Enjoying the New Year’s Evening on Dubai Yacht Tours

How about spending a new year’s evening in Dubai on a splendid yacht? How about experiencing the amazing fireworks in the dark night while floating on the water? We all love to have a fun time on the water, but the idea of having a new year celebration is something very unique. If you love waters with some sparkling lights in the dark, you must go for trying this experience Dubai yacht tours. But how to make the most out of this experience? In this post, we will present some important considerations for people trying to make this experience for the first time.

Types of Yachts for a New Year Celebration on Dubai yacht tours 

Are you confused about what type of yacht to use on a new year’s evening? This might be a tough decision for many travelers, especially for people trying this for the very first time. The basic thing to keep in mind is to choose a yacht that properly accommodates the number of people you are taking. Moreover, go for the one containing the essential features you will need on your tour. Here are the three common types of yachts you can choose from; continue reading to choose the best one for you.

  • Custom Yacht Dubai yacht tours

If you have an amazing budget and all you care about is the luxuries and features, this one works best for you. Such a yacht will be suitable for people who love to turn over anything perfectly according to what they prefer. Whether you go for adding décor or whether you want to set a theme, you are good to go. So, if you totally want to set your favorite theme with heavy décor, sparkling lights, favorite music, and your type of food, you must go for a custom yacht.

2. Semi-Custom Dubai yacht tours

A semi-custom yacht limits the features you can customize in your yacht. This will go for people who are on a medium budget but want to get most of the features according to their likings on their yacht. Choosing such as Dubai yacht tour packge is the most favorable option for family gatherings. It goes well for medium families who want to enjoy a new yew evening on a yacht with only the basic features while still maintaining the quality.

3. Premixed Yacht

If you are planning your yacht new year’s evening with only a few people, a premixed yacht works the best for you. Not only will you have to compromise on its size, but you will have to agree with your heart on whatever feature you will get. So, make sure that you understand very well that there will be no customized feature option when going with a premixed yacht. The only good thing with this one is the affordability, which is a love for people on a tight budget with limited conditions.

What to Consider Before Planning a New Year Dubai yacht tours

We all love to dream about making our first experiences wonderful, but do you know the secret behind this? Yes, thinking about what things to go with and what things to avoid is the only way to make your Yacht tour amazing. Now when you are planning for your first new year’s evening on a yacht, SAIFCO Travels and Tourism has done this big part for you. Along with providing you with suitable visas, it is our responsibility to guide you about how to make your Dubai yacht tours memorable. Go through this section to read everything you need to know.

Appropriate Dressing

The simplest way to enjoy any trip is to wear the appropriate dress. Feeling too cold in the winter or wearing a very hot stiff in the summer can totally take up your time. The new year evening in December is usually cold in many areas of the world, including Dubai. This is why you need to wear warm clothes to keep yourself safe from the harsh effects of the cold wind. Other than your basic dressing, wearing a life jacket is essential, especially for children. Along with your safety, a life jacket will also be helpful in keeping you warm.

No Alcoholic Drinks Policy for the Driver on Dubai Yacht Tours

One thing you need to assure yourself of a wonderful trip is your safety. One thing to ensure that the driver should not sleepy, drowsy, or drunk so that he can stay active and drive carefully. If you are trying to handle the yacht steering make sure that you haven’t drunk. Moreover, set a drinking limit for all the passengers on the yacht to avoid help problems and maintain safety concerns. Don’t forget to ensure an excellent music system with good sound Dubai Yacht for party.

Stay Careful

A lot of people enjoy traveling at night time, but this thing comes with its own drawbacks. If talking about yachting in the evening or at night the biggest problem you have to face is poor navigation. This happens due to darkness resulting in decreased visibility. Some other things which add up to making your Dubai yacht tours more problematic include smog and fog. While traveling at night, consider these things:

  • Prefer keeping the lights low to maintain excellent night vision.
  • Don’t forget that a lot of crowds can also create chaos and extra issues at the yacht.
  • Properly check your surroundings so that you are not hitting any rocks or other yachts.

Maintain the Passenger Limit

A yacht can accommodate a specific number of people depending on its size and capacity. It is always better to know about the passenger limit your yacht offers and stay within that limit to avoid any problems due to extra load. For this, you can go for a yacht that has seats for a specific number of people. So that even if extra people come there they don’t find something to stay for a long time. You might have a lot of your friends complaining about this thing but remember that your security is always the first thing. If you are searching for a boat for rent Dubai, properly count the number of people in your group, and decide on an appropriately sized one.

Safety Measures

How can I have a new year’s evening complete without amazing fireworks? But the very first thing which comes to our mind when thinking about fireworks is safety. When planning to enjoy your new year’s evening on a yacht with amazing fireworks and celebration, you have to consider a few things. You will have to be super careful and maintain a good distance so that the fireworks don’t hurt you in any case. Moreover, extra care is needed if you have children with you. Don’t forget to ensure that the fire extinguishers on the yacht are properly working to prevent damage in case of fire.

Consider Seasickness

A lot of people experience great sea sickness when riding a boat or a yacht. This happens due to a disturbance in your balance center. Night time when our visuals decrease, the chances of seasickness increase. You can prevent this problem by intaking foods or medicine which prevent seasickness on your Dubai yacht tours. If it still occurs, the best way is to use a safe medicine to treat the condition and make you feel better. You can also avoid seasickness by sitting facing forwards rather than in a backward direction. Always go for premium Yatch rental Dubai to help you deal with deciding the top destinations to visit on a new year’s evening for everyone.

Do Proper Planning

One way to make your trip successful is to plan properly about it beforehand. Have a look at the weather and choose your clothes accordingly. The evenings and nights of December are always cold, so do prefer wearing jackets, coats, or sweaters. Also, as you will be traveling on water, preferably outdoors, it is good to wear warm clothes to keep your body warm. It is better to arrange hot drinks for everyone to get some warmth in the cold evening.

Why Us?

If you are planning to rent a yacht in Dubai, SAIFCO Travels and Tourism is the all-in-one package provider. From selecting the most suitable yacht for you to guiding you on a good tour, we have got it all covered by you. We also work on customization to bring extra happiness to our customer’s faces. Our aim is to provide you with unmatchable Dubai yacht tours while taking responsibility for your every need.


Now you have a full compilation of all the important considerations for a wonderful new year’s yacht evening. Your responsibility is to check about all these, and especially focus on the things you should avoid. Moreover, don’t forget to keep your budget, requirements, and go-to destinations before you start your tour. Regardless of the pricing, try your best not to make any compromise on the quality so that you don’t have to regret it later.

Make sure that your Dubai yacht tours compensate at least all the basic and essential features along with properly trained staff to help you on your tour.

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