Wild Wadi Water Park with Transfers

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Wild Wadi Water Park with Transfers

Dubai is one of the most famous vacation destinations around the world. It is filled with many adventurous locations that continuously attract tourists worldwide. It is well-known for its beautiful skyscrapers, tall buildings, iconic big shopping malls, and much more. However, another amazing location across Dubai is its water parks.

Dubai has some great water parks, one of the most loved places, especially for children. You will love these parks in the sunny season. It gives you a splash of refreshments and many amazing rides, making it more attractive. There is a long list, but Wild Wadi Water park is one of the most famous places.

The wild wadi water park dubai is an outdoor park operated by Jumeirah International. It is a beautiful location next to Burj Khalifa. You can always visit the park for a fun-filled day with family and friends.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco is a travel agency that has been operating in Dubai for years. We have been serving tourists and residents in exploring Dubai and nearby areas. It usually gets hectic to plan trips, even with family, especially if you are visiting the place for a few days. Thus, Saifco makes sure that everything is planned in the best way. Our management arranges different tours, like one to wild wadi park dubai, and is open to customized trips as well.

Thus, we welcome you to one of our most loved trips to wadi waterpark dubai. Our team ensures a safe tour with many inclusions. It will definitely be the best trip, and you’ll contact us for further adventures in Dubai.

Wild Wadi Water Park

We welcome you to a one-day trip at wild wadi water park dubai. It is one of the most iconic parks due to the presence of various themes and thrills. Thanks to Dubai’s hot and humid weather, Wild Wadi Water park is pretty famous among both residents and tourists. The trip costs also cover the wild wadi dubai ticket price to avoid delays during the tour.

Let us have a look at the inclusions of the trip to wadi waterpark dubai with Saifco.

Pick Up

We provide pick-and-drop services to every customer and their family or friends. We will pick you up from your hotel in Dubai to visit Wild Wadi Water park. Our driver is always present on time without any further delay. You will be given an arrival time, and we hope you’ll be ready to leave at the exact time with us.

Wild Wadi Dubai Tickets

The park requires an entrance ticket. Thus, the wild wadi dubai ticket price is variable for AED 299 for people who are taller than 1.1 meters. However, it is AED240 for smaller people. It is usually rushed, and it takes time to get the ticket. Thus, our tour cost includes the wild wadi dubai ticket price and is bought earlier to avoid disturbance. The ticket price may vary at the time of booking.

Adventur on the various rides

The wadi waterpark dubai has many rides that will take you to another level of adventure. There are downhill slides as well as curved bowls. You can have fun on the tallest rides, which are known to be the scariest ones too. Thus, wild wadi dubai has huge options of rides from which you can choose. They even have specific safe rides for your children.

Food and Beverages

The wild wadi water park dubai has amazing food stalls within the premises. You do not have to bring food or go out to buy some. You can enjoy some amazing food items along with a variety of beverages at wadi waterpark dubai. Thus, we will arrange delicious food during this tour.

Drop off

This is an amazing fun-filled six hours that will eventually come to an end. After a day of horrifying slides and cute swimming adventures at wild wadi dubai, you’ll be served some good food. However, Saifco will not leave you there. Our driver will be ready to drop you off back at the respective hotels. If you are availing of our Combo tours, we hope to see you for another good day the next day.

Adventurous rides at Wild Wadi Water park

The wild wadi dubai has some really exciting and unbelievable slides to offer. Let us have a look at the ride inclusions available with Saifco.

Jumeirah Sceirah

It is a speed slide with an intensive thrill. It has two tandem slides that move up to 32 meters in height. You will be able to enjoy the view of the complete wild wadi water park dubai. It would help if you crossed your arms and legs during this ride.

Burj Surj

It is a thrilling slide in which your family members will accompany you. Thus, you’ll be upright with holding the tubes present on it. You will slide downhill in a looming bowl. The bowl will swirl and drop directly into the water. This exciting ride involves your family and splashing directly into the water.

Tantrum Alley

It is a family slide that can make your heart beat faster. It is a downhill slide with three exciting tornadoes in between. You will move back and forth, hitting the tornadoes one after the other and splashing directly into the water.

Master Blasters

It is an aquatic roller coaster ride that takes you 15 minutes up in the air and then splashes into the water. These are highly powered slides and are known to be one of the most adventurous slides at wild wadi park dubai.

Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon

It is a kind of family play area that involves a thrill for everyone. Children who are under 1.1 meters can get access to these slides. They are safe for the children and have good security. There are more than a hundred activities for families and their children. The Juha’s dhow and lagoon at wild wadi dubai have about five slides with dumping buckets and other exciting games.

Action River

The action river is a moderate ride where you can sit on a single or double ring. It has about 100,000 liters of water that rises into a wave and splashes into the water. You can even enjoy normal rides if you are afraid of exciting rides.

Breaker’s Bay

This wave pool at wild wadi park dubai is also a thrilling one. It is known to be the largest wave pool in the Middle East. It makes about 1.5 meters of long waves where you can surf and enjoy the rides. These waves are generated in five various configurations every time you ride.

Wipeout and Riptide

This is the most intensive exciting, yet thrilling ride present at wild wadi water park dubai. There are only four such rides in the world, and one is located in this park. It provides you with a complete surfing and thrilling experience.

Why Choose Saifco?

You might think that you can plan such trips on your own, or even if you need help, then why choose Saifco? Even if you are a dubai resident with a busy schedule, Saifco is always here to make the weekends fun. Thus, we can give you a bunch of reasons that will make you contact us as soon as you reach Dubai.

Arrangement of entry tickets

Our trip includes the wild wadi dubai ticket price. The team makes sure to buy the tickets for you to enter the park directly at the time of arrival. We will book the entry tickets for all the theme park tours. You can join us on our combo tours, where we provide all such facilities in a budget-friendly way.

Arrangement of Pick and Drop services.

We always arrange pickups in the morning from the given hotel address at the time of booking. We will drop you back at the respective hotel after a fun yet bewildering day. Isn’t this great?

You only need to book the wild wadi dubai trip with us, and we will take care of everything.

Luxurious transportation

Any uncomfortable ride leads to annoyed customers that ruin your whole day. So, we arrange luxurious transportation to provide pick and drop to and from the hotel. It will be a wonderful ride with us.

Customer satisfaction

The happiness of the customer is always our topmost priority. Saifco ensures to offer the best and most comfortable services during the tour. We make sure to fulfill all the terms from our side, and we hope the same from your side. You will love this trip, and we are confident that you’ll contact us again for further adventures.

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