Clothing Guide For Women Performing umrah from UAE

Are you part of the huge population confused about what to wear for performing umrah from Dubai? Umrah clothing is always a trending topic no matter if this clothing is for men or women. Comparatively, it is easier for men because they can simply wear an ihram on umrah. But when it comes to women, what type of cloth compulsion of hijab, wearing makeup and such questions are very common.

We at Saifco Travel & Tourism LLC run an Umrah Travel Agency along with providing Umrah Visa Services to guide the applicants on all relevant questions. This post answers most of your questions and is especially for those women packing for going on an umrah. If you are one of them, give a good read to this post to answer your queries.

Deciding the Right Ihram Clothing for Women

The basic ihram clothing for women should cover the following things;

  • The ihram cloth should be thick so that the body is fully covered and nothing is revealing.
  • Wearing a hijab is compulsory for every woman to not just cover their head but fully cover their chest too. Also, this hijab protects you from the false eyes of namehram men.
  • Your clothes should be light in color so that they are not attracting others.
  • There is no specific condition for the fabric of ihram, the only thing you need to assure us is that the cloth is not see-through and is fully covering every part of your body.
  • For women wearing a white abaya, it is necessary to wear white underclothes because colored ones might be visible through a white abaya.
  • Due to the hot temperature of Makkah and Madina, wearing white clothes is better as it reflects sunlight.
  • There is no expulsion of wearing black colored clothes during umrah, so no matter what you wear, just make sure it is neat and clean.
  • When you are done with umrah from dubai, don’t forget to perform the Taqsir ritual where a woman cuts an inch of her hair.

Which Hijab is the Most Suitable for umrah from dubai?

When performing an umrah from Dubai, there are some special things you need to consider. The primary thing is to select a hijab that has a loose fit but is secure on your head. This means go for a hijab that is not too loose or very tight so that it’s not bothering you during your prayers. Also, make sure your hijab is nicely ironed and properly washed so that you can present yourself to Allah in a beautiful way.

The main thing is to decide on the right fabric for the hijab. Go for the breathable ones to keep your head cool during your umrah from dubai. The color of your hijab also matters a lot. A lot of people go with the black-colored hijab due to its high modesty but make sure that you can deal with the high heat this hijab will absorb.

The main purpose of a hijab is to cover your head, not your face, so keep it away from hiding your face. The best thing to do while wearing a hijab is to wear a hijab cap or an underscarf. This works best for women who have short hair coming on their forehead again and again. Also, the hijab cap secures your headscarf and lets it remain in place for hours without causing you any inconvenience.

What Footwear is Good for Women on umrah from dubai?

No matter how nice clothes you are wearing, the main thing which completes your look is your footwear. But what if it is only nice looking and not comfortable? This is the biggest mistake many women make when choosing their shoes for umrah from dubai, so don’t fall into this trap when packing your footwear for umrah. Also, make sure your clothes are appropriate for the season because even after Umrah Vaccination you can fall ill in inappropriate dressing.

It is recommended to take your favorite and most comfortable shoes with you on umrah to aid your convenience and comfort. Unlike men, there is no compulsion for women to wear open shoes only. Rather you can go in closed shoes, sandals, flats, pumps or whatever you like. You will have to walk a lot during umrah from UAE, and this can cause foot sores and blisters. The best solution to prevent this problem is to wear closed-toe shoes.

Suitable for Women on Umrah from Dubai

The closed-toe shoes are always famous for their high support for long times, which makes them the favorite choice of women for any long or tiring journey. One other important thing to assure while purchasing your shoes for your umrah from uk is that you can put them on or take them easily within no time. Most women go with flip-flops because they are easy to put on or remove. You will need this on umrah because you may have to frequently wear and remove your shoes while entering the mosque or other sacred places.

Moreover, go for any shoes which are easy to clean and wash because you will have to walk and travel a lot on umrah, and of course can’t even go around with dirty shoes. Last but not least thing is to get any footwear that is plain and is not heavily embroidered. Never go with heels because they will cause you super inconvenience.


Performing umrah from Dubai is a huge blessing for every Muslim man and woman. This is only for people who are pious, religious, wishing to explore Allah’s home, and most importantly are focused on going on the path of Islam. The Umrah pilgrimage is always a beautiful journey for a woman trying to indulge in Women can undertake Umrah like men but there are some rules regarding their journey of Umrah.. But you can make this umrah for single ladies more beautiful by dressing in loose and covered clothes as per the teachings of Islam. Most importantly, don’t forget to consider your comfort in deciding on your clothes, hijab, shoes, or anything.

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