Dhow Cruise 

When you’re in Dubai, make sure not to miss the opportunity to embark on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek! It’s an incredibly enjoyable way to discover both the historical and modern aspects of the city . Although Dubai doesn’t have any natural rivers or oases, they created an artificial canal city called Dubai Marina. However, Dubai Creek is a natural inlet where you can have a fantastic dhow cruise experience. Therefore, most tourists opt for either dhow cruise Dubai creek or Marina.

What is Dhow Cruise?

A Dhow Cruise is a boat ride on a traditional dhow that has been turned into a restaurant. It takes place in Dubai along the Dubai Creek or Dubai Marina. On your Dubai marina dinner cruise, you can enjoy a tasty meal with Arabic and international cuisine while listening to music and watching a traditional dance performance. It is a wonderful way to relax, take in the beautiful scenery, and immerse oneself in the Arab region’s rich culture and warm hospitality.

Types of Dhow Cruise

  • Dhow Cruise Creek

A prominent waterbody located in the center of two high buildings, Dubai Creek led to the beginning of the Dhow Cruise Creek. The Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek is incredibly popular because it has so much to offer. Convenient free pick-up and drop-off, captivating live shows, and a perfect dinner cruise Dubai await you. You simply can’t miss this two-hour cruise because Dubai Creek is considered the heart of Dubai. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city and a stunning display of beautiful lights that will leave you speechless.

  • Dhow Cruise Marina 

Discover the magic of living like a traditional Bedouin on a Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina. Take a captivating ride through the marina canal, surrounded by the breathtaking Marina skyline. Enjoy entertaining dances, songs, and live shows that showcase Dubai’s journey into a beloved tourist spot. It’s a truly delightful experience to immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere and stunning views of Dubai Marina.

Dhow Cruise Marina Vs. Dhow Cruise Creek

Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek are two iconic locations for dhow cruises in Dubai. Dubai creek cruise represents the historical part of the city, with its rich heritage and traditional trading activities. On the other hand, Dubai Marina showcases the modern side of Dubai, with its stunning high-rise buildings, contemporary architecture, and luxurious amenities. Both locations offer dhow cruises that provide unique experiences. Regardless of the choice, a dhow cruise in either location guarantees an unforgettable journey through the captivating waters of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Entertainment 

Dhow cruises offer a range of entertainment options for tourists seeking relaxation and enjoyment. Private party packages are also available, allowing guests to book the dhow for exclusive functions. The entertainment of belly dancers, a delectable international buffet, and a hired DJ are typically included in these packages. While cruising the picturesque waters, guests can also enjoy a selection of drinks and cocktails. Dhow cruises combine fun, relaxation, and entertainment into one delightful package, making them the ideal setting for unforgettable experiences.

Dhow Cruise Food

When going on a Dhow Cruise, it’s important to consider the size of your group and your food preferences. Each dhow has a specific passenger capacity, so check before booking. Inform the organizers in advance of any dietary preferences or restrictions you may have, such as being vegetarian. As a result, they can guarantee that the onboard buffet will meet your requirements. By planning and communicating your preferences, you can enjoy a personalized dining experience during your dhow cruise

Dhow Cruise Expectations 

A Visual Delight

On a dhow cruise in Dubai, expect to be captivated by the stunning views. The sparkling skyline, illuminated buildings, and smooth sea create a magical atmosphere. As the sun sets, the colors reflect on the water, while gentle waves splash against the white sands. Enjoy this visual treat and create lasting memories of Dubai’s beauty.

Feel like a Royal  

Take a dhow cruise and step into a world of luxury. The beautiful wooden boats, along with their fancy decorations, will make you feel like a king or queen. Enjoy delicious food and excellent service that will make you feel special. Your comfort throughout the journey is ensured by the welcoming cabins and helpful crew and don’t forget the amazing entertainment that will add to your royal experience. Get ready to be treated like royalty on a dhow cruise.

Novelty in the Ambiance 

On a Dubai dhow cruise, the atmosphere is full of novelty. It’s a relaxing and enjoyable experience to eat Creek or marina dhow cruise with dinner here. On the deck, where a buffet-style spread awaits, or in the comfort of your cabin, you can choose to enjoy your meal. Traditional folk dances and belly dancing are delightful options for entertainment. Everyone on board will find the atmosphere to be extremely soothing.


Choosing the Right Dhow Cruise

Choosing the right dhow cruise in Dubai depends on the available sights and sceneries. While Dubai Creek has fewer attractions compared to the Dhow cruise Dubai marina, it offers historical gems like the Bastakiya Quarter on the Bur Dubai side. On your dhow cruise deira side, you can spot prominent buildings such as the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the National Bank of Dubai.

Dubai Marina is a distinct city known for its opulence and entertainment. A cruise dinner Dubai offers stunning views of the skyline, unique architecture, and the experience of trams and cars passing overhead. The area is also home to various cafes and restaurants, adding to its vibrant atmosphere. Enjoy a great sunset dinner cruise Dubai marina once and you will keep it in your memories for your whole life.


  • Cost

The cost of a dhow dinner cruise Dubai is an important factor when choosing between Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek. The price at Dubai Marina is significantly higher compared to Dubai Creek, but it is often considered worth it due to the better services and higher quality experience offered.


  • Setting and Mood

Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina offer contrasting settings and atmospheres for a dhow cruise. Traffic, business activities, and barges all contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of Dubai Creek, which is renowned for its bustling and energetic environment.   On the other hand, Dubai Marina centers around relaxation and entertainment, providing a lively and relaxed atmosphere with waterfront promenades and restaurants. Choosing between the two depends on whether you prefer Dubai Marina’s vibrant charm or the dynamic hustle of Dubai Creek is the deciding factor.


Due to the different experiences and prices, choosing between Dubai’s Marina cruise and

Creek cruise can be difficult. While the Marina cruise is more appealing but pricier, both options promise an Arabian adventure. Whether it’s a sunset at Dubai Marina cruise dinner or the great ambiance of the cruise at Dubai Creek, both offer memorable experiences that capture the essence of Dubai’s culture and scenic beauty. Get ready for a memorable trip that captures Dubai’s spirit.

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