Dubai Launches New Freelance Work Permit For Dh 7,500

Dubai Internet City (DIC) on Wednesday launched a new freelance permit for people working in the technology sectors, which will assist professionals to increase their income sources and also help the free zone attract international and local talent.

Residents in the city of Dubai can now officially engage in freelance work by acquiring a freelance work permit for an annual fee of Dh7,500. The freelance work permit, called Gofreelance, is valid for media and education sectors with Dubai Media City (DMC) and Dubai Knowledge Park (DKP)

Technology professionals in the domains of web, mobile, software development and architecture, IT and telecommunication networking, data science and analytics, and customer service, as well as stakeholders providing technical support and related services are eligible to apply for freelance package. The freelancers will have the flexibility to choose the company they work with, the projects they work on, and manage their own schedule.

Residents who hold jobs can obtain the Freelance Permit provided they have a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from their employer or sponsor, supplementing their salary. Companies, meanwhile, will be able commission freelancers for needs such as a one-off project, contract-based work, outsourcing or assistance with extra workload. The permit is also open to candidates who are on their parent’s or husband’s visa.

At the moment, the permit is restricted to certain activities in each of the two sectors of Education and Media. For example, in Education, there are five activities, including:

Activities allowed on Freelance visa in Dubai:

Education Category:

  • Education Advisor
  • Researcher
  • eLearning Advisor.

Media Category:

  • Actor
  • Animator
  • Cameraman
  • Journalist

The freelance package will cost DH 7,500 per annum inclusive of access to the business center. A total estimate of 100,000 freelancers have been licensed to work according to their likes, how, when, where, what with companies paying them of short-term contractual basis. This not only helps people work from home but helps increase performance as well. One cannot ignore the women who have to take care of both family and professional life can work easily however they like. DIC will also assist international assets to get their visa through a smooth process.

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