Combo 3: Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner

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Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner

Are you looking for a beautiful holiday destination? Do you want to have some of the best experiences of your life? Are you willing to take a fun trip this summer? Then what are you waiting for? The United Arab Emirates is one of the most amazing cities everyone wants to visit every year.

You might have seen influencers taking a wonderful trip to Dubai every year. This is because of its beautiful skyscrapers, incredible architecture, and unique fun activities. Dubai has excellent opportunities for everyone coming here. They have innovative development, colossal shopping malls, and much more. There is no doubt that you will have some life-long memories during your visit here. However, exploring such a place on your own is usually tricky. Thus, tourism companies offer a short trip across Dubai and other sites. However, the main task is to find the right yet reliable one.

Saifco Travel and Tourism

Saifco Travel and Tourism company has been a part of this journey for years. This Dubai-based travel agency works hard to make your dream a reality. We realize how important such trips are for you. We are a team of highly skilled professionals. Saifco manages everything in the best way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Saifco is striving to gather the best services across town for you. Our trips and tours cover top places across Dubai and nearby areas. You can even get a customized tour for your family as well. We will take you across the mesmerizing regions of Dubai, where you will admire the beautiful architecture and tall buildings. We arrange day tours to different parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, including the morning desert safari and Dubai creek cruise. It is usually followed by night out on a beautiful luxury yacht tour in Dubai Marina. Furthermore, you can also join us on our afternoon Dubai Desert Safari tours. This is something you’ll never regret doing in your life.

Combo Tours: Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Dinner

People usually visit Dubai for a short period. They visit for barely a week but have a keen desire to cover top places. Trying to organize everything on your own can be difficult. However, Saifco Travel and Tourism are here to fulfill all these dreams.

We have daily tours of various places. You can take advantage of the trips to your favorite sites. However, we are now offering combo tours to our customers. These trips involve more than one place to visit in a budget-friendly way.

The central part is that these tours take place on two days. We do not like to burden people, so we take you on the best desert safari Dubai on the first day. This is followed by the dhow cruise dubai creek on the other day.

Desert Safari Tour

Desert Safari tour take place on a renowned and spectacular desert of Dubai in the UAE. It is a never-ending tale. If you love thriller rides, then this is a must tour for you to experience.It is jam-packed with exciting and one-of-a-kind activities, such as Dune Bashing Dubai. You might be wondering how the desert can be fun. We are talking about Dubai, one of the most fun-filled places in the world. Here is a short description of all the privileges you’ll avail yourself of on this best desert safari Dubai trip.

Pickup from the hotel

Saifco Travel and Tourism provides a free pickup for a morning desert safari and also for afternoon desert Safari in Dubai, from your hotel, no matter where it is located. We have experienced Safari drivers/ guides who ensure safe travel from your hotel to where the journey begins with all the members. The driver is professional enough to drive on the desert safari.

Tyre Deflation Stop

The desert tour dubai begins in a 4WD air-conditioned Land Cruiser. We ensure to make your journey as comfortable as possible on the morning desert safari. The first stop is for the deflation of the tyre. It is essential as you can swiftly ride on the sand. They tend to decrease the pressure inside the tyre.

Dune Bashing Dubai

You can avail of various activities being offered during the first stop. The first part involves the very famous Dune Bashing Dubai. You can avail of this opportunity at the first stop. This must be a must-try if you want to get an adrenaline rush. It involves driving at high and low speeds in the sand. It may go on at various speeds and maneuver the car over sand dunes with perfect balance. Dune Bashing Dubai is open to everyone. It is usually a 30-minute ride to give you goosebumps. However, people afraid of such high speeds must refrain from going on this jeep ride.

Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding follows Dune Bashing Dubai on the next stop on the morning desert safari. It is a pretty safe part, and most people agree on doing it. You simply have to hop on a board like on a snowboard. It involves surfing and moving across those sand dunes. You can strap your feet to the board if it’s your first time. However, people with experience can do it without such an export. These sandboards are specially made to slide over the sand during the desert tour dubai.


The morning desert safari trip is filled with fun and excitement. However, what is a trip if you keep clicking your pictures instead of enjoying them to the fullest? So, we make sure that our professional safari guides takes wonderful photos of yours on your  desert tour dubai. Saifco makes an effort to provide the pro photographer cum safari guide to make it the best desert safari Dubai trip.

Desert Camping

The next stop involves a little rest from all those adventures. We set up a shared bedouin camp on the desert tour of dubai. You can rest here for a while and enjoy the soothing environment.

Further Activities

There are much more fun things to do further in the camp on our best desert safari Dubai trip. One of the best parts is the camel ride. Now, you can hop on it and enjoy a little desert tour dubai. Furthermore, there are separate place for shisha pipe/ smoking as well. You can visit this shisha place for free and have a fantastic time.

Most girls even go for some Henna painting. They have one of the most amazing henna designs for you. This is not the end. You can also dress in Arabian costumes and take traditional pictures to remember the trip.

Desert Buffet Dinner

What’s a trip without some special dinner? This makes it the best desert safari Dubai trip for you all. Yes, we will arrange a fantastic buffet dinner for you all at the end of the camping. You can help yourself by serving amazingly cooked food, as customer service is essential for us. Thus, we ensure to have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for you all. The buffet dinner of desert tour dubai also has all sorts of drinks, including soft drinks, coffee, and fizzy drinks that are available within the camp.

Dance shows in Desert

Are you thinking that this whole trip is going on without music? Then you’re wrong about it. Our best desert safari Dubai has a great belly and tanura dance show during the dinner. It also has an unbelievable fire show. These are a pretty well-known tradition and make your evening more beautiful.

Tyre Inflation

We’ll then head back at the end of the day. All of the customers are safely dropped off at their hotels. However, we need to inflate the tyres again before ending our best desert safari Dubai trip. These tyres need more pressure to take you back on the road safely.


You can opt for Quad biking or Souvenir Pictures as well. However, they are not part of the trip but can be added upon your request with separate charges. Saifco is always open to changes according to your request. You can also tip some extras, but it is totally up to you.

However, your Dubai desert safari trip will now end. We will drop you off safely at your respective hotel. You have a long night ahead for a complete better before beginning the next part of the tour.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

The combo tour involves a second day of Dhow Cruise Dinner. The first day is full of adventures, and you need to have a good rest after it. However, the next day is the dubai creek cruise. It is pretty light and soothing for your mind and body. You’re going to have a wonderful time with Saifco on the dhow cruise dubai creek the next day.Let us look at a brief description of this dinner.

Dhow Cruise Deira

We arrange a Dhow cruise dinner at both Dubai Marina and Creek Deira as well. However, most preferably, we take our beloved customers on the dhow cruise Deira trip. Deira is a significant district which is located in the East of the city of Dubai. It is basically known to be the centre for all kinds of emirates trade.

Our dhow cruise dubai creek involves dinner at the Deira Creekside. This Deira Creekside runs along the coastline of Dubai Creek, separating Bur Dubai from Deira. Thus, you can have a fantastic dinner on the shoreline of Deira.


It would be best if you got ready on time in the evening. Our driver will pick you up for the dhow cruise Deira trip. We will soon reach out destination depending on how far away your hotel is. You need to get ready on time so that other customers do not have to wait much. We will move on to the dhow cruise dubai creek as soon as everyone reaches Deira creek.

Luxurious Dhow Dinner

Our dubai creek cruise is a luxurious traditional Arabic dhow boat. It has a pretty amazing view from the top. It is also known as a “floating restaurant” as you get a delicious dinner on the water with the best view.

Water always has a calming and soothing effect on people. We make sure you get to absorb all the calmness and gain a beautiful piece of mind. The dhow cruise deira has two decks with a mesmerizing view of Deira and nearby areas.

As you board the Dubai Creek cruise, a server will assist you in finding your seat. They will make you feel comfortable and treat you with good hospitality. The dinner is usually a buffet with different kinds of food and drinks. We make sure that the buffets has all items for all the customers. This is the best part. Our dubai creek cruise has an open buffet with both vegetarian and meat dishes.


You can give gratuities to the servers or anyone else on your own. Furthermore, you can get souvenir photos and henna paintings here as well. The cost for such activities on the dhow cruise deira is separate, and you need to pay for it on the spot if you avail of any of them.

We will drop everyone at their respective hotels as soon as the dinner is over.


How do you dress for a desert safari trip?

It usually involves a cotton or linen dress, preferably with long sleeves. It is beneficial to wear such kind of dressing looking onto the hot weather.

Is there any age restriction for the desert safari tour?

There is no specific age limit for the tour. However, pregnant ladies should avoid going on dune bashing activities.

Is the camel ride safe for kids?

Yes, it is completely safe for children.

What are the activities on dhow cruise deira?

You enjoy a piece of soulful music and a variety of drinks. A buffet dinner usually follows it with a fantastic view of the Deira.

What is the main difference between dhow cruise dubai creek, and dubai marina?

The only difference between the two places is in location and the view. The rest of the privileges are the same on both trips.

What is the significance of Dubai Creek on tour?

Dubai Creek is not only the first port of the emirates. Rather, it has great historical importance. We prefer to take you to Dubai’s other older yet practical side.

How long is the dhow cruise deira tour?

It is an evening trip. You will enjoy a wonderful dinner for two hours on a dhow cruise.

Why Choose Saifco?

When you go on a trip, you are very careful in selecting a good tourist. There are many things one has in mind. Saifco Travel and Tourism have been serving people for years. We ought to listen to your queries and suggestions carefully. It is always an honor to help the residents and tourists escape from their daily routines. Here are some reasons that will compel you to choose us every time.

Wonderful Management

Saifco has a highly skilled team that ought to manage everything on the team. Our professionals look at all the tours and trips to ensure that there are no mistakes. Everything is booked on time so that you do not have to face any trouble and the trip goes smoothly. Our morning desert safari trip and dhow cruise dinner are perfectly managed on time.

Proficient Chiefs

We ensure that qualified chiefs trained by reputable institutes manage the dinner. You will admire the fantastic food and view. Everything is cooked under proper supervision on the dhow cruise deira and the desert tour dubai.

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients have always mattered the most to us. We are all ears to your queries. It is our duty to provide the best services in town. We do not tolerate any negligence in work. We ensure to provide all the services enlisted in our package and arrange extra activities as well.

Budget friendly tours

Our trips and tours are precisely on budget. We never exceed the rate limit. Instead, every tour is pretty reasonable so that everyone can afford it. Furthermore, there are no charges after the tour payment. It will cover everything. There are also no hidden charges present. However, if you avail yourself of any extra item or activity, it must be paid separately.

Combo tours

We arrange different kinds of Combo tours for a day or two days. You only need to pay once for these trips, and you can enjoy many places. We are delighted even to arrange customized tours for our clients.

Contact Us Today

Saifco Travel and Tourism are always delighted to receive your calls. Our team is always available to answer your queries and help you with any problems. It is an honor to make this trip the most memorable memory of your life. All you need to do is select a package and contact us for confirmation. On the other hand, we will not refund any booking canceled at the end time.

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