Umrah for women without a Mahram

Umrah Without Mahram is a contentious issue that many Muslims grapple with in contemporary times. Umrah is one of the ways that Muslims pray to Allah (S.W.T.). Beloved Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) performed Umrah to show the believers that one must ask Allah (S.W.T.) directly. We all do mistakes in our life. Most of them are not in our control. However, guilt and regret may take up a person mentally. Thus, Umrah helps people clean their souls and ask for forgiveness for all their past sins from Allah (S.W.T.).

Most people feel that it is difficult today to begin this journey. However, now it is really easier to apply for umrah visa. You can check for Umrah Visa services through various online umrah travel agencies and go for the best one.

Specific Guidelines for Umrah 

There are four pillars of Umrah that needs to be filled. You can check “Main Pillars of Umrah: Essential Acts & Their Importance” for complete details. However, there are certain rules and regulation that needs to be followed. They are implemented for both men and women equally. It includes the dress code, language, habits, and use of certain things.

Moreover, one of the essential ones is to bring a Mahram with you on this journey.

Who is a Mahram during Umrah?

The word “Mahram” comes from the Arabic language. It means the male relative of the women. However, the relationship is so pure that she is prohibited from marrying that relative. It can be her father, son, grandparent, sibling, maternal or paternal uncle. The foster children can also be the Mahram for a woman.

A mahram can even be a husband. Yes, her husband can be a Mahram, as she is married to that person. The Mahram is allowed to see her without a hijab. Now, her husband has been the Mahram for most of her life.

Age of a Mahram

The Mahram of an older woman must reach at least the age of puberty. However, a young girl must be accompanied by a sane male. He must be able to provide financial support and protection for this journey.

Umrah Without Mahram 

For all those years, women needed a mahram to perform Umrah. She was only allowed to visit Mecca for Umrah with a Mahram by Govt of Saudi Aabia. However, sometimes it could get difficult. She could not perform Umrah even though she had the money to come as no Mahram was available. This was the main concern of many single woman who wanted to apply for umrah visa.

Looking at such problems, the Saudi Government has taken some necessary decisions. Now, a woman is allowed to go for Umrah Without Mahram. She just needs to find a good Umrah Travel Agency and apply for umrah visa online.

Rules for Umrah Without Mahram

Certain rules a woman needs to follow while going to Umrah Without Mahram are listed below.

  • Women of age between 18 to 65 can now come to perform Umrah without a Mahram. It was recently for only women above the age of 45, but now it has been changed.
  • There is no objection from her family as she can join the Umrah with an organized group.
  • However, it is informed that she must not attract the attention of other men on her way.
  • She is not allowed to recite Talbiyah loudly like men. Her voice should be low that it is audible to only her.
  • She is not allowed to start a conversation with random men. She should not talk to unrelated males during the journey.
  • She can pray after completing Tawaf in Masjid-ul-Haram. However, she must pray in the separate area arranged for women.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has implemented these rules for a woman. Now, they can go on this Holy Journey and come for Umrah from U.A.E. and other countries. Umrah holds a lot of significance in Islam after Hajj. It provides peace and refreshes your faith. Thus, now everyone can achieve this state with minimum hurdles.

Safety for Women 

Some people may think that it is not safe for women to travel this much alone just for Umrah. However, many Umrah Travel Agency are now providing safe travel along the way. But the Saudi government  didn’t allow women to come alone without a Mahram before but now they have ease this restrictions. Some other safety measures have been implemented.

It most likely includes that women can travel, but they need to be with a group. Many women who are coming on this journey can form a group and come together. This will minimize the chance of any harm that may occur along the way.

However, traveling with a Mahram is more relaxing. It is always preferred to travel with your Mahram, He must maintain the conduct code and be mindful of everything around her.but if it is not possible, you come in a group.

May Allah (S.W.T.) accept every prayer during this Holy journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of Mahram?

The word Mahram is used to identify the idea of protection. He is able to protect her from this cruel world. It can most likely be your parents, grandparents, children, or maternal or paternal uncle. These people take responsibility and guide you in every way. This is what they do during Umrah. Their role is pretty significant. You feel safe and secure along your Umrah from U.A.E. or another country.

What should be the age of Mahram?

The Mahram should be at least fifteen years, ensuring he has hit puberty. This is a good age limit for men to be able to play the role of Mahram.

Is there any relaxation in guidelines during Umrah Without Mahram? 

No, a woman needs to follow all the guidelines regarding her way of dressing and attitude. She should refrain from talking to non-mahram and remain with the group. It is then allowed for a woman to come with a group of women to enhance security during the flight or bus towards Mecca. Such groups can be confirmed with a travel agency that provides Umrah Visa services.

Umrah Without Mahram: Can a single woman now perform Umrah?

Yes, a single woman can now perform Umrah even without a Mahram. However, she must be with a reputable company she can trust during travel.

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