Umrah for Single Ladies

Saifco Travels offer Umrah packages from Dubai with excellent transport arrangements to each & every Muslim who wish to perform Umrah from Dubai. Single ladies who wish to perform umrah from long time but could not do that without mahram can now fulfill their dreams. With Saifco Travel and Tourism LLC, umrah for single ladies is now made possible. Our main goal is to assist each and every pilgrim to have a comfortable, safe and trouble free umrah journey. Get the best deal on Umrah tour packages with us. Your one-stop shop for holiday packages, tour itinerary, Airline ticket reservations, transportation and hotel options.

We have an extensive network of local business partners and links with hotels and airlines. Saifco offers a comprehensive range of packages to suit all budgets, specially during peak seasons such as Hajj and Ramadan.

We provide travel solutions that allow pilgrims to enjoy the spirituality of their umrah experience without having to stress over arrangements and gaining reward from ALLAH (swt).

Our dedicated team are always ready to assist each and every pilgrims, allowing every individual to experience our professional expertise and high quality services. We strive hard to give the best service to our valued guests and we are very proud that we are one of the trusted agency when it comes to umrah services with alot of satisfied customers. This and more, we want to share to all our valuable pilgrims.

Important Note: Age of the single lady should be above 45.

Umrah Visa Only : AED 1300*

* Starting From

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Umrah For Single Ladies

Single ladies and other women find it difficult to go for Umrah. There are restrictions on performing Umrah for single ladies and it’s only possible under certain conditions. However, the whole visa and booking process can be made easier. Saifco Travel & Tourism is one of the best Umrah services in Dubai. We are not making that bold statement without any testimonials as our website is full of positive customer reviews.

We offer Umrah packages from Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi. Everything is top-class whether it be transportation or hotels. The whole booking process is seamless and quick. So any single lady who wishes to visit Makkah and Madina for Umrah can now do so without any hurdles. Our company makes sure that every pilgrim has a safe, hassle-free, and comfortable journey to the holy mosques. For that to happen, we aim to choose luxury buses and hotels. You can get the best deal on Umrah tour packages with us. We will provide airline ticket reservations, transportation, and multiple hotel options for you to choose from.

Umrah from Dubai by Bus or Air

When you are going for Umrah from Dubai, you have two options. You can either choose to travel by bus or go by air. The bus journey usually takes 18 to 20 hours while a flight takes 2 to 3 hours. So the quick mode of transportation is traveling by air. However, you will fully enjoy both options.

The luxury buses are comfortable which makes it easier to travel on long routes. They are fully air-conditioned with comfy seats to prevent any kind of discomfort. Since the weather is normally hot in Saudi Arabia, such buses are a blessing. As for the hotels, you can choose according to your budget. We offer 3, 4, and 5-star hotels. Although the 5-star hotels are a little pricey, they are more luxurious. But all the hotels that we offer are great for pilgrims.

You can easily get an Umrah visa for single woman from us. We will provide you with your preferred mode of transportation and a hotel of your choice. You can choose to stay in a hotel that’s near to the holy mosques but that comes at a slightly higher price. However, it’s a better option as you can quickly reach for prayers.

We have a strong link with airlines and hotels and have an extensive network of local business partners. So you can expect to get various packages within your budget even during the peak seasons like Ramadan and Hajj. Umrah without mahram is also possible now. But an important thing to keep in mind is that the age of the single lady should be above 45.

Umrah Visa for Single Woman

An Umrah visa starts from AED 1300 only. After getting a visa, you have to get a ticket, book transportation inside Saudi Arabia, and book a hotel as well. Umrah for single woman might not be easy for everyone. The whole process is tiring, especially if you are traveling for the first time. On top of that, if you are an alone single lady traveling without a group you might be more cautious. So many things can go wrong. You can end up with poor transportation facilities or book a low-class hotel. The bus driver might be taking too many breaks during the journey making it last much longer. Probably, an alarming scenario is getting a hotel that’s quite far from the holy mosques. You might need local transport to reach the Holy Kaaba. And what’s even worse is trying to book a hotel when you reach, and then not getting one. What will you do then?

Whatever the case is, you need some kind of guarantee that you won’t face any issues. 

But you don’t need to worry about all of that when you get an Umrah package from us. Our Umrah package contains an Umrah visa for single woman, transportation, hotel booking, and return tickets as well. You can perform Umrah with peace of mind knowing that everything is arranged for you. Everything is provided to you on time so that you can plan your journey accordingly.

Umrah for Single Woman FAQs 

Q. Can a single lady go for Umrah from Dubai without Mahram?

Ans. Yes, only if they are above the age of 45.

Q. Is Covid vaccination required for Umrah?

Ans. Yes, Covid vaccination is required. Only pilgrims under the age of 65 years who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, using vaccines approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health, will be able to perform Hajj / Umrah.

Q. What are the accepted Covid vaccines?

Ans. Accepted Covid Vaccines are 2 Doses of (Pfizer / Moderna / AstraZeneca) or 2 Doses of Sinopharm + 1 Booster dose of (Pfizer / Moderna / AstraZeneca).

Q. Can a single lady get a customized package for Umrah?

Ans. Everyone has the option to get a personalized package for Umrah. You can choose your hotels, transportation, and flight dates.

Q. Can I wear perfume in Umrah?

Ans. Women cannot wear perfume for Umrah. If necessary, women can use unscented creams and lotions while performing the pilgrimage.

Umrah For Single Ladies With Ease and Convenience

We have made Umrah without mahram possible and convenient for a single woman (above the age of 45). With our customized tour packages, you can easily choose your flight dates. You also have the option to travel by luxurious buses which are fully air-conditioned. Do you need a 5-star hotel? No problem, we can book that for you. Or do you want an economy package with a 3-star hotel? Well, we can make an Umrah package according to your requirements. Our main aim is to provide convenience to our customers so that they are fully satisfied. So if you want one of the best Umrah services in Dubai, you know where to go! Give us a call at +971 55 633 7710 or you can even send us a message on WhatsApp. Alternatively, for any inquiries, you can shoot us an email at [email protected]

Happy traveling!


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