Mistakes to Avoid During Umrah: Read Before you Select Umrah  from Abu Dhabi 

While performing Umrah, there are many mistakes that people make unintentionally, considering those actions compulsory. This article is about guiding you through the major mistakes you might commit when performing Umrah. So it is essential to read and understand these mistakes properly before choosing umrah packages from Abu Dhabi. Just because you have heard of these things from people around you is not enough for you to practice. Because you are unaware of the authenticity of the knowledge of the actions you are performing. With proper research, we have gathered this piece of information here to make it easier for you to understand which things you should avoid during Umrah. So make sure to read this article carefully to know the mistakes you must avoid before choosing the Umrah package from Abu Dhabi 2024.

Must-Read Things Before you Select Umrah  from Abu Dhabi 

Thinking that at First Glance of the Kaaba, your Dua will Get Accepted 

People have this wrong concept in mind that the first time they will look at the Ka’bah, their Dua is accepted. It is not true at all. Moreover, you cannot find any proof related to this statement from the Sharia. Even if you encounter any Hadees regarding this statement, you will realize it is either fabricated or fragile. So make sure you get this concept out of your mind when performing Umrah. And keep praying till the end to ensure your prayers have got heard. Ensure you know this concept before finalizing your Umrah  from Abu Dhabi.

Stopping During Tawaf and Kissing the Black Stone from Distance

Another major mistake that people commit is stopping during the Tawaf and then kissing the Black Stone from a distance. We all know the importance of the Black Stone and understand its honor. It is a great Sunnah to kiss the black stone; it is a perfect moment for the person doing so. But during the Umrah, the number of people in the crowd makes reaching the Black Stone difficult. As a result, you convince yourself that kissing the Black Stone from afar is also acceptable.

Another problem this act creates is making a line near the black stone, which causes pain for other people performing Umrah from Abu Dhabi. As a result, people have to stop during the Tawaf and then kiss the Black Stone from a distance. People also make another big mistake: throwing flying kisses toward the Black Stone.

All this doesn’t seem right and is not suitable to practice. Stopping during the Tawaf will cause disturbance and unwanted crowding near the Black Stone. It will cause more inconvenience to your fellow pilgrims if you cannot get the proper space to reach the Black Stone and kiss it. Then you should touch the Black Stone with your hands and then kiss your hand. If the crowd is not allowing you to feel the Black Stone, you can point to the stone from a distance and say, Allahu Akbar. Ensure you take care of the time of Umrah and the season before finalizing your umrah packages.

Shouting Out Du’a in Unison

Shouting in Unison is also an unacceptable practice people follow during Umrah. While praying for themselves during the Tawaf, people believe that calling to their maximum pitch will add more intensity to their prayers. Our people follow a leader who reads aloud different Duas. After which, people repeat in high voices and regular pattern. These stories we often hear from people traveling with us when we choose the umrah package from Abu Dhabi by bus. This practice could be better because it disturbs other people performing prayers. As a result, other people lose their focus on the Dua and need clarification.

Moreover, there is no doubt in this rule that keeping your voice high in a sacred place like Haram is not permissible or acceptable. The best thing to do in this regard is to make Dua before you leave for the Tawaf. At that time, you can recite whatever you want with complete focus and Khushoo. As a result, you will be able to say prayers from your own heart. Making dua this way will give you better satisfaction and happiness. Follow this tip when selecting Umrah  from Abu Dhabi and make your Umrah journey even more memorable.

Specifying Particular Du’as for Specific Rounds

Some think specifying a particular Dua for every round of Umrah is a good thing. You can even find various books that contain different Duas that are particular to further rounds of the Umrah. But one thing that you should be clear about is that Shreya has no such evidence about these things. The Holy prophet shows no sunna of doing this practice and specifying Duas in particular rounds. The only specific and authentic Dua you can find related to the Tawaf is the one you make when you meet the end of every circuit.

Doing Tawaf on Someone Else’s Behalf

People think that doing Tawaf on behalf of someone else will be acceptable and rewarding for the person being the cause. During the Umrah, you must complete rounds around the Kaaba 7 times. It often happens that our friends and family tell us to do Umrah on their behalf so that they can earn the reward. But one thing to be clear is that Sharia has no proof of such permissibility. You can do Umrah and Hajj on behalf of other people. But talking specifically about the Tawaf individually, you cannot do it on behalf of someone else. Know more about this in detail before finalizing your Umrah packages from Abu Dhabi.


These were some of the common mistakes people make when going on Umrah. Read these mistakes carefully and try avoiding them for the best Umrah experience. Hiring the best umrah travel agency in Abu Dhabi is also essential, which will guide you through the entire Umrah process properly. At Saifco Travels and Tourism, we have professional and experienced team members who will help you with your Umrah process smoothly. Our team will show that you know the rules and regulations related to Umrah in the state.

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