Do’s and Don’ts in Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is considered one of the best holiday destinations. You get to explore the beauty of this desert city. It has one of the most amazing architecture, followed by some cool destinations for the party. You can enjoy luxurry yacht parties, Cruise dinners, Camel Ride, water parks, shopping malls, and a trip to the Safari Desert.

Out of all the beautiful places, the Afternoon/Evening Desert Safari is always the top priority for tourists. Even the residents love to spend some time with friends here. They love to go camping at such places. The aesthetics at sunset takes your breath away.

You are always warmly welcomed to a desert safari in dubai. However, one must keep certain dos and don’ts in mind. We are listing the most important ones to save you from any future trouble so you may have a memorable trip.

Do’s of Desert Safari Dubai 

As listed below, you must go for certain things before going to the Evening Desert Safari.

Bring medicine

It would be best if you always keep motion sickness tablets with you. The dune bashing in your desert safari trip includes many heart throbbing activities. All of this is good and exciting. But you may never know how you feel after riding a camel and jeep. Usually, the tour guide does have such medicines, but it is always better to look out for yourself. It will save you from getting sick during the trip.

Pack minimum things

Always make sure you carry only a few things with you. It would take a lot of work to carry everything around. This would feel like a burden after some time. Always pack essential yet minimal things with you that are easily carried in a bag pack. You would not be able to enjoy various rides with a heavy bag on your shoulder.

Enjoy all the activities.

Make sure to be a part of every sport during the visit. They usually begin with camel rides. Camels are beautiful desert animals. You do not get to ride them every day so make sure to sit and vibe along with them.

We all have heard of skating, but how about one in the desert? Yes, make sure to go sandboarding during the desert tour dubai. Such activities are usually part of your Desert safari Deals. After that, you can have a taste of Quad biking Dubai. It is a ride on a three or four-vehicle bike. Thus, make sure you avail this chance to the fullest. Hop on to every activity going on there.

Wear light clothes

The Desert can be a warm place during the day. So make sure you wear light clothes that are easily breathable. Airy clothes make you feel comfortable and look appropriate as well. However, the night can be colder in comparison. You can even keep a warm shawl or sweater in order to save yourself from cold at night time or if you are planning to camp there.

Wear sunscreen

The desert safari in Dubai is usually sunny. The scorching sun spreads its harmful rays everywhere. You can get tanned in this heat. Thus, make sure to apply sunscreen before going. If it is a full-day trip, you can also carry one.

Check for safety 

Do check once that the tyres of the car is good. Your safety is your responsibility. These sports activities are not harmful but ensure it on your own. Make sure that the camping is going on at a safe place. Do check camel ride with the authorities that there is no harm in staying the night.

Don’ts of Desert Safari Dubai 

However, one must refrain from doing certain things. Here is a list of don’t that you must follow while going to Evening Desert Safari.

Avoid overeating

You are going to have some thrilling rides as soon as you begin the Dune Bashing Dubai and other ones. This can make your stomach upset as well. Thus, make sure to keep medicines with you and do not overeat. Excess eating can lead to vomiting during the trip and make you sick. Thus, avoid eating that may cause trouble later on.

Avoid over-layering with clothes.

Make sure you do not overburden yourself with clothes. Do carry something, but the daytime can be pretty warm. So, such packed clothing can create a lot of discomfort, and you won’t be able to enjoy your time.

No shying from asking more

Always feel bold in asking for thrilling rides. The people are really kind. They always welcome you for such rides. If you enjoy a ride, then do give it a second round. You do not know when this time may come again, so enjoy the peak. Ask for more rides and activities as much as you want.

Remember to bring water.

Water is an essential part if you are visiting the desert. It can be hot and sunny. Moreover, such activities can be tiring. Remember to carry your water bottle in the bag pack. These are the basic yet most important things for the trip. You may feel thirsty during a desert tour dubai, and water could be hard to find nearby. However our safari guide always carry enough water in the car. you can ask the safari guide for water anytime.

Keep a scarf with you.

Sometimes wind cannot be kind to you. It usually starts getting windy, and the sand is all over the place. It would be best if you protect your eyes in such situations. Thus, keep a scarf around your neck. You must cover your face as soon as the wind is pretty fast.


The Evening Desert Safari trip can be a beautiful memory. However, you need to find some good Desert safari Deals. Many good travel agencies in Dubai arrange such trips. They even have the option of customizing tours. Planning such trips on your own can be a little risky. Thus, contact a good agency and avail of their Desert safari dubai deals.

We hope that this information is helpful for you if you’re going to Evening Desert Safari for the first time. Make sure to visit our website for more awareness regarding such trips and tours across Dubai.

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