Can You Do Umrah Without Mahram?

Are you a woman thinking about performing an Umrah? Are you struggling to get a mahram along with you? Performing an umrah is a sacred act in Islam, and we all long to avail this opportunity. But women have always needed clarification about whether to go alone or Performing Umrah Without Mahram. Let us solve this problem by presenting well-researched information to answer this question. You will also read about who a mahram is, its importance in Islam, and how you get the most suitable Umrah packages.

Who is Mahram for Women?

Mahram is an Arabic word used for the male relatives of a woman whom she can’t marry. But you should know that after marrying, the husband becomes mahram for the woman. A lot of people who come on the list of a mahram include:


  • Direct descendants
  • Spouse’s ancestors
  • Siblings
  • Children
  • Direct ancestors
  • Parent’s siblings
  • Grandparents siblings
  • Rada ( one who gets nursing from the foster mother)

What is the Importance of Mahram for a Muslim?

In Islam, the role of a mahram is to provide protection and guardianship to women. His task is to keep his woman safe from the world’s evils. In Makkah, numerous people perform umrah and hajj, both male and female. Therefore the women must prefer to go with male guardians as their shelter.

Even if you are performing umrah without a mahram, this sacred pilgrimage will provide you with respect, protection and security. But you need to take proper measures beforehand in this case. For example, you must avail umrah package from Abu Dhabi by bus suitable for a woman without a mahram.

Performing Umrah Without Mahram

Until 2019, women were not permitted to perform umrah without a mahram. The main reason behind this was the opposition to travelling alone in Islam for women.

According to Ibn Abbas (RA), Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) said: “A woman is not to travel except with a mahram, and a man is not to enter upon her except if she has a mahram.”

You can also see in a quotation from Abu Hurairah (RA) about the Prophet Muhammad( SAW) ‘s saying, “It is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah SWT and the Last Day to travel a distance of one day and one night without a mahram with her.”

Abu Sa’id also narrated about the hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), where he prohibited the Muslim woman to not travel without her husband or mahram for more than two days.

But now, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has updated these rules and regulations by allowing women to perform umrah without a mahram. The same applies to women planning to perform a Hajj Performing Umrah Without Mahram. This is because of the provision of higher safety and protection measures for women. So make sure to go for Umrah packages which take full responsibility for guiding you through everything.

According to this ministry, now, males and women will register individually. Even a woman can go to umrah without any male guardian, but it is preferable to go with some female group members. You may get to make these group friends when going on your umrah from Abu Dhabi.

Rules for Women on Umrah Without Mahram

It is entirely okay if you are a woman and want to perform an umrah, but you don’t have the arrangement to take a male guardian with you. The Saudi Hajj and Umrah Ministry permit numerous Umrah packages where you can perform umrah this way but with specific rules and regulations  Performing Umrah Without Mahram.


Here is a list of some limitations you must know about before your umrah:


  • Her age must be above 18, and she should possess a no-objection certificate to travel in a group of several females. Also, she should be interested in Umrah packages specifically for women without a mahram.
  • She won’t be able to perform Ramal, the ritual of running during the Sa’i, (the term used for the journey starting from the Safa and terminating at Marwa) and moving in circles around the Kaaba.
  • She must get away from men in case of crowds in the Kaaba.
  • She should recite Talbiyah, an essential umrah prayer in her heart.
  • She needs to cover her head and whole body and not attract men.
  • The women must offer prayers in the separate prayer area allocated for women. When considering the cost of your umrah package from Abu Dhabi 2024, you must focus on renting the most suitable hotel safe for all women.

These rules apply to the women performing an umrah without a male guardian or mahram. As a woman, you should also consider this essential information when selecting your umrah packages from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

In the case of a woman travelling with a mahram, there is much relaxation in these things. In this situation, she can participate in several rituals and activities under the supervision and protection of her mahram.

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To Wrap It Up

Umrah comes in the list of the most sacred obligations for Muslims, but with few rules and regulations to consider. Only by taking these rules into account will you be able to perform umrah correctly. In previous years, it was essential for the woman to go on umrah with a mahram, a male person having a blood, marriage or fosterage relationship with the woman. But now, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah have added Umrah packages for women performing umrah without a mahram. Always inform your travel agent to get Umrah packages that cover all your living, stay, food, and travel costs so you can perform your umrah amazingly without any worries.

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