Complete Guide To Getting Into State Of Ihram For Umrah from UAE 

Everyone guides us differently when it comes to wearing Ihram for Umrah. This makes a lot of confusion for us to decide what to do and what not. But don’t worry, we have got your back. This article is a complete guide to getting into the state of Ihram for Umrah from UAE.  Here we will talk about the things you should practice and the ones you should avoid in Ihram, to guide you the best regarding how to perform Umrah. Moreover, we will also mention all the steps that are necessary for Ihram and that you must know before hiring Umrah Visa services. So without delaying any further let’s start with the guide.

What Is Ihram?

Ihram is special clothing that we wear for the Holy Pilgrimage of Hajj and Umrah. The literal meaning of Ihram is to enter the pure state. This also includes making self-pleasant things haram ourselves. Ihram is the top necessity of Hajj and Umrah from UAE. There are some important things to keep in mind when wearing Ihram before hiring Umrah Travel Agency.

Steps To Follow Before Wearing Ihram

There are many people who don’t know the proper pre-preparations for wearing an Ihram. Whenever performing Umrah by Bus from Sharjah & Dubai, take these pre-Ihram steps into consideration:

  • Perform a ghusl for cleaning your body.
  • Use Itar or fragrance after ghusl.
  • Cut nails before wearing Ihram.

Why Perform Ghusl for Ihram?

You might have decided on doing umrah by bus from Dubai or Umrah by Air from Dubai, but still haven’t done your research on the proper ghusl process. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Follow this for proper ghusl for Umrah. Ghusl means cleaning your body for purification. You can not perform daily ritual prayer if you are impure. Moreover, you can also not recite the Quran, enter a mosque or make pilgrimages around the Kaaba in a state of impurity. Performing ghusl in Ihram is a Sunnah of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) and a also necessity of Umrah from UAE. Umrah by bus from Sharjah

How To Do Niyat for Ihram?

You have planned your Umrah from UAE but still don’t know how to make Ihram Niyat. We are here to help! Niyat or Niyyah for Ihram is your intention of doing the deed for the sake of Almighty in your heart. For performing Ibadat, Niyat is an important step. Niyat separates sacred worship activities from routine tasks. You should make Niyat for Umrah from UAE properly because it decides your deed’s outcomes. Say, “O Allah! I intend to perform Umrah. I plead with you to make it easy for me and accept my Umrah. Amen.”

How To Wear Ihram Clothing?

The process of wearing Ihram clothing is different for men and women when performing Umrah from UAE. This includes a difference in the rules as well as the clothing. For more details, read below.

Ihram For Men

After you received your umrah visa from Dubai, now is the time to learn more about the Umrah details. Here we will talk specifically about the Ihram-wearing process for men. Ihram for men includes two white sheets that are unstitched. Make sure these sheets are new or your Umrah will be invalid and wrap them properly around your body. Moreover, you should wear unstitched shoes (slippers) according to religious rules. Pack them with you when going on Umrah from UAE or buy new ones when you reach there. Always leave your hair and face open while in Ihram. Moreover, ensure that your calves are visible.

Ihram For Women

You can wear any clean dress like Ihram for Umrah. Make sure to cover your head but leave your face open. This is why you can not wear a niqab while in Ihram but a hijab is necessary. Do not trim or cut your nails or apply any fragrance. You should follow this Ihram-wearing procedure regardless of performing umrah for single ladies or with your Mahram.

When And Where To Wear Ihram For Umrah from UAE?

After deciding on your umrah packages from Dubai, now you should study more about the Umrah process. Here are some instructions related to when and where to wear Ihram for Umrah.

Miqat Qarn al-Manazil

Miqat is the geographical boundary in which wearing Ihram for Umrah from UAE is mandatory. Wear Ihram before stepping into this region. You can not remove it within the area of Miqat. The most important four Miqats include:

1. Miqat Qarn al-Manazil

If you have an umrah package by bus from SharjahUAEPakistan, Malaysia, IndiaAustraliaSingapore, Taif, Najd, and Riyadh this is your Miqat. It lies 40 km from Taif and 80km northeast of Masjid al-haram.

2. Miqat Yalamlam

If you are from South Africa, Nigeria, or South Makkah this is your Miqat. It lies 90km north of the city of al-Lith and 100km southwest of Makkah.

3. Miqat Dhu al Hulayfah

If you are from Madina this is your Miqat. It lies 7km southwest of Masjid- an- Nabawi.

4. Miqat al-Juhfah

If you have an umrah visa from UKNorth America, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Europe, Syria, Algeria, and other African countries this is your Miqat. It lies 17km southeast of Rabigh, 182km northwest of Makkah, and 15km east of the Red Sea.

Process Of Wearing Ihram for Umrah from UAE

These are the steps to follow when wearing Ihram for Umrah:


  • Perform the pre-preparations (combing hair, removing unwanted hair, trimming the mustache, cutting nails) of wearing Ihram.
  • Take a bath or perform ablution and wear Ihram clothing.
  • Offer Nafil Salah.
  • Make the Niyyah, say the words of Talbiyah thrice, and recite Darud Sharif.

When and Where to Remove Ihram?

You can remove your Ihram after the completion of Umrah from UAE at your respective Miqat. For removing Ihram it is important to trim your hair (for women) and shave your head (for men).


Ihram is an indication that Allah will judge you by your deeds on the day of judgment, not your worldly achievements. Make sure to wear your Ihram properly for the successful completion of your Umrah from UAE. Choose the best umrah packages from abu dhabi and follow all the religious rules for valid completion of your Umrah. May Allah shower his blessings on you and grant you success in this world and the world hereafter.

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