Packing Essentials for Umrah from UAE

Are you blessed for the first time to visit the sacred place of Allah Almighty for the sake of performing an Umrah from UAE? Do you want to perform your umrah without any tension? A very big problem that causes inconvenience for mostly the first-time umrah performers is the improper packing they have done for this trip. Here is a detailed guide to help you decide what things you must carry in your bag when going for umrah. If you are one of them struggling to find the perfect information for umrah packing, do go through this post from Saifco.

Travel Essentials

A fully verified passport and umrah visa from Dubai, which let you enter Saudi Arabia, are the most important things you need to take along with you. Next comes the complete Umrah Vaccination proof for all individuals to be vaccinated against covid-19 and quadrivalent meningococcal meningitis. Along with your other documents, don’t forget to pack your four passport-sized photos in case you need them while going on Umrah from UAE.

One thing which is very problematic for all immigrants is the different currency of Saudi. So make sure that you have at least handful amount of Saudi riyals to fulfill your basic needs there. You can also exchange your local currency money into riyals anytime and from literally anywhere in Makkah. Always keep your credit card or debit card in hand so that you can use it anytime.

One important thing we all must do is to save our emergency contact numbers, such as the group manager of your Umrah Travel Agency, in our contacts book and also on a piece of paper. Last but not least, keep a photocopy of your passport to use in case you lose the original one on your Umrah from UAE.

Umrah Packing: Bag

We all need a nice bag to carry our whole luggage when going to Umrah from UAE. This is the reason why our luggage bag needs to be very strong and durable. Also, ensure that your suitcase or bag has a built-in locking system to keep all your things secure and protected. Don’t forget to keep a few extra locks and keys to add extra security to your luggage and bag.

For your convenience, you can also carry a small backpack or hanging bag which only contains your wallet, mobile phone, passport, medicines, or other crucial personal items.

Prayer Items

Being a Muslim, it is our religious obligation to offer prayer no matter where we are present. One thing which sometimes confuses us is the right qibla direction to find in a new place. So, always keep a compass that directs you about the right direction of qibla so that you can offer your prayer in the right way. You may find numerous prayer mats in Makkah, but it is always better to carry your own prayer mat when going on an Umrah from UAE.

There are multiple dua that we read on a daily basis, some we have memorised, but some are present in our dua book. This dua book is an important element that you must have so that you can offer numerous duas and complete the purpose for which you have come here. Along with this, don’t forget to keep your portable mini Quran to carry it easily anywhere with you.

To keep an account of the zikr you have made on your Umrah from Dubai, you can keep a tasbeeh or digital counter always in your hand. Never forget to keep your How to perform Umrah book so that you perform each and every step correctly in the right manner.

Umrah Packing: Clothing 

The important clothing items you should pack with you are:

  • Loose fitting clothes
  • Comfortable sandals
  • Soft walking shoes
  • Safety pins
  • Two ihrams
  • Light sweater
  • Sunglasses
  • Umbrella
  • Scarf caps
  • Head scarfs
  • Undergarments
  • Abayas

Just assure one thing that all these things you pack are comfortable and easy to wear. Wear nice head caps under the hijab to keep it secure.


Some important medicines that you commonly need on umrah include:

Other than these, if you take any medicines in routine, pack them up in small poxes or a pill box so that you can take them during your Umrah from UAE.


Personal care items are some things that you always need to have with you every time. The most important thing is to keep your mouth fresh and clean, and for this, you need to use good quality toothpaste. To keep your body clean, use a clean and fragrance-free soap. Traveling here and there will cause a lot of dirt to trap in your hair, so make sure you have your own fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner.

Other important toiletries to pack in your bag include scissors, a nail cutter, a razor, deodorant, a hair brush, a hair comb, and tissue paper. Also, make sure you always have a small antibacterial hand sanitiser in your side bag so that you can quickly clean your hands anytime. Always keep your hands and face nicely moisturised. To keep your skin protected from high sun rays, do wear good sunscreen.

To Wrap It Up

Knowing about the exact umrah procedure and packing all the essential items you will need are two things that can result in a hassle-free Umrah from UAE. After a very good research, we have mentioned all the important things for your clothing, medicines, personal items, and other categories which you will surely be needing there. Make sure that you care about your comfort there and never compromise your health so that you can perform the umrah amazingly. Don’t forget to consult with the best Umrah Visa services to see more information regarding umrah guidance and know about umrah packages 2024. The above were all the essential items you should carry while doing umrah packing.

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