A Guide to Renting a Yacht in Dubai: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a huge fan of traveling the world on a yacht or boat? Do you want to know about making the dream of a fantastic yacht tour come true? Finding the best Yatch rental Dubai might be challenging for many people, but not with SAIFCO Travels and Tourism anymore. Here you will learn about the expenditure, types of Dubai yachts, and other information essential to know about Dubai yacht rental services. So, let’s save time and get into the details.

Pricing for Yacht rental Dubai

Yacht tours in Dubai are fun and costly, and essential for everyone to know. This pricing covers travel fees, yacht rental expenses, lodging, and entry into the city. But the main thing is to fulfill all the requirements designated by the Dubai visa and immigration department.

The average Yacht rental Dubai costs AED 500 to AED 5000 per hour depending on the yacht size and quality. However, you can find exactly what you are looking for within your budget after performing excellent research. Other essential things with your Yacht Rental Dubai include food accommodation and in-city traveling. These things depend upon your choice and the service you purchase.

The total length of your stay also affects your Yacht rental Dubai tour. For example, enjoying a yacht tour in Abu Dhabi will differ from the expenses in Sharjah. So decide everything depending upon the value and prices of things at your desired location. You can also talk to your rental service provider to seek guidance about which places will go best within your budget and requirements.

Types of Yachts to Rent

Yes, you got it right; numerous types of yachts might look similar to you, but they all come with different purposes. The primary goal is to enjoy a sea trip, but the difference comes in their design, features, speed, and sizes.

  1. Sailing Yacht

Sailing yachts are the perfect option if you are a big fan of enjoying thrilling and breathtaking sailing tours in Dubai. Now you can glide all across Dubai beautifully.

  1. Motor Yacht

A heavier yacht tour will need an efficient yacht. This is where a motor yacht can make your tour adventurous and fun. Whether you go fishing, diving, or enjoy the sea, this yacht will be there.

  1. Sports Yacht

For people who are into sports and love riding high-speed vehicles, a sports yacht is your thing to go for. Its elegant design, high speed, and efficient performance make it ideal for cruising.

How to Rent a Yacht in Dubai?

Renting the perfect yacht is not a magical thing which will happen itself within no time. The perfect Yacht rental Dubai procedure comprises three main steps:

  1. Decide the Right Type 

The first thing is to decide which type of yacht you need. This depends upon the size of your family and the purpose for which you will rent a yacht in Dubai. Some main options include large boats with multiple decks, small boats, motor yachts, and superyachts. These yachts differ in performance, design, and purpose, so complete your research before deciding.

  1. Right Yacht Rental Company 

Next, decide on the correct type of Dubai boat rental company which will always satisfy you. While choosing, you need to consider the following: their services, yacht rental price, professionalism, and other facilities. Make sure that the company you go for is safe, reliable, and trustworthy. Remember to check out their cancellation and licensing policies and additional hidden charges. Also, stay within your budget to fully enjoy your yacht time.

  1. Solving your Queries

Finally, talk to your yacht rental company and ask all your queries beforehand. Present your requirements and other customization needs so that you can get the best from them. This step is crucial to ensure clarity and management and maximize customer satisfaction. The better the customer service, the more excellent will be your yacht experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yacht rental Dubai

  1. Can you rent a yacht without a license?

Yes, renting a yacht doesn’t necessarily require a license. But make sure you are older than eighteen years, and your ID is valid. Sometimes, you also need to deposit some security fee for the satisfaction of the rental company.

  1. Is it allowed to take personal eating items on the yacht?

Yes, it is entirely okay to bring your food items on the yacht. However, you can go for a Yacht rental Dubai covering catering services for your convenience. Also, checking out your rental company’s regulations or restrictions regarding bringing your food items is best.

  1. Is it safe to get a boat for rent in Dubai?

Yes, renting out a yacht is entirely safe in Dubai. Safety comes with quality, so make sure you are going for a trusted yacht rental service provider. Ensure the crew is adequately equipped and trained to guide about all the essential safety measures.

  1. Which places to travel on a yacht in Dubai?

You can explore a lot of exciting places on a yacht in Dubai. The Dubai Marina coastlinePalm Jumeriah , Atlantis , JBR, Bur al Arab and Blue waters are the top destinations among these. Always consult with your rental service provider for further and better guidance about the top yacht destinations.

To Wrap It Up

If you plan to end your Dubai tour without yachting, you are about to commit a huge mistake. There are a lot of places to discover in Dubai, whether by bus, car, train, boat, yacht or even on a walk. Every experience has its perk, so carefully decide which one you like. If you need help with this, contact SAIFCO Travels and Tourism for the best Yacht rental Dubai experience. We are a team of professional and experienced travel agents loaded with the correct and well-researched information for everyone. Do let us know if you are searching for anything else.

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