Dubai City Tour: Let Us Take You to The Historic Dubai Creek (Old Dubai)

Are you planning to visit Dubai this year? Do you want to explore the renowned city of the United Arab Emirates, including the iconic Dubai Creek? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Dubai is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the world, offering luxury, comfort, and exciting activities during your stay.

What best holiday is the one where you can have a full fun time with your loved ones. One of the best things about Dubai is that it has something for every age group. No one can escape Dubai’s mesmerizing charm, from children to older ones. This one trip can definitely convince you to come back again next year.

City Tour

Whether it’s a business trip, family vacation, or honeymoon doesn’t matter. You can always find the best place to spend some quality time. Dubai city sightseeing tour must be on your bucket list. You can list places, especially those near your stay hotel. Even the hotels are so luxurious that you don’t want to leave your comfort zone.

However, some people are pretty interested in knowing the old side of Dubai. This part is usually known as now Dubai Creek. This is not only the first port of the United Arab Emirates; rather, it has amazing historical significance.

Dubai Creek

Visiting Dubai Creek should be on the top list while you are on your Dubai day tour. How can you miss this hub for trading spices, gold, and other things? Let us dig into the history of Dubai Creek and why it should be the main part of your city tours.

History of Dubai Creek 

The Dubai Creek has always been a source of natural reservoir of water for the residents. It is a long tunnel that was thought to be used for business purposes. Moreover, it was then made as a trading port between East Africa, India as well as the Gulf region. The loading and unloading of trade goods used to take place at this spot. An economic activity that is known as “Pearl Diving” was also pretty famous here.

However, the discovery of oil led to the evolution of the modern Dubai that we see today.

Significance of Dubai Creek

Even though the discovery of oil changed the future of Dubai, Dubai Creek never lost its charm. It holds a historical significance. It offers you a majestic view of traditional architecture around. Compared to other places, with this spot you get to see the wonderful old and new Dubai from the waterfront present here.

It offers breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences to every traveler that comes to Dubai Creek during their Dubai excursions.

Fun Activities

It may seem like a dull, historic place, but the reality is opposite. You can do numerous things during your visit to Dubai Creek. Let us enlist a few in detail.

You can visit Dubai Creek Park during your visit. It is known to be the second-largest park in Dubai. It is a beautiful place for a picnic with your family. Sitting among these botanical flowers and the water view can make your day.

Dubai Dolphinarium: The Dubai Dolphinarium gives you a chance to experience a Dolphin show. You can spend time here with your children and collect the best memory of your life. The dolphins are pretty cute. They perform various tricks and get to win the heart of every person standing here. Moreover, the information center provides tremendous knowledge about these dolphins.

Next visit can be the Dubai Creek and Yacht Club. Yes, you heard us right. It can be the best place for people who love golf. It has an 18-hole championship golf course and can be the best place to enjoy with friends. It even has a swimming pool along with a golf academy. Furthermore, you can even enjoy food at the restaurants present here. Isn’t it an exciting place to have a wonderful evening?

What Next

Abra Experience: You can even have a ferry experience while crossing the Creek on your Dubai excursions. As a result, The city is most likely divided into two parts that lead to the formation of a canal. The Abra is a ferry that takes you across this canal. On the Abra ride, you can enjoy the wonderful view of old and new Dubai.

Cruise Dinner Dubai: The best part is a wonderful dinner on the cruise. Tasty food with beautiful sunsets and the sound of the water, what else can someone wish for? Most people specially visit this place with their loved ones to have a cruise dinner Dubai. You can even go on a Dubai day tour with a travel company like Saifco and end your day here.

Fascinating Stalls, Shops, and Restaurants: The place is surrounded by a wonderful place where you can shop and explore exciting things. You can shop for fabrics, lamps, jewelry, perfumes, and Arabian art. Moreover, they even have various restaurants to enjoy different kinds of food. You can order Japanese to Asian food and much more according to your taste.

Why visit Dubai Creek Deira?

Your Dubai sightseeing tour is incomplete without a visit to the old Dubai. It offers a huge number of activities and some heartwarming views as well. This is a place that should definitely be on your bucket list. Moreover, it is usually hard to explore such places totally on your own. You can always contact some good travel agencies like Saifco Travel and Tourism for your Dubai excursion. They ensure a safe and amazing Dubai city tour. You can travel to top-listed places across Dubai, including Dubai Creek. The best part of their trip is their well-managed cruise dinner Dubai.

Wrap Up 

Above all, Family holidays are definitely the best part of the year. We all want to make them extra special. Visiting Dubai can be one of the best decisions. It’s a beautiful city with lots of fun adventures. There are many good travel companies in Dubai like Saifco Travel that offer you city tours. Then, what are you waiting for? Hop on the beautiful journey of old and new Dubai.

We wish you the best for your next trip.


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