Best Time to Perform Umrah: Seasons, Weather, and Crowd Levels

Muslims are liable to perform Umrah or Hajj whenever they can. It is a Holy act where Muslims from different areas visit Mecca to ask for forgiveness. Muslims consider themselves privileged if they get a chance to see the Holy Kaaba for the purpose of Umrah visa for UAE residents.

UAE and UK quickly provide visa facilities to visit Saudi Arabia for Umrah. You can get your visa through Embassy or any good travel company, no matter where you are residing. Most Muslims visit Dubai and then go for Umrah. In this way, they get a minor holiday in Dubai followed by chance to perform Umrah.

However, most Muslims are confused when to visit saudi Arabia for Umrah. Usually, some have children or older adults with them. They must be conscious of the weather and time to visit the Holy City for Umrah.

Essential Things to Consider for Umrah visa for UAE residents

You can plan an Umrah whenever you feel like it. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind before looking for umrah packages from Dubai or any other place.

  • Health is an essential factor that you must consider. You must make sure that you are able to perform all the rituals of Umrah. You can look into the How to Perform Umrah before going. It involves Tawaf and some other things. However, when you begin the journey Allah (S.W.T) gives you the power to complete it. Moreover, if you are a patient of any disease like diabetes, make sure to keep your medicines in excess. Take the medication on time and avoid things that can trigger the onset of illness.
  • ALways carry some extra Antibiotics tablets, Cough syrup, Antihistamines etc
  • The cost of Umrah may vary from one area to another. If you visit Dubai, you can even travel to Umrah by bus from Dubai. There are flights as well as buses that take you to Mecca. You can even contact a different travel agency to learn about Umrah packages from Dubai.
  • Weather is also a factor that people usually ignore and regret later on. You must look out for the weather conditions before visiting Mecca. Saudi Arabia is a deserted area, and it most likely remains very hot and cold, depending on the weather. It would help if you looked into the weather forecast before choosing the time of Umrah.

What is the Best Time to Visit Mecca for Umrah visa for UAE residents

Although Umrah is open throught year except Hajj season. It is a beautiful journey and the following are some of the best times to perform in The Holy City of Mecca.


Ramadan is a month when Muslims fast and move towards spiritual growth. We fast this month and try to avoid most of the things prohibited in Islam. This month even includes Laila Tul Qadar in the last Ashra. Thus, performing Umrah during this month is a huge blessing. You get a double award and fast while performing Umrah. This could be an excellent decision to visit this month. You can contact a good Umrah Travel Agency UAE for application details.

Summer Umrah visa for UAE residents

The temperature is pretty much high from June to August in Saudi Arabia. You would see a low rate of pilgrimages for Umrah in these months. But one benefit is that the cost of umrah packages are pretty low these days. It is due to less number of people visiting Mecca in these months. You can go this month if you want to dodge the huge crowds and you can get even 5 star hotel on very reasonable price for your stay.


Winters usually come after the period of Hajj. It’s been a few years since Hajj comes at the end of the summer season. Most people prefer to visit Mecca in the winter season. This season’s average temperature is about 31 degrees from December to March. Most people prefer to come in this weather with their families. It also gives them a chance to travel to Madinah in a cool environment. You can easily get Umrah visa for uae residents during your stay in Dubai.


Autumn is accompanied by the period of the least rain. We all know that it already rains a lot less in Mecca. Moreover, the autumn season is also known for high humidity and less rain. Thus, you can see less no of people going for Umrah in Autumn comparatively Winter or Spring.


This is one of the best weather to go for Umrah. The temperature is neither too hot or cold in these days. You can easily visit Mecca to perform pilgrimages with your elders. You will see Muslims from different areas, cast and colors, worshipping the same Lord in the same clothes. It emphasizes equality. However, one disadvantage is that you would perform Umrah in an immense crowd during this period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the temperature in Summer and Winter in Mecca?

You can see an average of 43 degrees in the summer season. Moreover, winters are known for an average of 25 degrees, which is favorable.

Can you perform Umrah before Hajj?

The Saudi Government closes the Umrah visa a month before the Hajj. It can get really crowded at the end, so you probably get a visa to perform Hajj. They close the Umrah visa in the months of Dhul Qadh and Dhul Hajj. However, you can further check with the nearby travel agency for the Umrah packages from Dubai, UAE.

How long does an Umrah most likely last?

There are not many rituals or lengthy procedures to complete Umrah. You can perform one even before the day ends. It starts with a tawaf around the Kaaba, and then you go for Sa’ee. You conclude with trimming or cutting your hair.

Final Verdict for Umrah visa for UAE residents

Umrah is a Holy act, and everyone wants to perform it at least once in their lifetime. However, one must be well prepared before leaving for umrah. For further details, look at Umrah Made Easy: Finding the Right Package and Visa. But first, you need to decide a good time to visit Mecca. Ensure the temperature is suitable, especially when visiting with your family.

We hope that you have a safe and profound journey.

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