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Complete Guide to Best Desert Safari Dubai Packages

Known for luxury, city-sized malls, unbelievable islands, sky touching buildings, fancy restaurants, and unlimited fun activities, Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. Based on contemporary architecture and  innovative modernism, it has breathtaking views and amazing hospitality welcoming guests from all around the world.

With the desert and ocean quite accessible with great convenience, all the visitors in Dubai have an extensive list of unforgettable activities that can be done on a vacation. With no room for boredom, the city offers various opportunities and chances to seize the best moments in life.

So stop planning and book a ticket because it’s the perfect weather to be in Dubai. It is the time to tick off the things on your wish list because it’s never the right time to do what you want. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the most anticipated trip of your life.

Best Desert Safari Dubai

The luxury famous city extends to the Arabian desert where you can feel the true sense of Arabic culture and tradition. Although it is famous for luxury, modernism, innovation, and many other attractions, a trip to Dubai Safari will take you to the roots of Arab history with a hint of Arab customs and traditions that have been practised for ages.

The desert offers a long list of adventures with an insight into raw desert life, spectacular sunsets, beautiful golden dunes, delicious meals, and the feeling of walking on powder-soft sand with breezy clothes. It’s the perfect chance to have the main character’s energy and feel yourself to the core.

Some of the adventurous activities that you get to enjoy on your trip to desert safari are given below:

Camel Ride Dubai

If you want a trip to ancient Arabian culture, and feel the true sense of the desert, a camel ride is a must. If you visit Dubai, the visit will be incomplete without having it. A short ride on the back of the desert animal, having a unique gait and the utmost feeling of travelling to the past, to the unfiltered life is a must.

Camels are friendly animals and the ride is quite amusing. You can take many pictures for your social media and your collection of memories. On the camel ride in Dubai, you are accompanied by professional guides that have been working in this field for many years and they make sure that your trip is safe.

Treat for Wildlife Fans

If you are a wildlife fan, you must be more excited because fortunately, the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve has been successful in preserving the wildlife and unique plants in the area. Although it is believed that there is not much life in a desert, it has its own unique set of plants and animals that cannot survive in any other climate.

You might spot some beautiful succulent plants and rare species of centipedes, hedgehogs, spiders, and other insects. For animals like red foxes, oryxes, and antelopes, it is the most suitable environment and therefore you can often come across herds of such animals making your camel ride in Dubai more realistic and exciting.

Camping in the Desert

For an unforgettable desert Safari Dubai morning, you must camp at one of the most highly rated camping sites all around the world. The cold nights coupled with amazing bonfires and company from all around the world is a once in a lifetime experience.

Imagine sitting in a comfortable seat, enjoying a hot and scrumptious barbeque with entertainment like cultural Arabic dance, belly dance, and fire show, because it is something you cannot miss on your desert Safari Dubai booking.

The best way to enjoy this camp is to dress up in an Arabic costume which is available on the spot. There is an extensive range of costumes for you to choose from. The costume makes your experience more exciting and ethereal. To make it more fun, you can also join the dancers on the platform and make it the best time of your life.

An Extensive Buffet

Desert Safari Dubai packages also include a luxurious buffet comprising an extensive range of Arabic cuisine and some other cuisines from all around the world. It has options for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food lovers. It is an amazing treat for your taste buds in the beautiful spectacular scenery and amazing climate. You can have an assortment of fresh salads and fruits, meats, and other Arabic delicacies that are an absolute treat. It is an awesome way to energise yourself and be a part of Arabic culture for one day.

Dune bashing Dubai

You must have seen people cruising in a 4WD in the middle of the desert, in movies. So, dune bashing Dubai is a must-do while you are visiting Dubai. You are the responsibility of a highly skilled driver that drives the 4WD with great expertise. With great Arabic music and spectacular scenery all around you, you can have a spine-chilling experience of dune bashing in Dubai. The feeling of crashing the dunes with the powerful vehicle is quite satisfactory and it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The vehicles used for this purpose are highly customised for dune bashing and specifically made for the desert. They are the perfect sign of luxury and modern Arabic culture that you must experience.


As you do boarding on the snow, you can also board on the sand. All you need is a premium quality board with some roller boots and a helmet and you are good to go. You can take these things from your safari driver / guide as it is complimentary in your Desert Safari Dubai Tour.

It is a great activity to do with your friends and family on your desert Safari Dubai packages and you can make many memories doing it. Surfing on the sand seems to be quite impossible but the powdery sand allows you to have a smooth boarding experience.

Quad Biking Tours in Dubai

Quad biking tours are one of the highlights of the Dubai desert safari packages. It is a nerve-wracking experience where you explore the desert on a quad bike, at a speed you’re comfortable with. You can have a 15 to 30-minute ride but it is enough to shoot your adrenaline and give you the best time of your life. However, you must get your diving gear for the quad biking tours from the providers present there.

How to Book Desert safari dubai Packages?

To book the best desert safari in Dubai, you can rest your trust with us. We are one of the highest-rated Dubai tourist companies all around the world. With many years of experience in this field, we have been successful in catering to the needs and demands of thousands of tourists from all around the world. We have an extensive team of staff dedicated to communicating with our customers and understanding their needs and demands so that we can be there with them at every moment of the trip.

Along with transportation, food, accommodation, and bookings, we have got you all sorted for your other must-do activities with your desert Safari Dubai packages here in Dubai according to the packages you choose.

Fortunately, we value your time and money, and therefore we have formulated an extensive list of packages that you can choose from. Also, you have the option to customize the package according to your convenience. Not only do we offer the best desert safari Dubai package but we also offer several other packages like Dubai yacht trips, a trip across Dubai Marina and Umrah, etc.

Why Choose Us?

As we have been working dealing with Dubai trips for decades, we have developed amazing relations with hotel owners, transporters, caterers, and event organisers all around Dubai. Therefore, we can provide you with a flawless Dubai trip experience with great customization options and various choices of packages. Just visit our official website and take a look at the reviews and testimonials of the people that have used our services before. Book a trip with us and you will never book another trip with any other company.

Timings of Desert Safari Dubai Packages

You can opt from the various time slots of the best desert Safari Dubai.

Desert safari Dubai morning is for those who want to have the best trip but are ready to compromise on the activities that are to be held at night like the barbecue, the bonfire, and the Arabic performances. However, they get to camp in the bright sunlight and have a great desert experience while enjoying delicious food served at that time.

For night Dubai safari packages, it is the best time because you get to see the Desert in the bright daylight, you are there to witness the beauty of the sunset and you can also enjoy the Buffet served at night along with other Arabic performances and the fire shows, etc.

If you want to spend the whole day and the night in the desert, you are also welcome to do that. You can make your desert safari Dubai booking according to that. All you have to do is to select the most suitable package with us, the most reliable desert safari booking company that enables you to get your hands on all the amazing things that are offered in the desert.

There are some combination trips as well where you can combine the desert safari trip with other city attractions that are a must-see while you are on a visit to Dubai. You can talk to your trip adviser to get you the best packages that pay off well in great price ranges. In this way, you will be able to experience all the goodness of Dubai in a very few days without having to go bankrupt.

Regular desert safari dubai booking

If you get the standard package, you get to experience all the above-discussed activities in an extremely affordable range. You have access to our highly professional guidance at your convenience. Whether it is food, transportation, activities, or comfort, we take care of all of your needs and demands. We make sure that we are for your help and guidance whenever you require it.

Premium Desert Safari Dubai booking

If you want to avoid the crowd and enjoy the Safari experience with your friends and family, you are most welcome to try our premium desert safari Dubai package. You can get your hands on our all-inclusive safari trips that have been designed and created to meet the needs of people that hold great taste and want to have an exclusive experience privately.

These packages are a perfect way to have a break from your daily monotonous routine. You can either gift these packages to your loved ones or keep them for yourself so that the true beauty of Dubai can be explored.


With desert Safari Dubai booking, we take care of your transportation from the hotel, your residence, or airport depending upon your convenience.We can even arrange pickup and drop off even from Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah for your Dubai Desert Safari tour.We have an extensive and highly coordinated Network that allows you to have a trouble-free commute without having to worry about anything at all. Vehicles are highly luxurious and equipped with all kinds of necessary amenities you might need on your commute.

Premium Transport Packages

If you have a desert safari Dubai booking for your friends and family as well, we offer great premium packages where you can have privacy and luxury at the same time. In this way, you can travel with your loved ones and be with them throughout the trip.

For budget-friendly options, you can also share your vehicle with another family or another group. In this way not only do you save some money but also you have some company to enjoy your trip with.

To Wrap it Up!

The best desert safari in Dubai is your only chance to travel back to the unfiltered times and enjoy the authentic Arabic culture and its true sense. Say goodbye to the modern tall buildings for one day and live the life of an Arabic man for a day and have numerous memories for all your life. Book your Dubai tour packages now and get your hands on some amazing deals.


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