10 key advices before you leave for Umrah

Saudi Arabia is always welcoming people for Umrah from U.A.E. and other countries around the world. Umrah is a prestigious act that helps Muslims to cleanse their soul. It gives you a new direction in life. You can come here to lessen all the burden and allow Allah (S.W.T.) to heal you. You open up to Him and seek His protection.

Every Muslim wishes to visit Mecca in order to perform Umrah or Hajj at least once in their lifetime. However, some blessed ones get the chance to come here every time. You need to apply for an umrah visa and wait for its approval. As soon as you get your umrah visa, it’s time to pack for a Holy journey toward your creator.

However, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind before Starting your umrah journey. Here are 10 important pieces of advice that would definitely help you in this journey.

1. Try to get maximum knowledge about Umrah.

You are leaving for Umrah. It will help if you are well aware of all the rituals and their importance. There are different books with various references in the market. You can also gather knowledge from the internet. But the main issue is its authenticity. It will help if you looked for authentic references. It will also help you to know the accurate way to perform Umrah.

You must also read about the places to visit. It will mentally prepare you to visit all the sacred places after performing umrah. You should also make a short visit to Madinah. There are many umrah packages 2024 that include a one-day tour to Madinah as well.

2. Complete the documentation timely

One of the most common mistakes seen is that people need complete documentation at the time of departure. This can usually delay or cancel your Umrah trip. Thus, people must avoid such mishaps and prepare everything on time.

You must make sure that your passport, visa, and other documents are all set in a file. Make sure to keep a copy of everything in case you lose any important paper. In certain cases, Umrah Vaccination cards regarding COVID-19 may also be required. We all know that Covid has been eradicated to a much greater extent, but it is good to carry one in case of emergency.

3. Remember the rules required for Ihram

There are certain dos and don’ts of Ihram. Most people need to be made aware of them. Make sure you know everything about it, like you are not allowed to wear underwear, socks or any other piece of cloth. Furthermore, you must take proper care of your hygiene as well.

You cannot use any scent or deodorant and also cannot cover your head. Ihram is a must for every Muslim who comes to perform Umrah. You must ensure that you wear it properly and follow all the rules. It is only possible if you are aware of them. So, do learn everything related to Ihram before leaving.

4. Prepare yourself mentally

You may face a rush of people in Mecca. People from all around the world visit mecca in thousands to perform Umrah. There is no need to panic about reaching there. It can be a hectic routine, but once you watch Holy Kabba, all the stress will disappear. You are leaving all the worldly work behind and preparing yourself mentally to begin this spiritual journey. It will only you and your creator to connect as soon as you reach.

You can read books and watch videos and seminars before leaving. It will give you a brief overlook of all the events that will take place. Make sure to carry all the essentials you may need during this time.

5. Develop patience 

You must make sure to deal with everything patiently. There is a time when things go differently than planned. You may need help in hotels, during your stay, regarding food or anything else. The rush of people everywhere can make you uncomfortable. You need to stay calm and remain polite with everyone. Kindness is the most important part of every Muslim. Make sure to keep patience and be kind to everyone you meet on this beautiful journey.

You must keep patience while meeting people from different cultures that have arrived from different parts of the world. This can be an amazing experience if you remain calm with one another. Make sure that one Muslim does not offend the other one in any regard.

6. Complete hygiene

Make sure you maintain proper hygiene before leaving for umrah journey. Cleanliness is half of your faith. It would be great if you were careful, as improper hygiene might be inconvenient for fellow Muslims. Also, bring all the necessary hygiene products here to maintain it.

However, men also need to cut their hair after performing Sai’i. Both men and women are liable to do so. Thus, you must find a clean barber to complete this ritual. Be careful that the barber uses a new, clean blade to cut hair. This would diminish the risk of disease transfer through such things.

7. Download applications to contact home

You can download apps like Viber, WhatsAPP , Botim etc to keep in contact with your family back home. Such apps have good connectivity, and you can easily make calls. Moreover, you need to keep your phone on airplane mode to avoid the extra roaming charges. Most hotels arranged by your respective Umrah Travel Agency have a good Wi-Fi connection. You can use it for calling your loved ones behind.

8. Make Dua for everyone

You are going to visit the home of Allah (S.W.T.). It is said that every dua you make there does come true. So, before leaving for Umrah from Dubai, do meet your friends and family. Ask them what they want and make a list of Dua for all these people. Remember them in your prayer and recite their dua in front of the Kaaba when you perform Umrah. This is a short gesture to show Allah (S.W.T.) how much you love his creation, and here you are, remembering and praying for everyone else.

9. Do give some charity

We all know that charity and helping others is important to the creator. It helps to lessen any Calamity that you may be facing anytime soon. Thus, make sure to give to charity before getting on to the flight to Umrah. You can do it in various ways. You can give food, clothes, or money to the ones who are in real need. Your intention must be pure, including Allah’s satisfaction (S.W.T.).

10. Put tags on your luggage

While preparing your luggage, make sure you add something that specifics it. You can use red or any specific colored tape. You can put it on all your bags. When you receive the luggage on the other end, it usually gets mixed up. Most of the bags are similar, and it is hard to find yours. Thus, using such tapes will help you quickly identify which one belongs to you.

Suppose you are traveling anytime soon, then these ten points are for you. These are some small reminders before you start your preparation for umrah. If you need clarification about how and where to begin, these suggestions will save you from any confusion. Make sure you are well-prepared on your side and have a safe umrah journey. May all of us be blessed to go on this spiritual journey once in a lifetime

Frequently Asked Questions

Is umrah an obligatory act?

No, Umrah is not an obligation. It is just a way for Muslims to visit their Creator. It helps them to find the right way. This is a peaceful journey that enlightens the faith.

Is it easier to get an umrah visa?

The Umrah visa services are provided by various travel agencies. You need to look for the right and authentic one. They would help get your visa to proceed pretty quickly.

What should one do before leaving for Umrah from Dubai?

One must build up stamina for the coming days. These days require patience and good energy to utilize those days for praying. It is important that you do not feel sluggish or tired after reaching Mecca. So, do keep up a good diet and don’t stress out.

What is Ihram?

Every Muslim needs to enter the holy state of Ihram before Umrah or Hajj. They are specific pieces of clothes to wear as soon as you reach the place of Miqat.

Can you perform Salah on the plane?

Yes, it is possible to perform Salah by looking out of the window and performing the prayer. It is all about your pure intention, and He will surely accept your offerings.

Is the plane safe to travel? 

Yes, plane flights are safe. However, if you are going from UAE, you can utilise umrah by bus from Sharjah or Dubai. But other countries do not have the option of a bus, and you need to go by plane.

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