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Atlantis Water Park Tickets

Dubai is famous for its sightseeing attractions with many cultural highlights. It offers incredible entertainment options to its residents, tourists, and expats as well. People mainly like Dubai’s excellent infrastructure, which depicts its ethnic and cultural beliefs. The presence of deserts, beaches, Dubai museums, and attraction parks make it the foremost choice for everyone.

There are various museums, water, and amusement parks that you can enjoy here in Dubai. You cannot see such a variety of parks everywhere. You just need to grab dubai theme parks tickets to enter these parks. These parks are the best option if you want a small holiday with family or friends. You can even avail a good discount on dubai theme parks tickets at various places.

However, Dubai water parks are the best option in such scorching heat. One of them is Atlantis water park which offers the most significant slides and other facilities across Dubai. You can buy Atlantis water park tickets to have one of the best time with your family and friends. This park is present at the top of Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It is a part of the Atlantis hotel and resort; thus, the name is “Atlantis Water park.”

It is the largest water park in the UAE. There are about 105 slides and attractions. The thrilling activities attract most people to visit it at least once. You can enjoy slides if your height is higher than 1.2cm. However, the children’s play area is also available.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco Travelers has been operating in Dubai for many years. We aim to provide the best services in town. We arrange many Dubai theme parks tickets on our tours, and now we provide Atlantis water park tours for our beloved customers. It is a customized one-day trip where we will take you on one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

You can join us on the Atlantis water park tour, and we will make your day wonderful. We book Atlantis aquaventure tickets online to ensure complete fun at the tour.

Atlantis water park tour summary

Atlantis, The Palm is a hotel between the Arabian Gulf and the majestic Dubai skyline. It is a luxury resort built at the apex of Palm Jumeirah. The hotel rooms are huge, with traditional Arabian touches. They have satellite TV with scenic views and minibars for your comfort during your stay. You can get the best vacation experience during your stay at the hotel.

This award-winning hotel has the city’s largest aquarium and an aquaventure water park. Atlantis Water Park is located adjacent to this hotel. We will pick you up from your hotel and would have already booked Atlantis aquaventure tickets online so you can enjoy a breathtaking trip to Atlantis water park. You can have the best time with your loved ones in the water.

Atlantis water park tickets

All these parks require entry; you can buy tickets online or ask for them on the spot. However, guests staying at the Atlantis Hotel can gain free entry to the water park. Usually, Saifco books atlantis aquaventure tickets online when you book your tour. We can even get tickets as we reach the water park for any extra guests that appear at the end of time. You will get a pass or band that will allow you to enter and enjoy the day.

This 141-acre water park has many options for you to enjoy. Let us help you list all the fun you can have by booking Atlantis aquaventure tickets online.

Aquaventure has the following offers on their tickets

Aquaventure day pass

Atlantis aquaventure provides a day pass for their customers. This ticket will allow you to avail more than 105 slides and attractants at the park. However, there is no access to aqua venture aquarium in this pass.

Aquaventure Waterpark Super Pass

The Atlantis Aquaventure Super Pass provides one-day access to the park’s 105+ slides just like the day pass. However, you can even enjoy private beaches and surf rides as well on this ticket. Not only this, but it also includes free access to Dubai’s famous aquarium.

Aquaventure slides and other attractions for you

They have the best adventurous slides with many twists and turns. Aquaventure has more than 105 options from which you can choose. You only need to grab Atlantis water park tickets to enter the mesmerizing world of water. Let us list down a few famous slides that are must-try for everyone.

  1. Group rides

You can visit Atlantis aquaventure park with your friends and enjoy the following amazing slides.

Odyssey of terror

This is the world’s tallest slide that accelerates you from the start so that you can feel that drop. Saifco arranges a group tour for you and your friends to avail of the best free-falling experience.


This is for family and is the longest coaster slide, about 449 meters. You can hop on with your family and slide down into the water.


It is a mixture of experiences where you have mixed feelings and sensations. It is a weightless feeling as you move up and down the heights. This ride is a high-level thrill, and you need a strong heart for this one.

  1. Body Slides

There are narrow slides where you lie down with your hands covering your chest. Just close your eyes and plunge into the water from a height.


It is the most thrilling ride on body slides. It is known as the scariest sister of a leap of faith. You reach high velocities and vertical drops from a significant height.

Leap of faith

A nine-story height where you feel a vertical drop as you move down.


It is like a vortex machine with many twists and turns along the slide. This vortex twister takes you back-to-back twists and caves, so you eventually fall into the water.

  1. Water coaster

The fun has not ended yet. How can you visit a water park without having fun on the amazing water coaster? Let us take you into the imaginary world of fun so you may rush to buy Atlantis water park tickets.

Medusa’s lair

The handles on them are to balance yourself during the slide. Best of luck on this one, guys.


It is the craziest water coaster that takes you to another level of adventure. It has many ups and downs, and you need to hold on tight.

Shark attack

It includes pipes that move across aquarium water in which there are sharks. It is one of the best slides at Aquaventure, where you pass through clear tubes.

  1. Raging rapids

You can plunge into the water that takes you across various feelings, including several water elements. It is a thrill ride with high-pressure bubbles and is a dare for youngsters.

Aquaventure Lost Chamber Aquariums

You can visit the Middle East’s most unique aquarium here at “Lost Chamber Aquarium.” They have more than 65000 marine specialties, making you visit them again. You need the lost chambers aquarium tickets to explore more than 20 diverse marine exhibits. Let us list down the aquariums we can take you to.

There are various sections you can visit and experience. They include a variety of marine animals, including reef sharks, bigeye scads, mandarin fish, and moon jellyfish. We bet most of the names you haven’t even heard of yet. So quickly grab the lost chambers aquarium tickets and take your family for the best learning adventure.

Lost Chamber Aquarium tickets

If you have availed of the Aquaventure day pass, you need to buy tickets online for these aquarium visits separately. These lost chamber aquarium tickets are budget-friendly. It will cost you only AED 135 if you are an adult and AED 95 for children (under the age of 12). However, if you are coming with us on a super pass, you already have the ticket to gain entry here.

Let us list down the breathtaking experiences you will encounter.

Ambassador Lagoon

If you are a nature lover, you will love viewing this sea life peacefully here at Ambassador lagoon. You can bring your children to learn about different fish species and ocean preservation. Ambassador lagoon is a huge aquarium place consisting of 11 million liters and marine habitat of 10-meters-deep.

21 Exhibits to Explore

It is the biggest open-air aquarium in the Middle East. The lost chamber aquarium tickets will take you inside the fascinating world of over 65,000 fishes. Why miss a chance to visit these mesmerizing views at Aquaventure?

Ocean Tales Explore Web App

You can use this app to learn about various marine fishes and their habitats. Learning and closely looking into these fishes’ lives will be best.

Fish Tales Tour

If you want to enhance the learning of your child, then this is the best option. On this tour, you can experience the behind-the-scenes of the Lost chamber aquarium and how we care for all these marine animals at such a great level. So quickly grab the lost chamber aquarium tickets and take your child on the most exquisite learning experience.

Aquaventure Dolphin Experiences

We welcome you to visit Atlantis water park, where you can have all the fun. It is not just a spartan water park with slides. They welcome you to have a stunning evening with the dolphins.

Dolphin dip and play

Here they organize a playful enrichment session for you with their resident dolphins. You can learn about the biology and behavior of these cute dolphins.

Dolphins swim and explore

You can now get a partner for swimming. These energetic dolphins swimming in the water are here to give you some cute moments. You can now swim and interact with our friendly dolphins.

Dolphin meet and greet

If you are scared to go in the water with them, then you can have a meet-up with them. You can come with your children and take pictures with these lovely dolphins at the lagoon’s edge.

Aquaventure Sea Lion Experience

You have all seen sea lions on TV, but how about having a magical meet-up with them indoors? Atlantis aquaventure arranges a safe, interactive session with these marine animals. You need separate tickets to enjoy this session.

Sea Lion dip and play

You can enter the water with these friendly sea lions and learn about their behavior. The parks have all the safety measures; you don’t need to be afraid of them. It will be a stupefying affair for you and your family.

Sea lion meet and greet

If you are hesitant to enter the water with them, you can meet them on edge. You can bring your child to meet them and get a complimentary photo.

Why Choose Saifco Travelers?

You can choose Saifco Travel and Tourism to get the best holiday experience you will never forget. We provide the best service on every trip and tour. Here are a few reasons that will compel you to call us for pre-booking.

Arrange entry tickets to parks

Our trip includes the travel costs and makes sure to buy the tickets for you to save time. You can join us on the Atlantis water park tour, and we’ll provide tickets. We will book the lost chambers aquarium tickets and atlantis aquaventure tickets online for you.

However, if you want a dolphin and sea lion experience, it will be an extra charge as it is not included in the tour.

Pick and Drop services

We will pick you up in the morning from the hotel address you provided at the time of booking. We ensure to buy tickets online before the tour to save time. As soon as we reach the park, you can easily enter the park with already booked tickets. After a bewildering day, we will drop you back at your hotel. Isn’t this great?

You need to book us, and we will take care of everything.

Luxurious transportation

An uncomfortable ride can make people annoyed and moody, ruining your whole day. So, Saifco arranges the best luxurious transportation services to take you to and from the hotel. It will be a comfortable ride with us.

Customer satisfaction

Your happiness is our utmost priority. Saifco ensures to offer the best and most comfortable services during the tour. All the terms and conditions will be fulfilled from our side, and we hope you do so. We are confident that you will book us again.

COVID-19 protocols

You must be vaccinated while going on the trip. This will ensure your safety and that of your fellow passengers as well. A 14-day PCR is important if you are vaccinated; if not, you must show a 48-hour PCR test. These protocols may change from time to time.

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