Hotel. This expensive and luxurious hotel is well-known for its stunning grounds and architecture. Explore the hotel’s intricate architecture and fully immerse yourself in its ambiance. Continuing the tour, you will visit Yas Island and Ferrari World Theme Park where you can click more pictures.

The final stop of the day trip Abu Dhabi is at the Louvre Museum, UAE’s prestigious location. Here you can closely observe the stunning display of artwork. The 90-minute experience in 12 galleries inside this museum will tell you the story of humanity. When you complete this day tour, you would have seen the true colors of Abu Dhabi from different perspectives.

Desert Safari Dubai Deals

Everyone wants to get their hands on the best affordable deals so we make that possible. For the combined tour, our pricing starts from just $105. The cost of the Dubai desert safari with BBQ dinner is only $56. Moreover, you can also go for a separate desert safari tour offering a quad bike ride that lasts for 30 minutes. It costs only $95. The separate tour of Abu Dhabi city in which you get to visit the Louvre Museum costs $95 only.

In short, there are multiple packages for you to choose from. You can opt for the desert safari Dubai tours and Abu Dhabi city tour separately as well. However, for a cost-effective option, it’s better to take both tours in a combined package.

All the desert safari Dubai deals are pretty affordable so anyone can visit both cities easily. We believe in offering customized packages so you can even book a tour exclusively for your family. This means more privacy and time well spent with your loved ones.

A great thing about our service is our refund policy. We understand that there can be emergencies or changes in plans. Your mood might change or anything else could happen. To satisfy our customers and guarantee that we are one of the bests in the business, we even offer full refunds.

If you cancel 72 hours before your start date, we will give you a 100% refund. You get a 50% refund if you cancel 48 hours in advance.

Private Tours for Families

We understand that everyone likes to enjoy privacy from time to time and we respect that. So we can arrange a completely private tour for you as well. A private tour means you can go with your whole family and there’ll be no one else except the guide. This is one of our desert safari Dubai deals that you can avail of right now. Share your requirements, tell us about the number of passengers, and confirm your pickup location and timings. We will be there to pick you up on time. Private Dubai desert safari tours can be even more fun as you can customize them according to your taste. You can take more camel rides, request us to arrange your favorite meals, and even make your BBQ. We just want to make you happy so that you can have maximum fun without any restrictions. Moreover, you can also plan an Abu Dhabi city tour after enjoying your time in Dubai. The two tours when combined in a single deal become cheaper. So explore Dubai the first day, rest in the hotel at night, and wake up to have fun in Abu Dhabi the next day.

Ask Our Satisfied Customers and They’ll Tell Amazing Stories

Customer satisfaction is what we focus on day in and day out. If you ask our customers about the Dubai desert tour, they will tell you about their amazing experiences. And when you go for our enjoyable tours, you will have beautiful memories to share with stunning pictures. Perhaps the best thing is the customized tours that we offer.

You can go alone, or visit with your friends and family. If a private tour suits you, we will make that happen as well, as we arrange for our other customers. And since we instruct and train our tour guides to satisfy our customers, you will hardly have complaints. But if you are still unsure about our services, you can check out the reviews on this page:

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