All you Need to Know About the Best Umrah Travel Agency UAE

Have you been wanting to perform Umrah for a long time but couldn’t do it because of the lack of knowledge? Do you think that you are privileged enough but lack the basic knowledge needed for performing Umrah? Umrah travel agency UAE  have got your back. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we make sure that each individual gets the best Umrah experience. We are one of the best Umrah travel agency in Dubai and around the globe. Hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials are proof of our efficiency and premium quality services with Umrah travel agency UAE.

In this blog, you can have an insight of all the things that you need to know for booking an Umrah from Abu Dhabi or Saudi Umrah visa from Dubai. So let’s get started.

Characteristics of a Good Umrah travel agency UAE

When you choose the umrah travel agency UAE, you must consider a few important characteristics. It will help you make your experience flawless and hassle free so that you can make the best of your time and money.

Pay Attention to Documents

Whether you are going to Umrah by bus from Sharjah or Umrah by bus from Abu Dhabi, pay attention to all documents. However, it is better to trust a reliable Umrah travel agency for this purpose. Especially for those who are travelling from another country, the paperwork is a lot to handle. Therefore, having a helping hand in this regard is great.


Fortunately, there are different Umrah packages from Dubai according to your budget. These Umrah packages are not only suitable but also designed carefully to meet all your requirements. So if you want to go for the affordable option, you still have a lot of variety. To get the best and the cheapest Umrah packages from Dubai by air, you must do some research. However, you can always choose Umrah packages for families as a more affordable option.

Convenient Accommodation 

You must get convenient accommodation near the grand mosque included in your Umrah package. Not only will it help you save time and money, but it will also be very easy for you to perform Umrah. If your Umrah travel agency UAE does not provide accommodation, you should reconsider your decision.

The reputation of the Umrah travel agency

Before you book your Umrah package with any of the travel agency in Dubai, you must have a look at their official website. It will help you to check the authenticity and professionalism. You should read the reviews and testimonials of previous users. This helps you to have an insight into the strengths of a travelling agency. Whether you want to travel alone or you want Umrah visa services for your family, it is important to prioritize quality services.

Umrah for single ladies

It used to be prohibited for single ladies to perform Umrah without a mahram. But recently, there have been some changes in the law. Now, Umrah for single woman is quite convenient and the Saudi government approves of it. Therefore, you should look for a Umrah travel agency in Dubai that helps you stay updated on the news and reforms in the law. In this way, you will be able to get the most benefit out of your package.

Features of cheapest Umrah packages from Dubai

Performing Umrah is more spiritual and divine when done with your family and loved ones. Therefore, why not opt for a family Umrah deal which is more affordable and gives a more elaborate experience? If you are planning for an affordable Umrah package, you should find the best Umrah travel agency for this.

In such a situation, you don’t have to choose five-star or seven-star hotels and services. More pocket-friendly options, such as four-star or even three-star hotels can easily accommodate you and your family.

Opting for a more affordable option, not only saves money but also reduces stress. It enables you to focus more on the serenity and spirit of the Umrah.

Also, there are thousands of people all around the world, who hold back their wish of performing Umrah because of its expenses. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we make sure that you get to perform Umrah without it being heavy on your pocket. In this way, you can have this spiritual experience without additional stress. Thus, it is our objective to make it easier and more convenient for everyone around the world.

It Should be Comfortable 

The cheapest Umrah packages from Dubai by bus or air do not mean that they have to be uncomfortable. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we make sure that you get the best experience in each Umrah package. We try our best to make the most out of your money. As we have succeeded to develop great connections, we can secure best Umrah deals for our customers. Whether be it boarding, air tickets, transport, or bus service, we prioritize your comfort and get the most reliable

Comfortable travelling

As Umrah is a divine practice, you should perform it with all your heart. To be able to do this, you must be well-rested and comfortable. Therefore, at SAIFCO Travel and tourism, we don’t compromise on your comfort. Even at the most affordable prices, we give you the best Umrah services, including most of the necessary amenities.

Also, Umrah requires great strength and enthusiasm. You can perform well. You cannot perform well if you have had an inconvenient trip. When you have invested in an Umrah package, why not make the best out of it?

Affiliation with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj

If a foreigner comes to Saudia  as a pilgrim, and faces any kind of legal issues, they won’t be able to solve it on their own. Therefore, the Umrah travel agency holds responsibility for all its affiliated members. Especially if your travel agency is verified and affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Hajj, they would be in a much stronger position.

Accommodation and Conveyance 

Before you book your Umrah visa services, you should see if the agency offers satisfactory accommodation and conveyance. You must have a look at the type of hotel rooms and the vehicles they offer for daily use. These are necessary because if you are not staying in a comfortable place, and don’t have a comfortable convenience, it can affect the performance of your Umrah.

Although there are cabs and buses for commuting from one place to another, they’re mostly inconvenient and expensive. For example, if you want to go to Ziyarat, you will need a decent mode of transport. Therefore, transportation should be included in the package.

Air Tickets 

If we talk about Umrah by air from Dubai, tickets are one of the main components. Air tickets might be a part of your Umrah package, but in some packages, you can exclude the air ticket. At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we have affordable prices. You can customize the package according to your requirements. This makes us one of the best-rated Umrah service agencies all around the world.

Travel Agency UAE Procedure for Choosing the Best Umrah Package

Here are some important steps that you should consider for choosing the cheapest Umrah packages from Dubai:

Select the Best Umrah Package

The most important thing to consider here is that you choose the Umrah package wisely. The very first step is to make a list of the elements that you want to get in your Umrah tour.

There are two main categories of Umrah packages available including the group and the customized packages. The good thing about group Umrah packages is that they are affordable. So if you are comfortable traveling together and sharing your rooms then group packages are the perfect option for you.

On the other hand, customized Umrah packages from Abu Dhabi are best because you can design them according to your needs and demands. So if you are very particular about things and do not want to share your stuff with others then you should go for customized individual Umrah tours.

Research your Required Travel Agent

Researching your potential travel agent is also very important whenever you are deciding on the best Umrah package from Dubai for yourself. The quality of services that you will get on your tour depends on the quality of research that you perform for choosing your service provider.

Make sure to look for trustworthy and reliable service providers. Also, take care of the financial situation and look for affordable Umrah package service providers. If you are looking for affordable options then you should consider group packages instead of referring to individual Umrah Tours. One thing to ensure is that the travel agent you are choosing is certified by the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia.

Also, make sure that the travel agent has coverage by ATOL. Do not forget this as traveling without non-certified travel agents is a big risk. It can lead to problems like detention, deportation, bans, or fines for traveling.

The best strategy here is to look for about 4 to 5 options and then compare their overall cost and benefits. Make sure to pay good attention to all the elements including flights, meals, transfers, accommodation, and ziyarat.

Also, you should never forget to look at the Google reviews of the Umrah from the Abu Dhabi service provider that you are considering. This will help you get a better idea of the pros and cons of that particular service provider. As a result, you will be better able to choose the best Umrah service provider for yourself.

Book Early

Make sure to reach out to your chosen Umrah travel agency ahead of time. This will help you enjoy the most affordable deals at your desired travel organizers. The prices get usually high when the time gets close to the pilgrimage days. Moreover booking in advance will also enable you to hire the best service provider for yourself. As you will choose the service provider carefully and with proper research.


When choosing the Umrah travel agency UAE keep these considerations in mind for making the best decision:


You have to figure out how long you want your Umrah tour to be. This way you can get a rough idea of the expenses of your Umrah service in Dubai. One thing is obvious the longer you plan your stay to be, the more will be the total cost. So make sure to focus on this factor and get the best possible Umrah deal for yourself.

The most appropriate approach is to consider group tours to keep your tour more economical. For your general idea, an ideal package comes with a stay in a 5-star or 4-star hotel for a few days to weeks. It should also provide you with good quality food and luxury transport. Most importantly your Umrah package must facilitate you with a tour guide to make things easier for you.


When choosing Umrah services Sharjah it is best to look for a service provider that facilitates you with high-quality food also. Managing things in a different area than your living place is very challenging. You have to look through different food places to get the right quality food at an affordable rate. But all this requires extra energy and time.

And you don’t want to waste both things on your Umrah tour. As you have a limited budget and time when you are traveling for Umrah purposes. So when choosing your Umrah service provider make sure to choose a company that takes care of the food also. Ensure the food quality also so that you don’t have to regret it later. For this, you can look at the reviews of the service provider to get a better idea of their services.


If you are planning for Umrah from UAE the budget is the most important thing that you have to consider. Go through a list of service providers to find the most affordable options. Then see the list of packages that they are providing.

Finally, choose the most economical Umrah package for yourself. But make sure not to compromise on the quality of the services you will get. Be careful in choosing the package and maintain a good balance between the cost and the service quality.

Type of Package

Before applying for Umrah visa services first you have to decide if you want to choose an individual or group Umrah tour. An individual tour is perfect if you prefer privacy. But for this, you must have a good budget. The best thing about group packages is that they are highly affordable and economical as Umrah Travel Agency UAE.

Why Choose Us? 

At SAIFCO Travels and Tourism, we cater to each individual’s needs and requirements. Therefore, we have an extended team of professional advisers, who talk to each customer. We can Customise your Umrah package according to your budget, liking, and requirement. We try our best to stand out by being there for all of our customers in their time of need.

To Wrap it Up!

On our official website, you would be able to find all the relevant information regarding our Umrah service Dubai and Umrah visa services. All you have to do is to select a package and talk to a customer care advisor. So why delay this task? Call us right now and get ready to perform Umrah most conveniently.

Before applying for Umrah visa services first you have to decide if you want to choose an individual or group Umrah tour. An individual tour is perfect if you prefer privacy. But for this, you must have a good budget. The best thing about group packages is that they are highly affordable and economical.

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