Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina Dinner: Highlights and Attractions 

Dubai has always been one of the most popular cities in the UAE. It has developed into one of the most popular cities and offers a huge range of activities. It provides luxury and amazing attractions at the same time. It is a perfect example of using every available resource and converting it into an ideal destination. You can go from shopping at big malls to enjoying a beach party on Marina cruise dinner. 

People love to go on fancy dinners with beautiful views during vacations. Outdoor restaurants are pretty much attending these days. However, you can get a bit more aesthetic with the dhow cruise marina. Yes, you heard it right. Cruising over the calm water and enjoying the mesmerizing skyline is like a dream come true. Visiting a dhow cruise in Dubai Marina is usually on the top list of most tourists—even locals to have a perfect weekend like this with their loved ones. 

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

Dhow cruise marina is a wooden ship that is beautifully carved and is the center of attention of most tourists. The facilities are modern, and you can sit on the deck with a stunning view. The marina cruise dinner offers you serenity in every possible way to your body and mind. 

The cruise is open for an outdoor sitting on the deck or even an indoor space for you. You can watch the view through the windows while sitting inside. The best way to this calm evening is through wonderful dance performances and music. 

Sailing along the Dubai Marina Shore

Persian Gulf is most likely about 2 miles. You get to sell along the shore within this limit. You get to see the breathtaking architecture of the buildings along the way Marina cruise dinner. One of the most beautiful is the Dubai Marina Mall, which is usually the center of attention for most people. The views are surely stunning and make you feel you never want to leave this place.

Beautiful Evening Followed by a Cuisine

Get ready for a Dubai marina cruise dinner with your friends and loved ones. Sitting on a cruise with a delightful dinner is worth your time and money. You can always visit this place and get your bookings for the tale. Most people prefer a travel agency to do all the work, like Saifco Travel and Tourism. They are here to do everything for you and even provide a pic and drop at your hotel. 

Dhow cruise wooden boat may seem a little shallow in hearing but believe us, and it is nothing as you would imagine. This spectacular boat that depicts the traditions of the ancient is pretty luxurious. You get to enjoy the iconic landmarks on the cruise, including Palm Jumeirah and Burj Al Arab.

Cultural Performances at Dinner Cruise Dubai

A wonderful feast and stunning views further include an amazing cultural performance. They depict modernity yet are a treat for the eye. It usually contains versions that add flavor to the evening. Food, views, and music are the best ways to conclude your evening Marina cruise dinner. Tanoura dances are a part of the dinner that entertains the customers in the best possible way. You would have seen all this on the internet but experiencing it live on a dhow cruise is just another feeling. 

Dhow Cruise Upper and Lower decks

The dhow cruise provides you with both indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements. People love to sit on the upper deck outside and enjoy the view. It feels like you are a part of that beautiful scenery. However, some people prefer going indoors on the lower deck. They are fascinated just by looking through the window. You can always choose how you would like to enjoy the view on dinner cruise Dubai.

A Spectacular 2-hour Evening

Sail along the Dubai marina and enjoy the most unexpected 2 hours of your life. Yes, the dinner is usually for 2 hours, and most people prefer to come again. Beautiful landscapes can be seen throughout your journey, and the sky is unexplainably pretty. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner- International Cuisine

Every region has a specific food taste. Although the dishes can be the same but spices and how they are made usually vary from one place to another. You get to enjoy a delicious dhow cruise dinner that you can never forget. The food includes some local and international dishes to serve every taste. The display makes the food more tempting and enhances the taste of your taste buds just by seeing it. 

Dhow Cruise Dinner-Beautiful Sunsets

You can always join the sunset dinner cruise Dubai marina with your partner. Enjoying a breathtaking sunset through the tall buildings makes it more romantic. You feel like being a part of a romantic movie with music in the background. The city lights start to turn on as soon as the sun sets, and you can see Dubai switching to its night mode. 

Then what are you waiting for? Plan to live the beautiful sunset dinner cruise at Dubai marina and surprise your partner with the best gift ever. 

Conclusion (Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina)

It is important to give time to yourself and your family as well. Such small vacations, even for 2-3 days, are important to maintain a healthy sedentary life. Dubai is famous for offering peace to tourists with its calm environment. Going on a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina must be on your bucket list. It gives you a peaceful evening with stunning sunset and skyscrapers that enlightens the vibe of your dinner. 

Travel agencies in Dubai, like Saifco Travel and Tourism is always ready to help you to accomplish this goal by providing pick-n-drop and booking everything for you. You can even choose Dubai Marina or Creek for the dinner. The travel company is always open to your suggestions and can customize your trip according to your needs. 

We hope you get to collect the most beautiful memories with your partner or friends on this trip. It will be worth every penny you’ll be investing. Have a good and safe trip. 

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